blown glass pendant

WANTED: Looking for people that have lost a loved one in one of the recent hurricanes!

We own a small family-run glass-blowing shop in Colorado and we want to help! While we don’t have money to donate, we want to help however we can. My husband Dylan and our friends are very talented glass artists and I love to work with people. We want to reach out and do what we can to help people cope with the horrible loss of a family member or close friend. We have both dealt with the loss of loved ones understand too well how hard it can be.

We recently started making beautiful glass memorial pieces as well as glass pieces with cremated remains. We want to offer a FREE glass blown memorial pendant or marble and a loving ear to anyone that wants to contact us and tell us about their lost loved one or refer us to someone that we can help.

Please email us at with favorite photos of your lost loved one, Funeral Service program or copy of the obituary, special details about who they were including their favorite colors, what they meant to you and any favorite stories. After learning about your loved one we will then create a one-of-a-kind remembrance piece of glass (with or without cremated remains encapsulated within the glass) with them in mind. The glassblower will take the info you give to heart and put genuine love into the glass as they create your Memorial piece. We believe glass holds energy and we want to help you cope with your loss by making a truly special remembrance piece as well as a memorial for your loved one.

Please help spread the word (SHARE THIS POST) and help us find people and families that could use a little love and help dealing with their loss.

The 2 glass pieces pictured are pendants blown by my husband symbolizing the eye of a hurricane.


Merry and Dylan