blowing up that blog again


title says all lol.

also, Komaeda has a special cameo in this video.

and also, thank you so much for over 300 followers. this blog has just been blowing up lately for me. so thanks again. consider this as a special thing I made.

also actual “fic”:

hi i’ve been noticing an influx of yandere themed blogs following me and i want to outright state i am not comfortable with this and i will be blocking when i see you follow.

i think i’ll make a byf for this blog because it’s gaining a lot of followers (which i’m thankful for!) i just wasn’t expecting it to blow up.

but again, i am not comfortable with yandere blogs and i do not like the romanticization of mental disorders/personality disorders as yandere is a romanticized version of dependent personality disorder and none of my posts are meant to be about unhealthy and abusive love.

thank you for reading, and have a day/night full of love! 💕

Cosplay Stats for February


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Thanks again fanatics yer making this blog blow up 

Let’s see if we can get 2,000 fanatics in a month :)

That would be awesome

I’ve been trying to get giveaways set up on here but i’m having no luck here’s hoping that’ll change this month :)

BTS Reaction: You dance and sing along to one of their songs

Please request reactions! I only have two more in the drafts when we used to have like 15. Please make this blog blow up again! Also, please take a look at the Masterlist and the Rules/Request pages, to see what we’ve done and what you can/can’t request!

-Admin N

Jungkook: “That’s good, jagi” *what he really means is that it’s not that good but he loves you and doesn’t wanna make you upset by telling you the truth*

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V: *gif is him watching you*

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Jimin: *the most supportive boyfriend, he’d love and appreciate you even more for this*

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J-Hope: *he really liked it*

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Rap Monster: “Jagi, what are you doing? Which part is that?”

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Suga: *has so immediate reaction to it, all he does is watch until the end*

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Jin: *bopping to it because you’re so good*

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