blowing yr mind

im about to blow yr mind dude you know that shit in the STH intro when it looks like they’re implying shadow just beat the shit outta sonic

but nah look @ shadows reaction when he falls man…..this split second of concern comes across his face and my conclusion is that sonic was fighting for him this is totally canon and totally gay

makingadultchoices  asked:

Mchanzo (obvi) and either 4 (McCree giving Hanzo a hand massage for bonus points) 32, 38, or 40. Because I'm incapable of choosing just one

“Do ya.. I mean..” Jesse shrugs, not wanting to meet the archer’s scrutinous gaze. “I could give ya a massage? Y’ seem real.. tense, s’ all, n’..”

“Stop talking.” Hanzo rolls his eyes at McCree, hoping it comes off in the playful way he intends. “That would be fine.”

Well shit; Jesse hadn’t expected him to agree.

Stripping off his tank top in one swift movement, Hanzo lies facedown on the bed. He’s not prepared for the pressure of McCree suddenly straddling his hips, causing him to startle and nearly buck the man off.

“Woah, woah, sugar-” Jesse places one warm hand onto the Shimada’s back, circling his thumb gently. “Shh. Easy. This is fr’ ya t’ decompress, not get all riled up.”

The archer stills, reaching back wordlessly to pull his hair to the side as to not impede McCree’s task. He’s a bit embarrassed but refuses to show it.

Meanwhile, Jesse is attempting to stop letting his eyes wander over Hanzo’s perfect skin, tattoo and all, and actually do what he had offered.

“Here we go, baby; m’ gonna blow yr’ mind.” A confident grin spreads over his face, readying his hands, until Hanzo’s voice echoes out from beneath him.

“If this will be anything like our first time, I sincerely doubt it.”

The archer hates himself for snorting at his own joke.