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I haven't watched any panels from Vancon, but Jensen has an enormous amount of respect for Misha and what he does. He also routinely pokes fun at Misha (as friends do). I haven't even watched the panel, and I can say with confidence that Jensen would never "mock" Gishwhes. Maybe he poked fun, maybe he lamented what Misha puts him through in good fun, but I don't think he would ever genuinely mock or be condescending about something so important to Misha. That sounds like anti talk to me.

I completely agree.  It was either made up,  twisted,  or blown way out of proportion. 

Jensen is nothing but awestruck by all the good things that Misha does – GISHWHES included. 

  • Me: *looks at racism and politics news from this year*
  • Me: this is depressing. I want to escape the everyday struggles. Why don't I go on Tumblr
  • Me: *searches up the su tag*
  • Su tag: concrete is racist look, she can't read, she has white lips and a black face similar to blackface from the olden days. We're going to ignore the other things su has done to revolutionize representation for poc and just criticize this character that wasn't even used, probably for a good reason.
  • Me: I'm just going to go play fallout

A trope I would like to see blown way out of proportion in 2017:

Harry “unobservant” Potter

Harry “hey Ron, is it just me or do Padma and Parvati look kinda similar…?” Potter

Harry “lived in the same room as a gay couple for six years and never noticed” Potter

Harry “accidentally went on three dates with that one Hufflepuff girl and didn’t realize” Potter

Harry “had magical powers his entire life and didn’t notice til a fucking magical giant told him” Potter

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26 Sterek

26. “According to US Weekly, we’re married.” Also on ao3!

“According to US Weekly, we’re married.”

Stiles punctuated his statement by slapping down a copy of the offending tabloid magazine on Derek’s coffee table, none too gently. The table wobbled a bit from the amount of force he used, a steaming cup of coffee nearly spilling all over the table.

Beaming up at him from the glossy front page of the magazine was a blown up picture of him and Derek on the set between shoots. It was slightly blurred around the edges thanks to being zoomed in on so very much, proving just how much of an invasion of privacy it was.

He couldn’t know for sure who had taken the photo, the article not disclosing the photographer, but Stiles had a sneaking suspicion of who it was nonetheless. He would have bet anything it was that creepy little snake Matt Daehler, the disgusting paparazzo who had made a name for himself by stalking celebrities and their families.

For the past few weeks, he had caught glimpses of someone slinking around behind the scenes, the hairs on the back of his neck rising whenever he did. Just a few days ago his suspicions that it was Daehler had been confirmed when he witnessed him lurking around one of the sets.

And now a picture of him and Derek was being circulated nationwide, various tabloids and newspapers hosting articles speculating about it. The picture was even being discussed on talk and morning shows that apparently had nothing else to talk to.

He folded his arms over his chest and raised an unamused, expectant brow at Derek who merely blinked up at him. When Derek failed to say anything, Stiles gestured emphatically down at the magazine.

In the picture, Derek was wearing one of his outfits for the movie: a dark navy blue waxed cotton jacket over a black sweater, dark jeans, black boots, black sunglasses…and a wedding ring. It was crucial to the role he was playing, the movie focusing on a single father raising his daughter while struggling with depression and PTSD.

It was sure to be a classic, full of emotional scenes highlighting the everyday challenges of life with mental illness, centering on the main character, Tyler, learning how to juggle his own issues along with his daughter’s. Rather than glorify or romanticize both Tyler’s mental illnesses and his self-care, the film explored the nitty gritty truth of depression and PTSD and suicidal thoughts.

However, while Derek’s wedding ring was necessary for the movie, the matching ring on Stiles’ hand was not.

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  • Voltron Fandom: Klance or Sheith??? Shlance or Klance??? Shallura or Kallura??? Hance or Heith??? Shaladin or no?!?!?!?!
  • Me, an intellectual: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sirius x Reader - Perfect match.

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Anon : Hey, if you’re taking requests I was wondering if you could write something angsty/fluffy with having a very bad argument with sirius and then you guys ignore each other for a few days, and since you’re also friends with James remus Peter and lily they’re all trying to help you guys out and then it all ends in a fluffy way? Just lots of feels! 😂

A/N : Ok, I hope I did it right! Let me know what you whink about it <3

It had been already a week since you spoke to Sirius. A dreadful week.

The truth was that you really missed him, although you would never bring yourself to admit it.

You were the type of people who never feared to speak their mind and that lead into having little outburst of tension from time to time. Usually, they didn’t affect you that much and the two of you could easily forget about them, but this time was different. The fight that you shared was a really bad one and it almost seemed as if every irrelevant argument that you had, was brought up and transformed into something far worse than it actually was.

The whole thing had been blown way out of proportion, and the two of you were well aware of that, although thanks to your pride neither of you was willing to admit it, or let alone leave behind.

You tried to ignore each other as much as possible, which eventually left your mutual friends feeling obligated to interfere in the matter.

That’s why now you found yourself in an empty classroom while sitting in front of your boyfriend, surrounded by the group of, as you though not less than 5 minutes ago - friends.

“Well” Lily stated, trying to get the attention of both of you “I am sorry guys, but this is ridiculous. Can’t you just talk it trough?”

“Well, I do not particularly like being ambushed, especially by people, who I trust on my life. Can we talk that trough, Prongs?” Sirius countered while crossing his arms and seating himself more comfortably.

You couldn’t help, but feel frustrated at the way he presumptuously raised his eyebrow at you, expecting some kind of response.

“Sorry mate, but she is right. You both know you have to eventually do something, don’t you?”

“I’m not going to do it first” you said sternly, the look on your face remaining indifferent.  

“Me neither”

“Honestly why do you have to act like some 5-year-olds?!” Remus piped in, the frustration in his voice easily detectable. “You are going to stay here until you sort this mess out, understood?”

Neither of you said anything, as he started to leave, making the rest of the group follow him out of the room.

“Do you think that he really closed us in here?” you asked calmly after a minute, trying not to look at him.  

“Probably. We sure are lucky to have so persuasive friends” he huffed, his gaze now fixated onto you.

“Yeah, subtle is their second name I guess” you stated, trying to sound as convincing as you could. Suddenly he stood up and started pacing back and forth the old classroom. As he did so, much to your annoyance, you couldn’t help but notice how good he looked in that leather jacket he wore, in spite of the schools uniform code. You crossed your arms, hoping that this would tame the urge of brushing your hands trough his silky black hair.

Fuck. That was hard. Why did he always had to look so handsome?

“Look Y/N, I know you are mad at me”

“Well, that one you got right” you mumbled quietly, slowly bringing yourself to look him in the eyes.

“I am always right, kitten” he smirked and winked at you, involuntarily making you chuckle “Do my ears deceive me? Have I finally managed to make you laugh?” he joked as he slowly walked in your direction, in order to sit next to you.

“Stop it, Black” you elbowed him lightly, not being able to hide the smile that lingered on your lips. Him being so close after a week apart left you feeling a bit dizzy. You really missed him. You missed your silly talks, the way he flirted with you on every occasion he got and the way he smiled at you each time your eyes met during classes that you shared, but most of all you longed to be able to touch him. Godric, you wanted to kiss that smirk off, of his face so badly.

After a moment of silence he hesitantly reached out his hand and grabbed yours. You didn’t pull back. You couldn’t even if you wanted to. His touch made you so overwhelmed, by various emotions that you weren’t even able to move.

“I miss you Y/N” he suddenly blurred out, while enter twining your fingers with his.

“I miss you too” you turned your head in order to face him. He had that look on his face. The look that you knew so well by now. It was the look he did each time he screwed something up, but you knew that this time you had your part in it too.

He cupped your cheek and you couldn’t help, but lean into his warm touch.

“I’m sorry that I have been so childish, it’s just that…”

“I know” you cut him off, his gaze now fixated on your parted lips “Maybe we are more alike, than we actually should be”

“Nah, that’s rubbish” he said, slowly getting closer “We are perfect for each other, and you happen to be fully aware of that, kitten”

“Are we?” you asked teasingly, the tension between the two of you now nearly unbearable. Without a word he kissed you softly, as if he was asking for your permission. You deepened the kiss, the feeling of blissfulness overwhelming you in every possible way. Your hands started running trough his silky hair, as he pulled you onto his lap. He straddled your waist, and nibbled at your lower lip, making you roll your eyes back and arch your back out of pleasure. Merlin, it felt so good.

“Yes” he gasped, nearly out of breath, as the two of you finally parted “We are”

“Well, if you say so, then I suppose it’s true” you chuckled at the way he instantly grinned at your response.

“That’s my girl” he took you in his arms, and spoon around, making you giggle like a child. And that’s was the moment, in which you realised that you were indeed a perfect match. 

ok y’all im fukcing tired tbh. 

for the first time in my entire life (im 20 yrs old guys) we have a hijabi main character who, for the three previous seasons has established herself to be a fucking incredible character who cares so much abt her friends and who will legit fight anyone who hurts them. a hijabi character who literally breaks every single stereotype abt us with her bare fuckin hands!!!!!! 

for the first time ever im seeing a girl who looks like me on my screen!!! imagine how that feels!!!! im 20!!! and i’ve never in my life had this before!!! a girl who looks like me and is not “oppressed by her religion” or “hiding bombs under her hijab” 

for the first time ever there are a bunch of muslim guys who are normal!! fucking!! kids!! hanging around and joking w each other and calling each other out on problematic shit!

all these characters have storylines separate from their religion/race (except where it’s relevant) and im so tired of seeing the tags so full of ugliness towards them. it sucks to be reminded every single day that ur white faves have an unlimited supply of get out of jail free cards while the slightest “””controversial””” thing a muslim poc does will be blown way out of proportion and used again and again as a stick to beat them with.

jfc your racism is showing im taking a nap

Seunghyun is safe now and that all that matters. This whole situation was blown way out of proportions. We’re not shielding him for puffing some weed, it was illegal and he knew it, he was dumb and irresponsible for doing this and he was punished for it, but the witchhunt and all the trash and downright inhumane comments he received because of this just crossed the line.

Noone has to suffer through this. Absolutely noone deserves to be treated this way. Those knetz gave themselves the right to tear someone down because of their entitled, bitter and assholish selves. This has got to stop. No more.

I won’t care about what the knetz say about this matter any more. BigBang has been criticized for years by those same bitter and entitled individuals on the internet and all for what? They are people who gathered together to make music and this is how they’re treated for being humans? For slipping up due to stress? There are always second chances. All the comments telling him he shouldn’t live now because of this, I hope they all rot in hell.

I’ll keep praying for Seunghun. I’ll keep praying for his family. I’ll keep praying for BigBang to get through this together. And I’ll keep praying the attitude of those faceless knetz to change, they shouldn’t be allowed, under any damn circumstances, to write such hateful and vile comments about someone they know nothing about.

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It honestly astounds me how overly sensitive some people can get about a simple word. It's not really even an insult in my eyes. This whole thing just seams to be getting blown way out of proportion.

It already did. And I’m getting crucified for it

Lance Whump

This is sort of off a personal experience except blown WAY out of proportion. Don’t swim 500m without eating first, kids.
Lance trains without eating that day, and suffers the consequences.

It was the morning after a long, long night. It was simply nightmare after nightmare, and he couldn’t shake it. So he didn’t eat breakfast, even when Hunk asked if he was alright. And he didn’t eat lunch, when Shiro insisted he eat a little.
He trained for as long as he could muster, enjoying the reprieve from the fear by way of his growling stomach and aching chest. But he kept going, until his legs felt like jelly.
When Lance turned off the simulator and headed into the hallways, he knew something was wrong. His head was spinning, and he felt like he couldn’t keep his feet under him, even when he was standing still.
“Are you okay?” Keith appears around the corner, jogging up behind Lance, who was leaning against the wall.
“Just a second…” Lance braced himself against the wall. He couldn’t see very well, and it felt like the wall was pushing back.
“Lance, did you-”
“Keith?” Lance’s voice was tainted with fear. His breathing was heavy, and he was shaking. Keith hadn’t noticed that before.
Keith went in front of Lance, seeing the exhausted panic on his face. “Keith, something’s wrong. Something’s-” Lance’s knees buckled, and he fell straight into Keith’s chest.
Keith shouted, and brought Lance to the ground, leaning him against the wall. “Lance!!?” Keith held Lance’s face, holding it up as he tried desperately to rouse him. “Wake up!!”
“Stop yelling…”
Keith was frantic, “What happened?“ “I… I just…” Lance took a deep breath and leaned against the wall.
“Lance!! You cannot pass out again, what happened??” Keith was horrified. He put his hand on Lance’s cheek, partially to check his temperature and partially to hold his head steady.
“Just… tired.”
It dawned on Keith all at once, “You didn’t eat today.”
Lance’s eyes stayed closed. “Yes I did.” “If you’re going to lie, at least try.” Keith shook his head, even though he knew Lance wouldn’t be able to see it. “We’re getting you food and water, now.”
Lance pushed away, ever so slightly. “Can’t get up… I’ll fall.”
“Not if I have anything to do with it.” Keith wrapped his arm around Lance’s waist, and pulled him upwards, Lance’s arm around Keith’s shoulder. As soon as they got to the med bay, Lance collapsed on to the ground, his little strength having been sapped from holding on to Keith for dear life.
“No! Lance, come on!” Keith picked Lance up and placed him on one of the beds.
“Shiro! Allura!!” Keith called out the door, running back to Lance as soon as he could. He sat next to him on the bed. He didn’t realize he had placed him hand atop Lance’s until he felt Lance’s fingers weave in between his.
“Lance!!? Lance, just stay awake until Shiro gets here, okay??”
Keith didn’t get a verbal answer, but felt Lance squeeze his hand as he lay on the bed.

Chevalier de Lorraine: fact vs fiction

as requested (kind of) by @langedeversailles . Fair warning, this is something i’m super interested in, so it might be long

-The Chevalier dislikes war: fiction! Historical Chevs had been to war twice by the age of 16, at the Battle of Saint Gotthard he volunteered to face a Turkish soldier in a one-on-one battle of honour and won, and in 1667 he went off fighting with Philippe and was wounded (either his leg or his head). How exactly is kind of uncertain (Saint Simon thinks it was a romantic midnight trench adventure), but Philippe caused a scandal insisting on nursing him back to health in his own tent 

-The Chevalier is Bad with money: fiction! Ol’ Chev kind of managed Philippe’s household for him, and even sat in on his weekly finance meetings on Philippe’s behalf

-The Chevalier would be poor without Philippe/has no credentials of his own: fiction! The Lorraine household, though not yet at its peak, was massively influential - they were related to the French and English royal families, as well as several other very important noble lines in France. As for wealth - besides the family fortune and his earning from war(?), Chevs has four abbeys of his own and at one point ran a powerful brokerage system at court with his brother Louis (even if its legality is somewhat dubious, as far as i’m aware). He was legally entitled to be referred to as ‘your Highness’ at court so. Yeah. He’s pretty high up there

-The Chevalier was exceptionally beautiful: fact! As far as i understand, after Guiche grew too old or was exiled (i’m not sure which cost him the status), Chezzz was considered the most beautiful man in France, and described even by his enemies as having the face of an angel

-The Chevalier came back from Italy with kidney stones: Fiction, but just about! He actually came back from Italy with chlamydia (as far as i understand), which he passed on to Philippe (and Liselotte in turn).

-The Chevalier was exiled: fact! He spent a month imprisoned in the truly awful Chateau d’If, and then went on to spent two years in Rome with his brother Charles. But it wasn’t for treason, from what I’ve gathered it was more for making an enemy of Henriette (and through her, king Charles of England)

-The Chevalier was gay: this is arguable - he was very definitely into men, so he certainly wasn’t straight, but he also slept around with women a bit and even had a child with one of his girlfriends. Although this was of his own free will i think it was usually to upset Philippe, and so without any solid evidence as to whether he had an affair with Marie Mancini it’s very difficult to know how much he was actually into girls and how much he was just being petty

-The Chevalier was a jealous man: fact, but he handled it differently to show Chevalier - actual Philippe de Lorraine was secure enough in his position that he slept around or, once, sulked off to one of his abbeys until Philippe paid proper attention to him again

-The Chevalier enjoyed court politics: fact! He was frequently involved in court politics. He was first involved in someone’s exile aged 19, and notably helped to bring down Philippe’s official favourite before him, the Comte de Guiche. He was also rumoured to have brought about Henriette’s poisoning (although the official autopsy decided she hadn’t been poisoned)

-The Chevalier used to frequently argue with Philippe: i’m actually not too sure on this one? i suspect that they argued much less than they do in the show, otherwise i think it would have been blown up way out of proportion by his enemies, and I’ve hardly seen any mention of their disagreements, other than a few over Philippe’s various mignons. Apparently their relationship declined in the 1690s, as Philippe and Liselotte grew closer, but i have no idea how much this was peaceful and how much of it was disagreements and fights

The Chevalier had a drug habit: probably?? i think most of the court used various potions and powders, but I think Versailles takes it far further than reality for dramatic effect

-The Chevalier was involved in all kinds of revelry and unspeakably naughty sexual acts: fact!! He had a reputation for being shameless, and for good reason. Dude told half the court about the more intimate details of his and Philippe’s sex life, deflowered one of the king’s sons, ran a gay sex club in Paris when he was in his fifties and was involved in an orgy the night before he died. Go hard or go home i guess.

-The Chevalier loved Philippe: this is very much open to interpretation - he was certainly attracted to Philippe’s money and status, but i will also say this for him: he never married; he came straight back to Philippe after his exile; he turned down the prospects of military careers, political careers and that of marrying into wealth in favour of staying at Philippe’s side. They were together as a couple for almost half a century, completely of their own free choice. Make of that what you will.

Regarding this supercorp incident

So I’m probably late to the party regarding this, I’m not so active in the fandom so I didn’t see it until today. I just watched the interview that this started over, and read the comments in the comment section of the video and on Jeremy Jordan’s Instagram.

I seriously can’t believe this happened. The way people are reacting over this is ridiculous, and I know this is going to offend someone. I don’t care, the fact that the fandom, and the LGBTQ+ community, is acting this way.

Of course I understand people’s need to respond when they feel that people are offending, but are you serious? Reading those comment sections I was actually crying, and especially seeing Jeremy’s response to it, I feel so upset over this. I usually don’t get involved in situations like these but I had to in this one.

Like I said, I’m not very active in this fandom on different platforms, and neither am I really a shipper of supercorp romantically, I am however a part of the LGBTQ+ community. And I don’t feel that what they said is offensive enough to be reacted to like this. People are acting as if they openly bashed queer people and told them their shipping was stupid which THEY DID NOT DO. Okay so they joked in a way that maybe got out of hand, it isn’t even close to other things I have seen that have barely even gotten a reaction.

I have seen creators and actors of shows like Sherlock and Supernatural treat the ships as if they were nothing, as if they never existed, while clearly Queerbaiting on their shows, and I have heard and seen them say things so so much worse than this. And these are ships that to me are a lot more evident and clearly a brutal case of extreme Queerbaiting. Which is so offensive and so terrible and frustrating.

And yet here we are, with people calling the cast disgusting, horrible people when they never intended to offend anyone this way. Yeah Jeremy Jordan expected to be bashed a little for joking about Supercorp, but this is so way out of proportions that I can’t even being to explain how horrible people are being.

How in the flippety flappety fuck (reference intended) can anyone take this in such a wrong way. I don’t even think people know how fucking rude and horrible they are being, much worse than anyone in this cast ever was. I just can’t express how fucking disappointed I am in people hating on them this way. Literally, I don’t care if people come at me with hate as bad as that, because I would rather you hate on my opinion then on their joke, that was meant to be anything but disrespectful.

YES I FUCKING UNDERSTAND THAT PEOPLE GOT UPSET OVER IT, but like this? Seriously? This show is so beautiful and has more queer representation than most shows out there, and this was such a little thing compared to other stuff I have seen that was way more offensive.

No I don’t hate people that were offended by this, I’m upset by the fact that you let this determine your entire opinion of this show, it’s entire cast and that everything else they have ever done means nothing. Which is the most fucking ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Yeah I swear a lot, cause I’m really angry at this situation, but the cast doesn’t fucking deserve this shit, they work so hard and well on this show and do so much good, so stop fucking letting this determine who they are and making them out to be homophobes, which they are clearly not.

Come at me bro, for defending a show and a cast that I love. People are being so many times worse with their words than what this cast was so fucking come at me.

For anyone who sees this the same way, or who hasn’t blown this out of proportion as a shipper of Supercorp or someone from the LGBTQ+ community, I respect you, and your ship. So does this cast, so fuck everyone who is making it out to be any other way.

Here to remind y’all that in this fandom, we don’t turn our backs on people. We don’t cast people aside for voicing their opinions, even if it’s something we don’t necessarily agree with/. This has been blown WAY out of proportion. You don’t get to tell people what should or shouldn’t make them upset. You do not get to decide what makes other people uncomfortable, and you do not get to yell at them just because you don’t agree with them.

Riley is one of the sweetest, kindest, most genuine people I have ever had the privilege to know. This situation in itself is ridiculous and unnecessary. This doesn’t even need to be a argument. I love Riley. The hate? The attacks? Completely unwarranted and Riley is 100% undeserving of this treatment.

This is not how we do things in this fandom. Last I checked, Arohas were one of the most understanding, caring and accepting fandoms. Arohas are supposed to love and care for each other, not bring each other down. I’d like to revisit that time and suggest we permanently stay there.

Questions Time!

Ok I love these stupid things so inbox me a number and ill answer it!!!

1. When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about?

2.What inanimate object would be the most annoying if it played loud upbeat music while being used?

3.What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?

4. If your job gave you a surprise three day paid break to rest and recuperate, what would you do with those three days?

5. What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?

6.What social stigma does society need to get over?

7. What’s something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes?

8. What’s your favorite band/song?

9. What’s life like for you on a daily basis?

10. Favorite astronomical thing and why

11. In the past people were buried with the items they would need in the afterlife, what would you want buried with you so you could use it in the afterlife?

12. What do you love about your current relationship? How did you meet?

13. Who do you go out of your way to be nice to?

14. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken?

15. What invention doesn’t get a lot of love, but has greatly improved the world?

16. What mythical creature/God/mythology do you wish actually existed?

17. What are you interested in that most people aren’t?

18. If you were moving to another country, but could only pack one carry-on sized bag, what would you pack?

20.What problem are you currently grappling with?

21. What songs hit you with a wave of nostalgia every time you hear them?

22. What app can you not believe someone hasn’t made yet?

23. If you were given five million dollars to open a small museum, what kind of museum would you create?

24. What’s the word word in the English language?

25. What about the opposite and/or same sex confuses you the most?

26. What has been blown way out of proportion

27. What would be the click-bait titles of some popular movies?

28. What movie or book do you know the most quotes from?

29. What cartoons did you watch as a kid?

30. What’s the most anxiety inducing thing you do on a regular basis?

BONUS 31. What’s something that everyone agrees we should change, but somehow it never changes?

Yo I’m serious. PLEASE ASK ME!!!!!! You can make up a random one too if ya want

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Fremione! Uhhh how about one where fred gets hermione to try flying and Harry and Ron are amazed/offended that she'll give it a shot for fred but not them

Note:  I was actually drawing cards from my Storymatic for plots, but I tried to work your prompt in as well!  <3  

Pairing: Fred/Hermione

Word Count: 1735  (There’s a read more, but if that doesn’t work, try the ao3 link below) 

Prompt:  Shouldn’t have touched it

Tags:  Kissing, Requited Crush, Pining 

Warnings:  None

Ao3:  [Here]

“Oh Merlin…I shouldn’t have touched it…”  Hermione covered her mouth with both hands, trying to will herself calm.  The splintered remains of Harry’s broom lay on the ground in front of them.  

Fred reached out to squeeze her shoulder.  Where the contact might have thrilled her not five minutes before, she was too upset to think anything of it now.  “Come now, Granger…it’s nothing that can’t be replaced.  If that was you instead of the broom on the ground, I think Harry’d be a touch more upset.”  

She glanced back in the direction of the Burrow.  “Oh, but I wouldn’t have to hear about it in that case!”

Fred frowned.  “Ron’s right.  You do need to get your priorities in order…”  

She shot him a look and took a deep breath.  “Right then.  I’ll just…I’ll go back and I’ll tell him I destroyed his broom…his pride and joy…” she gulped.  

“Why did you even try it at any rate?  You hate flying.  Scared of heights, aren’t you?  Or am I wrong?”  

He wasn’t wrong.  She was scared to death of flying.  And heights.  And brooms for anything other than sweeping.  But she’d jumped at the chance to ride with Fred.  All because she fancied him.  She’d admit that now.  

And he refused to think of her as anything other than his brother’s friend.  He referred to her by ‘Granger’, that should have clued her in.  

But she was stubborn and for whatever reason, she jumped at the chance to be alone with him.  Even if it was on a broom.  

She bit down on her bottom lip.  “I tried it because I wanted…because you offered.”  She picked up the biggest piece of the broom she could find, a small section of the handle, and turned to march back up to the backyard of the burrow.  

“Yeah, well Ron and Harry both offered, too, but you didn’t go with them!  I thought Ron was gonna have kittens when you hopped on with me.”  

She exhaled loudly, stomping off in the direction they’d come.  If he didn’t get it now, he was never going to get it.  And even if he did?  She wasn’t sure she wanted to actually be rejected.  Even if her more practical side told her that it was the only way to get over her crush.  

“If you’d gone with Ron, he’d have probably taken the blame for it.”  

“If I’d gone with Ron, it wouldn’t have happened,” she hissed.  

Fred scoffed.  “What is that supposed to mean?”  

“Ron wouldn’t have let me steer.”  

“Oh.  Well.  You’re right about that.”  

She hummed in response, still charging through the brush and bramble.  

“We could apparate back up to the yard, Granger.”

“So go,” she said brusquely. “I need the walk.”  

There was a pop and she knew he’d gone.  Finally.  

The rest of the way only took her about ten minutes, but she had thorns in her hair and wet socks from stepping in a puddle.  

And Harry wasn’t mad.  Not that she thought he would be.  He was disappointed that his broom was gone, but relieved that she was okay.  Fred had greased the way for her, apparently.  Blown the whole accident way out of proportion in a way that only he could.  Made them out to be heroes in the fight for their lives.  

When in all actuality, it had just been her own willful ignorance of what she was doing.   

She offered to pay for a new broom.  Harry refused.  She offered again.  He refused again.  She decided to shrink the galleons and stick them in his pocket when he wasn’t looking.  

And she did apparate after that.  She apparated home for a shower and an evening of pulling thorns and twigs from her hair.  

She chided herself for acting like a lovestruck teenager, when she was on the tail-end of twenty-five.  

It was high time she put this attraction she felt for Ron’s older brother to rest anyway.  It had been nearly ten years running now.  She wasn’t fifteen anymore.  And Fred certainly wasn’t seventeen.

Crookshanks meowed up at her impatiently, rubbing against her legs before meowing again.  

“Right, right.  You like food…I’m sorry…”  Hermione got up and walked to the kitchen.  

There was a tapping at the window, which she opened to discover Puck, Fred and George’s owl, preening on her window sill.  Frowning, she let him in, placing a bit of Crookshanks food on the counter for him to nibble while she went about her business.  

“Did you have a letter?”  she asked, not knowing what she was expecting in way of response.  Puck was rather inclined to live up to his name.  And his owners’ reputations.  He was known to hide letters if proper payment was not forthcoming.  In this case, a bit of salmon.  

He finished eating his treat and flew out the window, only to return with a small folded bit of parchment.  

Would you mind terribly if I came by for a visit?”  It was signed with Fred’s recognizable scrawl.  Messy to the point where she wondered if he let Puck sign his name for him.  

She hesitated before replying.  She could always feign ignorance.  Perhaps she went to bed before she received this.  

Puck screeched at her, which made her jump in surprise.  

It was better to get this over with now, she supposed.  

So, she summoned a quill and scribbled an answer at the bottom.

Not at all.  I’ll await your arrival.”

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anonymous asked:

what happened at the airport??? can you explain or link a post i'm v confused

ok this is one of the last asks i am going to answer about the airport drama bc i really don’t feel as if anyone has a good enough grip on the situation considering there has been a lot of misinformation being spread around. dan and phil were spotted at the airport earlier today by a fairly large amount of people while, i’m assuming, waiting to catch their flight from sydney to melbourne. controversy was sparked when a rumor somehow emerged claiming that someone had been following dan and phil around and video taping them without their consent. this person was then confronted by dan and he asked them to delete the video, but apparently it was in a very joking manner. i have no idea how much of this is true considering i haven’t been able to find the original video or a source for any original tweets about the situation, but i think it’s safe to say that the situation in particular was blown out of proportion by some in one way or another. as far as actively seeking out your faves in a public place such as an airport and following them around in hopes of getting some good Quality Content goes, i don’t support it and it’s something that has unfortunately happened many times in the past. however, i also don’t support maliciously sending hate to the people who do these things. it really never helps the situation at all and will inevitably make things worse the majority of the time. the best way to deal with these situations is to do it civilly and in an unbiased manner. just remember that dan and phil are in full control of how they handle these situations and they have the ability to make the conscious decision to do something about it if it becomes too much of an issue

Cold Pizza

Summary: phil and dan never met in 2009, so phil is a very successful youtuber and dan is a very smol youtuber, so dan works at a pizza place to help support himself. dan is a very big phil fan.

Warnings: makeouts, GR1ND1NG

A/N: i need to go to church … thank u ninchuser for readin  this through have an unholy 4k words

Dan’s noises were like a symphony and Phil was the conductor as he let his teeth graze over Dan’s jaw and finally latching down onto his neck. He sucked, first lightly and then with more force as he left a mark on Dan’s neck. There was something in Dan’s soft, sweet skin that was addictive to Phil and he didn’t ever want to not taste it.

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anonymous asked:

i'm like 100% certain you've talked about your characterization of the landgraabs but this is an ask from somebody who hasn't been there for that asking you to talk about your characterization of the landgraabs because i love them ;_;

i haven’t really gone into it so no worries!! but if u love them u might not like my interpretations tbh…. but that’s the beauty of townies…. we’re all given the same information and yet we all come up with different things! anyway, this is gonna be solely based off their sims 4 selves

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Iron Bars // Warren Worthington

Guess who’s back, back again, Els is back, tell a friend

anyway I thought you might like this one and I was feeling really emo over Warren today so this happened lol:))

-Els x


Iron bars. Twelve of them. Perfectly aligned, reaching from the floor to the ceiling and covering the small perimeter of the cell. The metal was cold against Warren’s pale fingers as he gripped the bars tight as if his life depended on it, he had memorised every detail in the confined space he was forced into only hours ago. A plain white ceiling and a plain white floor, covered in dust and a large brown stain in the corner of the room that he had yet to discover what it was, but he was pretty sure it was blood. There wasn’t even a stool for Warren to rest his fatigued limbs. He wasn’t supposed to be there.

The deafening echoes of his cellmates yelling, screaming and fighting had now become white noise to him and the smell of sweat that clouded his senses every so often almost made him gag. Warren couldn’t imagine what he must look like now, his hair was a tangled, curly blonde mess on his head, with pieces if broken glass still digging into his scalp and his arms littered with fresh scrapes and angry red bruises. His wings that were once white were now crippled, with dried blood that was not long ago seeping from the skin on his back. He was sure he would never fly again. Not that they’d let him anyway, as far as he knew, Warren would be looking these iron bars for the next few years.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Warren had gotten into one of his moods, as you liked to call them. They usually occurred when you two would have a fight or late at night after a bad nightmare when he would reminisce his past, the iron cage in Berlin that he believed somehow looked the same as the cell he was locked in now had forever haunted his dreams and kept him awake at night. Some days were worse than others, but this time, he knew he had taken it too far.

It was a small fight that he had blown out of proportion, his insecurities getting in the way as they always had when it came to you. A small remark that Peter had made about your relationship suddenly had him questioning why on earth you were with someone as wrecked as him. He was the one with wings, but you were the Angel.

He had left you, just like that, and he did what he always did when he was angry or upset. He drank. It was a crowded bar, the memories of what happened were still vague when he tried to recall them. Warren didn’t even remember the face of the man that he had gotten into a fight outside the bar with or even why he had thrown the first punch, but he knew that the man had come off much worse than he did.

He hated himself for this, he hated himself for being this fucked up and insecure. Warren always tried to believe it was because of his past and the horrific images that would flash through his head very time he closed his eyes but now he was wondering if it really was his fault. You had always told him to open up, that maybe if he told someone about his past that it would help, you had even suggested a therapist, but being the asshole that he is, he always declined and shrugged it off before continuing to suck you into the shitshow that he called his life. It was always his fault.

Warren knew he had to get out of there. He knew that he had to find you and apologise for everything. He couldn’t imagine how you must be feeling now. He wondered if you knew where he was, he could practically see the look on your face when Charles would tell you, that they had found him. That he was in a bad state and was thrown in a cell without a choice. Warren imagined your face changing from hope to disappointment. He couldn’t even begin to count how many times he had disappointed you.

Suddenly, Warren was awoken from his trance when he heard loud footsteps coming from down the hall. His initial thought was to grab whoever it was that was about to pass him and strangle them until they let him out. But that was then he heard it.

The soft angelic voice that had soothed Warren since the moment he first heard it, he only had to hear a few words to recognise the voice immediately. Once the figure came into full view he straightened himself out, removing his hands from the bar and dropping them by his sides in shock.

You always seemed to look flawless, even with your tired eyes and stressed expression that was most likely caused by the man stood behind bars in front of you. Your hair was a mess, still in the same messy ponytail since he last saw you, the image of tears streaming down you face as he left you at the mansion’s front door still fresh in his mind. You studied each other’s faces for a moment, taking in both of your dishevelled features once again as if you were old friends before Warren broke the ear-piercing silence.


‘I know.’ You said softly, ‘Charles is outside, he’s gonna get you out of here, okay?’ You stepped closer and put your shaking hand on the railings of the bar, flinching slightly when he placed his bruised ones on top of yours and leaned his forehead against it, sighing quietly.

‘I probably should have listened to you when you said about the therapist,’ Warren whispered with a soft laugh.

‘Yeah, probably,’ You smiled ‘I’m just glad you’re okay. I really thought I lost you this time, Warren,’ You sighed and looked down, the pieces of hair that had fallen out of your ponytail covering your face, making Warren’s heart sink even more.

‘Baby, I’m- ‘

‘I know,’ You said reassuringly ‘But not now. Let’s go home first, I need a hot bath and some pizza,’ you smiled, and so did he.

‘Okay. Let’s go home.’