blown highlights


Updated my ReShade page with two new presets that are ported from my TW3 ReShades. They are both darker than the others overall so they’ll suit people who don’t like blown out highlights. I am also working on getting my original Instagram ReShade to be less glowy, detail be damned. I miss it.

The top two are from the “Somber” preset and the bottom two are from the “Dutch School” preset.

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Some cosplayers from Youmacon! I didn’t get many pictures because I was busy and half the ones I did get were blurry (my camera hated the lights, they were lots of bright spotlights so the room was actually pretty dark for the camera with big blown out highlights even if it looked nice and bright to the naked eye).

My helper mom LOVED the jellyfish she was so obsessed with it she wants us to have a jellyfish costume now (I call pink).

Umbreon stopped by my table and looked so cute in their kigurumi I asked them to pose with one of my sleepy umbreons. 

Articuno and Blanche were just awesome I loved how creative they were with articuno and Blanche’s costume was spot on. Blanche gave me a mini pokeball made out of a ping pong ball and I almost died it’s so awesome.

My friend @moonphasesecret was rocking her mokono and looking fantastic as usual.

And my mom put that photo of Jesus and I on facebook and told everyone I finally found Jesus. To which my aunt pointed out that I’m not touching him because I would burst into flames.

(Let me know if any of these people are you and I’ll tag you!)

As many of you know, a few months ago I sent a letter to the creator of Stitchers. Thanks to @camsten-love I was able to share how thankful I was for not only the fandom but also the work that they put into creating their show.

Today, I received a letter from Emma Ishta. Who plays Kirsten Clark on the show. Some of the letter is pretty personal, and so out of respect for Emma I’m not going to include that below. But everything else that I type after the break are her words. Verbatim. She goes on to thank EVERYONE involved in the fandom, and rightfully so. Don’t just think this letter was written to me, it may have my home address on it, but it’s to all of us.

Dear Allie,

A few days ago I received an email from Jeff with some letters from fans of Stitchers including yours. What a privilege it is to be a part of something that brings other people joy, that might help to bring people together as you described. We began working on Stitchers June of last year, over a year ago now, and I am just about to head out to LA this afternoon to begin filming the second season. When you begin a project like this, you have no idea where it will go, if people will like it, if the character you build will resonate with anyone. So thank you for your letter, to know that the work you poured your heart into has connected with even one person and made their life better in some way
makes every minute worth it.

(here’s the personal part that I’m not putting down-just know that she is the definition of inspiration. But this is one particular part meant a lot to me, personally.) Know that your whole self is not just your struggles but the sum of every small part of you.
No matter how bad you feel in that moment, be it minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years. It will not last forever.

Allie, thank you for reaching out to us. Thank you for your dedication as a fan. We would not have a second season without all of you. You literally gave us all a job for another year. We are so grateful to each and everyone one of you in the Stitchers community. And you’re right, sometimes family isn’t about blood. The great benefit to getting older is that we get to choose who we surround ourselves with, who we make our family.

Best of wishes for the future and much love to you,
Emma Ishta

This is a Full-Blown Life Highlight

Here is an interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the actual genius behind In The Heights and my current and probably all-time favorite musical Hamilton. The interview is about the Grammy nomination for Hamilton. At around 1:12, they cut to a bookcase and, assuming that’s Lin-Manuel’s bookcase, Lin-Manuel Miranda owns a copy of my book, How to Fight Presidents.

…which means Lin-Manuel Miranda has at the very least seen my name and at the very most read words that I wrote and (if I’m being greedy) laughed at at least a few of them. And, in summation, holyshitholyshitholyshit. (Special thanks to TheWomanIntheTanJacket for pointing this out.)


Good Morning from Scotland 

Dunalaister Water by David Langan
Via Flickr:
Sometimes when I take a shot I have to just accept the DR is too vast and that I will end up with some blown highlights and pure black shadows. This shot is one such shot. I am glad I have this shot rather than not getting anything at all. Taken looking over Dunalaister Water towards the awesome Schiehallion. Details of my website can be found on my flickr profile. From the website you can find information on my workshops, blog, prints and other social networking profiles