blowing things heads off

That's how you kill a sea monster

Context: I’m DMing for our group playing Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terror. The last sea monster (think creature from the black lagoon) just saw 30ish of its kin die to the Demon Hunters and makes a break for it. I’ve set a random difficulty to stop it.

Android from the future: “I run up to it and electro-punch it.”


Me: “You swing to take its head off and it dodges out if the way.”

High Tech Fisherman: “I shoot a net harpoon to tangle it up”


Me: “You slip on a rock and your shot goes wide.”

Monster Trophy Hunter that’s never really used a gun until now: “I think I’m going to try and shoot at it.”


Me: “As you take aim you remember that holding a gun sideways improves accuracy and damage and you blow the things head off.”

The table dies laughing for the next ten minutes and the character’s player always makes it a point to say he’s holding his gun sideways.