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🎁🎉 Birthday Magick! 🎈🎊

As I write this, it’s my birthday! I’ve been wanting to make a post about birthday witchcraft for a while, but I guess better late than never!

Things you can do on your birthday:

  • Make a serious wish as you blow out a candle.
  • Save wrapping paper for anti-sadness spells and/or happy surprise spells.
  • Use cards that you get in spells involving abundance and happiness, or even as taglocks for the givers of the cards.

Things you can do when preparing for someone else’s birthday:

  • Draw sigils in icing on the cake or cupcakes.
  • Match the colors of the birthday candles with corresponding intent.
  • Add ingredients with intention to any food you prepare (eggs for protection, sugar for happiness, etc.).
  • Give your birthday friend a gift that has been enchanted with various good effects.

I wrote a ton of cool stuff about different cultural birthday traditions but Tumblr crashed before I could save it so that’s nice

Anyways, I hope this was helpful to read! Feel free to add on~

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Under One Condition (Grayson)

Summary: You and Grayson are in New Jersey visiting his family for the holiday season, and when Cameron introduces her newborn son to the family for the first time, you find yourself questioning whether or not it’s time to start your own family with the love of your life.

Word Count: 2,471

Warnings: Super freaking cheesy and fluffy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Author’s Note: So, with all of the heartbreaking and heavy stuff I’ve been posting lately, I decided it was time for a change of pace and to give you guys a light, fluffy one shot, but I haven’t forgotten about “From the Dining Table”! It should be done by the end of this week, at the very latest. Also, if you haven’t heard, Eliza ( @prettybabyhazza ) and I are teaming up to complete part two of her “Drunk on the Mic” fic, so keep an eye out on our blogs for that! I hope you enjoy! Requests are open. 

“Merry Christmas!”

A sing-song of greetings float through the house as you and Grayson enter the front door of his parents’ home. You’re engulfed in hug after hug by extended members of Grayson’s family and you smile through it all, knowing that you’re not going to be able to remember everyone’s names as they’re rattled off to you, but you nod and say ‘hello’ to them anyway. This isn’t the first family gathering you’ve been to with Grayson, but it is the first in the seven years you’ve been dating that you’ve been introduced to all of his aunts, uncles, cousins, and more, and something about the small milestone causes your heart to sing.

Still shivering from the harsh Jersey winter, you unwrap your coat and scarf from your body, hanging them on the mount in the entry way. Being from the Midwest, you’re no stranger to the cold, but even the lake-effect winters you’re used to experiencing could have never prepared you for the bitter seasonal chill only found on the east coast. As Grayson’s family disperses and begin to strike up conversations with others in the house, the smell of ham and green bean casserole cascades down the hall from the kitchen and into your nostrils. You close your eyes and inhale sharply, not being able to remember the last time you had a true holiday feast.

“It’s Mom’s specialty,” Grayson leans over and whispers in your ear when he notices your excitement.

“If it tastes as good as it smells, I’m shocked you didn’t learn how to cook sooner,” you respond with a wink.

“Hey, I was stubborn, okay? And I didn’t exactly have a normal childhood; Mom wasn’t able to just sit me down and teach me at sixteen like every other kid.”

You shoot a sideways glance at him. “’Was stubborn’?”

“Okay, I still am stubborn. But you, miss,” he says as he pokes you in the ribs, “might be even more stubborn than me, a feat I never thought could be possible.”

“Excuse me! I prefer the term ‘headstrong.’ It sounds much less bitchy.”

Grayson chuckles and steals a quick kiss before gently taking your hand and leading you to the kitchen. As the two of you round the corner, your eyes begin to scan the room for the rest of Grayson’s immediate family. You quickly find Ethan slaving over a bowl of homemade mashed potatoes and sharing a laugh with his mom, who’s doubled over a cutting board, chopping up various vegetables and throwing them into a veggie tray. She has a hand towel draped over her shoulder, her is hair twisted back into a large clip, and as she makes eye contact with you, you smile warmly and envelope her into a hug.

“There you are! We were starting to think you guys ditched us.”

“No, no! We could never,” you state, your chin vibrating on her shoulder with every syllable. “The layover in Virginia took longer than anticipated, but we should have called to warn you. I’m sorry about that.”

She pulls back from the hug and reaches out to tuck a stray piece of hair behind your ear. “As long as you’re here now, that’s all I care about.”

Grayson takes his turn hugging her while Ethan approaches you and throws an elbow around your neck, placing his lips to your temple lightly. You close your eyes at his touch and squeeze his hand dangling over your shoulder before unraveling yourself to grab drinks for you and Grayson. As an only child with divorced parents, holidays and family events were never made a spectacle and you often found a stronger sense of community within your closest friends than you did with your own relatives. However, once you started dating Grayson, you quickly learned that he and his family were a package deal, a gift that you weren’t expecting but wouldn’t return for the world. His parents soon became your own, and his mom was the one you always approached when seeking relationship advice or just wanting to have some “girl talk.” His dad was the one you called when you were stranded on the highway in the middle of nowhere with your first ever flat tire, and after talking you through how to put on the spare, he surprised you a week later by mailing a check to the home you and Grayson shared with “for your new tires” scribbled in the memo line. Ethan, as cliché as it sounds, ended up becoming one of your best friends and fiercest protectors. He was apprehensive of you at first, always trying to catch you off guard with hard-to-answer questions and making comments on the sly about no girl ever being good enough for his brother. It wasn’t until Grayson’s appendix ruptured in the middle of the night five years ago that you became close with Ethan; after rushing Grayson to the hospital, you called Ethan panicked and afraid, not only knowing that he would want to be there for his brother, but because you couldn’t fathom the thought of spending hours in the waiting room alone. When he arrived, he held you until you stopped crying, reassuring you that it was just an appendix, not a heart attack. It was in that moment, when Ethan saw the fear of potentially losing Grayson swimming in your eyes, that he knew just how much you loved him.

But, it was with Cameron that you felt luckiest of all. Growing up, a sister was the only thing you could have ever wanted; it was your only wish when you would blow out birthday candles and it the only present you’d ask for when sitting on Santa’s lap in the mall. It was also the only thing you had never been given. You would have traded all the trips to Disney World and all the cars your mom had bought you in a heartbeat if you could just have had a sister. Meeting Cameron, it felt like all your prayers had been answered. The two of you undeniably clicked, and you weren’t sure if there was one thing that she didn’t know about you. She was the second emergency contact you’d list on all of your medical forms after Grayson, and you were her maid of honor in her wedding last year. Pictures of the two of you doing everything together from going to hockey games to having sleepovers fill up your photo library on your phone, and she has a spare key to your house dangling on her car keys. Because the two of you were practically inseparable, your heart was absolutely crushed when you got the call last month that she was going into labor with her first-born son while you were overseas with Grayson on some kind of promotional tour for his latest video project. While her husband, Kade, had you on FaceTime during the delivery, it wasn’t the same and you felt like you had betrayed her as a friend. Because you and Grayson just touched down in the States last week, tonight would be the first time meeting your new godson, Carter, and you couldn’t be more thrilled.

After pouring glasses of eggnog for you and Grayson, you saunter over to the kitchen table to join the conversation he’s having with his family. You place the glass down in front of Grayson while he pulls out the empty chair next to him and you plop down in it before Ethan, who’s sitting across from you, throws his sock-covered feet onto your lap. You pat his shin, give him a wink, and redirect your attention to Grayson, who’s thumbing through his mom’s pictures on her phone. Picture after picture that appears are all of Carter in a blue cap, swaddled tightly in a blanket, staring blankly into the camera. These are all pictures Cameron sent you separately in the hours after his birth, and you rest your head on Grayson’s shoulder as he continues to thumb through them, making comments every now and then about how chubby he is and how fragile he looks.

Suddenly taking note of Cameron’s absence, you furrow your brows together and lift your head from Grayson’s shoulder, panning around the room to look for her. Ethan, who notices your confusion, shoots you a concerned look and you lean forward to inquire about her.

“Where’s Cam? I thought Gray and I were the last ones showing up tonight?”

Ethan pulls out his phone from his pocket and opens his thread of text messages from his older sister, skimming over them before finding the one he’s looking for.

“She texted me about an hour ago and told me that Carter wasn’t keeping down any milk, so she didn’t know if she would make it tonight or not.”

“Why didn’t she text me to tell me, too? She knows I’ve been waiting to meet him since we got back from Europe.”

Just as Ethan opens his mouth to respond, an all too familiar voice sounds behind you. “Because I wanted to keep Carter’s arrival a surprise!”

You whip your head around to find Cameron entering the kitchen, Carter’s portable car seat draped over her elbow, Kade following close behind her. You begin to squeal as you shove Ethan’s legs off of you and jump out of your seat to throw your arms around her. She gives the car seat to Kade, who starts to unbuckle Carter, before wrapping her arms around you and squeezing you in response. The two of you are laughing uncontrollably at the sheer joy of being with each other again, and as the rest of her family begin to stand up to greet her, you pull back to find her face.

“Oh my god, I’ve missed you so much, Cam.”

“Y/N, don’t even get me started on how tough this month has been without you. You guys will have to tell me all about Europe as soon as we settle in, okay?” She glances at Grayson before greeting the rest of the family. You approach Kade and give him a peck on the cheek before glancing down at Carter, who’s stirring and cooing in his seat.

“Guys!” Ethan shouts across the house as you bend down to scoop Carter up, “Cameron’s here! We can all eat now!”

Moving into the living room to avoid all of the commotion and chaos of over thirty people trying to feed themselves a Christmas dinner, you sit down on the couch and lean against its back, cradling Carter in your arms. Grayson follows suit, and soon he’s sitting next to you, one ankle crossed over his thigh, his arm draped behind you. Carter begins rooting, searching for a source of food, and you give him your finger to suck on before resting your head back on Grayson’s shoulder.

“He’s so beautiful, isn’t he?” you whisper to Grayson. “And you’re right, he’s the most fragile thing I’ve ever had the pleasure to hold.”

Grayson reaches his free hand out to stroke Carter’s cheek before resting it on your thigh. “He really likes you, Y/N. Look at the way he’s staring at you.”

You glance down into Carter’s piercing baby blues and are suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. With every blink of his eyes, the burning love for him in your chest only grows stronger and you find yourself involuntarily pulling him closer into you, as if to try and protect him from danger. Staring at this baby, at your godson, you come to the realization that if his life was ever in harm’s way, you’d sacrifice yourself for him in an instant, no questions asked.

Carter begins to stir, and you lift him up to place his stomach on your chest. You begin patting his back softly, and within no time, he drifts into a peaceful slumber, his head falling on your shoulder. You glance at Grayson, Carter’s innocence and vulnerability suddenly hitting you like a ton of bricks.

“You’re a natural at this, Y/N.”

Your eyes begin to well with tears at Grayson’s compliment. Scooting yourself closer to him until your sides meet, you mutter a desire you never thought you’d find yourself having before, but suddenly it’s so strong and so powerful, nothing in you can ignore it:

“I want one.”

“What?” Grayson shifts his body to face you directly, obviously taken aback at your statement.

You sigh, wrapping one arm around Carter and freeing the other to take one of Grayson’s hands.

“I know we’ve talked repeatedly about how content we are with it just being the two of us. We’ve been together almost a decade now and we haven’t really had to think about anyone but each other. This, the two of us, it’s familiar, it’s comfortable, and it’s safe. You make me feel safe, Gray.”

“So, why the sudden change of heart?”

“Just look at him. Kade and Cameron, they love each other so much that they made a brand-new human and brought him into the world. Carter, he’s full of love because that’s literally what he’s made of, and I love you Gray, more than anything else in the entire universe. You are my light and my warmth and my reason for existing. Imagine taking that and turning it into another being.”

Tears begin to spill over your ducts and as Grayson works to wipe them away, a grin breaks out on his face. “Our lives are going to change indefinitely. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

“As long as I’m with you, I’m ready for anything.”

Grayson reaches over and begins rubbing Carter’s back softly. You notice that his eyes begin to darken, a tell-tale sign that the gears in his head are turning at maximum speed. He glances at you, and then at Carter, and then at you again before sighing heavily.

“You know, you’d make one hell of a mother.”

You smile widely before leaning into Grayson and locking your lips with his, careful not to disturb Carter. After a couple of moments, he pulls away and raises his eyebrows, indicative of him getting ready to speak.

“I’m absolutely ready to start a family with you, Y/N, but only under one condition.”

You cock your head to the side. “And that condition is?”

“I make you my wife, first.”

A tingling sensation takes over your whole body and you feel your heart beating faster than you ever thought possible. The entire room around Grayson begins spinning so quickly and forcefully that his eyes are the only thing anchoring you from spiraling out of control. You don’t know if you’re able to push out any words, but you try anyway, coming to the realization that nothing about your existence will ever be the same after this moment:

“You’ve got a deal.”

A Little Witchy Guide of Candle Magick

I’ve gotten a few questions about candles and candle magick here and there, so I figured I’d make another Little Witchy Guide! If I have left anything out, please let me know! :)
I really hope this helps you and please feel free to ask me any questions of any kind! :D

Candle magic is an ancient art and it is the most widely used magic practiced today. The candle itself is a very powerful magical tool it contains all the basic elements earth, wind, fire and water, earth is represented in the wax, water the melted wax, the flame fire and the air is the smoke. The colour of the candles is very important as the different colours will bring with it its own energy and power, green for healing, red for empowerment etc. Each of the elements has with it its own single coloured candle, green for earth, yellow for air, blue is for water and red is for fire. The different colours also represent either a yin female or yang male energy, yellow is yin, green is yang, blue is yin and red is yang.

A candle is believed to have its own vibration and can be used in meditation and divination, pink or violet is a calm and soft light where as red is strong and powerful, when a candle is lit its colour is released into the surrounding area which will bring a nice energy into the room. If during your ritual you need a lot of power, light multiple candles. By rubbing oil over a candle before your ritual this will charge the candle with your own personal energy.

Magical tips on candles:

  • It’s always a good idea to clean candles, this will strengthen their power.
  • Candles prefer not to be blown out, but to be put out using a toll or wet fingertips, blowing out the candle may insult the element.
  • It is best to use a different candle for each magical purpose, if you are using a red candle for love and a white one for healing, keep them separate.
  • A white candle is symbolic of purity and can be used in place of any other colour.
  • Any candle can be used in your magic, but beeswax candles are more powerful.
  • Engraving a candle is a good way to bring about your wish and by adding a letter of the magical alphabet you will bring mystery and connection to the ancient art of Wicca. A simple example could be to engrave a heart for love and a dollar sign for wealth in your ritual.
  • If a candle goes out whilst you are practicing doing magic, this is a sign, a message.
  • On your birthday when blowing out the candles you perform an act of candle magic. No one really knows where the idea of placing candles on a birthday cake came from, the main possibility is from the ancient Greeks who would bake round cakes in honour of their Moon goddess Artemis, it is said that the Greeks placed candles around the cake to resemble a glowing Moon.
  • Using your own homemade candles will greatly increase their power, candles are very easy to make, you only need to heat wax, add the wick and leave it to cool down then place it into a fire-safe bowl to burn the rest of the way down.
  • Looking into the flame of a candle is the perfect way to regain or strengthen focus .
  • A simple candle ritual is to sit in a darkened room facing a mirror, place the candle in front of you and look at your reflection, let your eyes relax and after a few moments your face will begin to change. Your reflection will reveal what you looked like in your past lives. This magic ritual can also be done with a friend. Both of you sit in a darkened room with a candle between you, and as you look at each other letting your eyes relax, you will see what your friend looked like in their past lives.
  • Some simple yet powerful candle magic is to write your wish on a piece of paper and fold it in half, light one corner with the candle flame and hold the paper as long as you can before the flame reaches your fingers.
  • To charge your candle you can rub essential oil into it, this will add power to your magic, any oil can be used it’s a personal preference.
  • Each of the twelve astrological star signs has a specific colour, you may wish to burn the candle for your star sign to empower yourself and enhance your strengths, or you may like to burn a coloured candle associated with another zodiac sign to empower yourself with the strengths of that sign. You may decide to use the strength, determination and wisdom of Scorpio the scorpion  before an important business meeting.

Zodiac Colours

Below is a table of the Zodiac and the corresponding colours:

Gemini the Twins, ruled by Mercury, colour yellow, air sign, best for spells with connections, intelligence and movement.

Cancer the Crab, ruled by the Moon, colour silver, water sign,  spells for love and friendship.

Aries the Ram, ruled by planet Mars, colour red or poppy, fire sign , spells for re-energising or lifting the spirit.

Aquarius the Water Bearer, ruled by Uranus, colour blue, air sign, for rituals to do with detachment, organisation or independence.

Taurus the Bull, ruled by Venus, colour green, earth sign, spells for wealth and fortune.

Leo the Lion, ruled by the Sun, colour orange, fire sign , spells for passion and sexual pleasures.

Libra, the Scales, ruled by Venus, air sign, colour violet or pink, spells for balance, romance and peace.

Capricorn, the Goat, ruled by Saturn, colour black or brown, earth sign, spells for ambition, loyalty  and determination.

Scorpio the Scorpion, ruled by Pluto, colour red or cherry, water sign, spells for intuition, sex, self empowerment and passion.

Pieces the Fish, ruled by Neptune, colour white, water sign, spells for inspiration, divination, intuition or dream magic.

Sagittarius, the archer, ruled by planet Jupiter, colour purple, fire sign, spells for creativity, confidence, happiness, trust and travel.

Virgo the Maiden, ruled by Mercury, colour pale blue, earth sign, spells for healing, communication, peace, and advancement.

Scented Candles and their magical strengths:

Blueberry – burn to keep unwanted negative energies away from your home.

Blue Rose – this is used to honour the goddesses.

Carnations – are traditionally used for healing.

Cherry – perfect to attract and inspire love.

Cinnamon – burn for wealth and fortune.

Coconut – burn this scent for purification and protection.

Copal – is perfect for honouring the Gods.

Frangipani – can be used to stimulate positive energy in a sacred space.

Honeysuckle – is used to bring good luck, health and strengthen psychic abilities

Jasmine – Burn to be lucky in love.

Lotus – burn for a harmonious life, inner peace and for meditation.

Musk – Used to gain courage, strength and to heighten sexual passion.

Myrrh – this is an ancient scent used for protection and purification.

Passion flower – use to ensure peaceful sleep, soothes troubles and calms the mind.

Patchouli – scent to attract money.

Pine – use to gain strength, and repel negative energies.

Rose – perfect for love magic, and a peaceful home.

Sandalwood – is an all purpose scent for healing and protection.

Spice – is a passionate scent for all your magic workings.

Spirit – used to attract guidance from spirits.

Strawberry – burn for love, friendship and luck.

Tangerine – burn to attract prosperity.

Temple – perfect to use on an altar during rituals.

Vanilla – burn to enhance memory and stimulate sexual appetite.

Coloured Candles And Their Magical Strengths:

Purple: power, business progress, ambition.

Red: love, health, sex, strength, energy, fire element.

Green: money, luck, fertility, prosperity, earth element.

Orange: attraction, ambition, stimulation, creativity.

Black: to heal discord, repel evil and repelling negativity and remove confusion.

White: truth, purity, peace, spirituality.

Brown:  fosters neutrality, overcomes uncertainty and hesitation, grounding.

Pink: love, morality, honour, romance, friendship.

Orange: attraction, ambition, stimulation, creativity.

Gray: calms, repels negativity.

Light Blue: tranquility, patience, health.

Dark Blue: aids depression and changeability.

Greenish Yellow: mellows jealousy, anger, discord.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Winchester

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Characters: Sam x Female Reader

Warnings: pure smut, oral (female recieving), slight dom!sam if you squint and tilt your head

Word Count: 1,042


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I remember when I couldn’t blow the candles out and you had to do it for me and it’s been such a long time, but you’re still on my mind.

I remember the nights when laughter meant we had our fair shares of tears too, it only makes the happy moments that much more beautiful. And I can choose to forget it, but I don’t. How could I?

I remember when you said the trees had leaves like how we have fingers because it wants to hold hands with the clouds, but it could never reach. So when it rains, I think about you. So when it rains, it hurts because it’s true. You’re gone and I’m left with a metaphor that can’t even compare to the hole I feel as I step onto the street and fall into every memory that you kept inside and though I’m alive, I don’t feel like it. I feel dead.

I remember when you said ants had feelings too. Don’t step on them. Don’t destroy something small just because you’re bigger, and size did not matter. Frail and tiny, your hands cupped my cheeks and I can’t help, but remember how you made winter warm.

I remember when they called me and said your heart just doesn’t beat the same. And I’m left with guilt, no letters, no poems. Nothing. Just plain guilt. Maybe I shouldn’t called you more often. Maybe I should’ve worked less. Maybe I shouldn’t have missed your birthday and maybe I should’ve helped you blow out those candles like how you did for me.

I remember the alphabet and I always spell your name when it gets kinda late, the abcs of life seems to toy with my feelings. We learn so little about ourselves within these years.

I remember everything about you.
And maybe that’s why it hurts.
So when it rains for hours,
maybe it’s just your way of saying

Blueberry Muffins; 540 words
In honour of Isak’s 6 months out of the closet, I’ve written a little thing for the year anniversary

It’s a random Saturday in November and Isak would rather be in bed recovering from a hectic Friday night shift, but Jonas had insisted they do something and Isak had eventually conceded.  They weren’t doing anything fancy; it was just coffee and a sandwich.

They were both busy third years after all.

When Isak gets there Jonas is already sat down with two drinks in front of him and a blueberry muffin that has Isak’s mouth watering before he’s even sat down.

“Cake craving?” Isak nods at the muffin sat innocently between them.

“Actually, it’s for you.” Jonas says casually as Isak takes his coat off.

“Me?” Isak raises an eyebrow.  “Why?  My birthday was in June; you were there.” Isak is beginning to wonder if all the homework has fried Jonas’ brain.  “What day is it?  What year are we in?” He asks, eyes flickering over Jonas’ face worriedly.

“Don’t be stupid, Issy.” Jonas rolls his eyes.  “It’s November 18th.  The cake is for you.” Jonas reaches into his pocket and produces a candle and his lighter and Isak gets impossibly more confused.

“What are you doing?” Isak asks.  He hates how helplessly confused he sounds, but he is so damn lost.

“November 18th last year, you remember it?” Jonas replies casually as he plants the candle in the muffin.

“What is this?  Test Isak’s memory day?  No, I don’t remember some random day off the top of my head.  I was having a shit time last November anyway.” Isak shifts in his seat uncomfortably.

“Yeah.” Jonas nods.  “And on November 18th, you asked me if I wanted to go for kebab after school.” He continues, watching for Isak’s reaction.

“We do that all the time, Jonas?”

“Oh my god.” Jonas rolls his eyes.  “You’re impossible.  Why does Even ever try to impress you?” Jonas shakes his head.

“Hey!  No need for that!  Just tell me what’s so special about today, huh?” Isak bristled in his seat a little, not liking being made to feel like an idiot even if Jonas was only kidding around.

“On November 18th 2016, Issy, you told me you liked guys.  You came out to me a year ago today.” Jonas explains as he lights the solitary blue candle.

And suddenly Isak’s chest feels too tight and his eyes are prickling.

“That’s why you wanted to do something today?” Isak’s voice comes out croaky, but neither of them acknowledge it.

“Pretty much.  It was a big deal.” Jonas smiles across the table at him and Isak’s heart soars.  What did he do to get such a good best friend?

“So, Isak Valtersen, why don’t you blow out your candle and celebrate your first birthday as the real Isak Valtersen, not the fake one you pretended to be before that.” Jonas grins.  Isak gives him a shaky smile back and blows his candle out quickly, not wanting to attract attention to himself.

They cut into the muffin, agreeing in an unspoken agreement to share it.

“Why blueberry?” Isak asks curiously as he licks some of the filling off his thumb.

“Thought chocolate was a bit on the nose for a happy one year being out of the closet cake.” Jonas deadpans and Isak snorts.


The One, Part 9

Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: angst.

Summary: It had been years since you had last since Jimmy. The two of you were highschool sweethearts, until you parted ways. After a horrible breakup with your two timing ex-fiance, you transfer to the U.S.S Enterprise. Finally coming face to face with the boy you left behind. Can the two of you work alongside each other in peace? Or will the past come back to haunt you?

The One Masterlist

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A Collection of Superstitions

***Please note some of these directly contradict one another, as is the way of folklore and superstition.***

Denotes or causes good luck…

  • Getting pooped on by a bird.
  • Finding a horseshoe.
  • Finding a four-leaf clover.
  • Treading in cowpat.
  • Wearing clothes inside-out, but you can’t change it until you would normally remove the item, or the good luck is nullified.
  • Finding a cricket in the house.
  • Meeting a black cat, especially one you know. (Only path-crossing black cats cause bad luck.)
  • Touching wood, especially to protect good fortune that has been mentioned from being ruined. For example, touching wood whilst/after saying “The whole family is healthy,” or “If he gets the job”. 
  • Nailing a horseshoe above the door, though the points must face up or the luck will “run out”. 
  • Seeing three butterflies together.
  • Seeing a ladybird. The richer the red and greater number of spots, the better the luck.
  • Carrying an acorn.
  • Wearing clothes back-to-front.
  • Meeting a herd of cows on the road.
  • Pictures of elephants that face the door. 
  • Leaving an open pair of scissors beneath a pillow (please be careful).
  • Seeing a hearse.
  • Catching falling autumn leaves.
  • Meeting a chimney sweep by chance.
  • Saying “white rabbit” 3 times as your first words of the month.
  • An itchy right eye.
  • Keeping clover in the house.
  • Breaking a glass or dish.
  • A frog entering the house.
  • Lifting your feet whilst driving over railway lines.
  • Sneezing at the same time as someone else.
  • Wearing new clothes on Easter.
  • A black cat walking towards you. 
  • “Find a penny that lays heads up, all day long you’ll have good luck.”
  • Using a new broom to sweep into the house before you do anything else with it, will also sweep luck in. 
  • If the first butterfly you see in the year is white, the whole year will be lucky.

Denotes or causes bad luck…

  • Friday the 13th.
  • A black cat crossing your path.
  • Opening an umbrella indoors.
  • Rocking an empty rocking chair.
  • Peacock feathers indoors.
  • Walking under a ladder. Reversing back through it undoes the bad luck. 
  • Empty bottles on the table.
  • Putting new shoes on the table.
  • Spilling salt. Throw a pinch over the left shoulder to dispel this bad luck.
  • Breaking a mirror gets seven years. To dispel it bury the pieces outside, or run them under a stream.
  • An itchy left eye. 
  • Killing a ladybird.
  • A single jackdaw perching on a house.
  • Seeing a hearse, hold your collar until you see a 4 legged animal to undo the bad luck.
  • Entering a building left foot first.
  • A black cat walking away from you. 
  • Passing someone on the stairs.
  • Starting a task on a Friday you can’t finish by the end of the week. 
  • Getting out of bed on a different side than the one you got in on will make you unlucky until you return to bed the next evening. 
  • Lighting three cigarettes with the same match.
  • If you have been given a container of food (plate, tub etc) it must not be returned home without some new food in it.
  • Patching clothes whilst wearing them.
  • If you borrow salt, it should be paid back with sugar, or bad luck will follow you. 
  • Bees should always be told before they are moved, not doing so may cause bad luck. 
  • New money containers, like wallets or purses, that are given as gifts should always have a little money in when they’re given. A penny is traditional. Not doing so would give both giver and recipient bad luck. 

Ward off evil or bad luck by…

  • Crossing fingers.
  • Spinning seven times in a circle, clockwise.
  • Touching wood, as above. 
  • Spitting three times over your shoulder. Some people just say “spit-spit-spit”.

To get a wish…

  • Blow out all birthday candles with the first attempted breath.
  • Hold your breath all the way through a tunnel.
  • Catch a clock at 11:11.
  • Kiss a necklace clasp that has fallen round to the front before moving it back to its proper place.
  • See a chimney sweep, but you must have met by chance. Arranged encounters are cheating!
  • Make it in a bed that has never been slept in. 
  • Two people wrap their little fingers around opposite ends of a wishbone. Each should silently wish, and pull it apart; whoever gets the larger piece should get their wish. 
  • Swallow a whole chicken heart.
  • The first robin you see in spring can be wished on, but you must finish the wish before the robin flies away. 
  • Burn onions whilst you wish.
  • Do it on a shooting star: “Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.”
  • Sneeze, but only once!

Death and The Dead

  • Crows carry the souls of the dead. If one perches near you, take the chance to say goodbye to someone who came before. 
  • Out of respect, hold your breath if you are passing through a graveyard.

Health and Wellness.

  • Don’t turn a new loaf upside down after cutting the first slice, someone in the house will fall ill. 
  • “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 
  • Carrying an acorn will ensure longevity. 
  • If you are interrupted making the bed, all sleeps between those sheets will be restless. 
  • “If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.” 
  • Cross yourself if an ambulance passes you, saying ‘God between harm and me and mine’ to protect yourselves and your family.

Dreams and Nightmares

  • A horseshoe in the bedroom keeps away nightmare.
  • If one has a realistic dream, it will come true if mentioned before breakfast. Use this as you will. 
  • Share a pillow with a dog and you will have the same dreams.

Marriage and Romance

  • If you start making a bedspread or quilt, you will not find a successful romantic relationship until it is finished. 
  • Having your feet sept with a broom will prevent you from ever marrying.
  • Sewing a swans feather into a husbands pillow ensures fidelity.
  • A single woman who sits with the corner of the table pointing at her will never marry.
  • A bride who goes to the altar with salt in their pocket will always be happy. 
  • If you don’t sweep the house properly, you will have a bald husband.

Friends and Conversations

  • Don’t say goodbye to a friend on a bridge, or you will not see each other again. 
  • Running into a spider’s web means you’ll meet a new friend.
  • Crossing knives or spilt pepper causes arguments.
  • “Stir with a knife, stir up strife.”
  • If walking as a pair, splitting to walk around opposite sides of a pole will cause an argument, unless you both say “bread and butter” afterwards.
  • If your ear itches or burns, it means someone is talking about you.
  • Biting your tongue when eating means you’ve recently lied.
  • If a knife is given as a gift, it will sever the relationship between giver and recipient. To prevent this, the knife can be bought with any small coin. You can even give the person the money to give back to you!

Money and Material Things

  • Itchy right palms predicts coming money, whereas itching on the left palm suggests you’ll lose some. 
  • Ants building a nest near your door means financial security is in our future. 
  • Seeing a spider spinning a web means you will get new clothes soon. 
  • A bee landing on the hand fortells coming money. 
  • Several jackdaws landing on a house means money is coming. 
  • A small spider dropping onto you means your finances will improve.
  • Keeping black-eyed peas and change in your pocket on New Years Day will mean all your needs will be met during the coming year. 
  • Wearing clothes inside out means you will get beaten up, it’s viewed as easiest to let a friend lightly hit you to see the prediction as met. However, if the friend who swats you is younger than you, they must then pull on your shirt or skirt 3 times, or you will never marry.

House and Home

  • Bringing an old broom to a new home will bring any strife and all limitations of the old home with you. Always throw them out and buy a new one. 
  • Growing ivy on a house or placing salt on the doorstep prevents evil from entering it. 
  • If you break a glass or dish, you will inevitably break a second by the end of the day. It’s often seen as best to break something small or unimportant to fulfil the superstition.


  • Knitting one of your own hairs into a project binds the recipient to you.
  • Sewing left unfinished on New Year’s will stay that way all year. 
  • An unfinished project brings bad luck to the intended recipient.  
  • When making items in pairs (like socks or gloves) the second must be started immediately after the first is finished. 
  • If you break a needle making a garment, you will live to wear the garment out. 
  • If you pause a project during the first step, like the cast-on row of knitting, you will never be able to finish it.

Messages, Travel and Visitors

  • Itches on the sole of the foot mean a journey approaches.
  • A bee, hen or rooster entering the home is a sign there’ll be a visitor. 
  • A bird flying into the house means an important message is coming.
  • To prevent an unwelcome guest from returning, immediately after they leave sweep the room, sweeping everything out of the door. 
  • Seeing a spider run down a web in the afternoon means you’ll take a trip. 

Knowledge and Tests

  • If you find a spider in your home, collect and carefully release it, you may ask it one question. Expect an answer to come in a week. 
  • If you use the same pencil to study and take the test, the pencil will remember the answers.

Fae Folk

  • Clover will protect a person from faeries. 
  • Keeping iron or silver on your person will stop you being taken by the faeries. 
  • A lone tree in the middle of a field is a faery tree. You should bow to show respect to the tree and the Folk, especially if you wish to shelter beneath it.
  • If you run anti-clockwise around a church 3 times, you will be taken by the Folk.


  • As per the children’s rhyme, magpies indicate certain things coming into the life. “One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, never to be told. Eight for a wish, Nine for a kiss, Ten for a bird you must not miss.” This tune does have variations.
  • Following on from the above, there are several ways to nullify the sorrow that lone magpies predict: Salute them, doff your hat, blow a kiss, say “Hello Mr Magpie, how’s your wife?/how’s the wife and kids?”, “Hurry, run away and find your mate, Mr Magpie.”
  • Crows also have a counting rhyme, “One’s bad, Two’s luck, Three’s health, Four’s wealth, Five’s sickness, Six is death.”
  • Sneezing also indicates things; “Once for a wish, Twice for a kiss, Thrice for a letter, Four for something better.”
  • The day you find the fist flower of Spring also has meaning! “Monday means good fortune, Tuesday means greatest attempts will be successful, Wednesday means marriage, Thursday means warning of small profits, Friday means wealth, Saturday means misfortune, Sunday means excellent luck for weeks.”
  • A bee landing on the head means the person will rise to greatness. 
  • Dropping a comb whilst using it indicates future disappointment. 
  • 13 should never dine together, or the first to rise will be the first to die.
I hate you

Request: I’m in for some angst with the reaper. Maybe he discover he had a son with s/o, but his son is already 18-19 and is with overwatch to protect his mother for talon(hearing that talon was hunting down old agents). The angst part? The sone adore so much his mother that he claims to hate his own dad when he is just confused and shit :3



You barely knew your father and quite frankly you didn’t want to really know him. “He can be rotting in a hole for all I care” You’d often said. You remember always asking about your father when you were a child, your mother would always smile but she would never say anything about him. All you remembered was being five years old standing in your kitchen asking mama where papa had gone. It was your nineteenth birthday, a celebration you’d come to hate as much as your father. You put up with it for your mother’s sake, every year she went all out. Cake, candles, presents, everything. But for once, all you wanted was just to spend time with her.

There was a knock at the door, You mother swore under her breath as she answered it. Hand on her hip and a distinct fire in her eyes.

“Caught him smoking in the alley again, Mrs. Reyes.” An officer stated.

You growled and fought his hold.

Your mother grabbed you before you could do anything stupid, “Thank you, officer. Have a good night, I’m sorry about this.”

You wandered into the kitchen and as always it was decorated with birthday decorations. A happy birthday banner hung over the kitchen table, your favorite flavored cake sat elegantly in the center of the table, one pinata hung in each corner.

“I’m a little too old for Pinatas don’t you think mom?” You asked.

“You’re never too old to hit things.” She lightly slapped your cheek. “But you are too young to be out passed curfew smoking, that’s horrible for your health!”

“You never scold Jesse for it and he’s been smoking as long as I’ve been alive.” You snorted and rolled your eyes, tucking your hands into your pockets.

She sighed affectionately and shook her head, “What am I going to do with you?”

You rolled your eyes and as per usual, your mother told you to blow out the candles on your birthday cake and handed you your present.

“Happy birthday baby.” She kissed your forehead.

You glowered at the candles.

“What are you waiting for? Make a wish silly.” Your mother smiled.

You hung your head, “How much longer mom? I’ve had to same wish for the last fourteen years. It’s never going to come true.”

She frowned not having to ask what your wish was. You told her when you were six, you said: “If I wish hard enough papa will come back”. You pulled a picture from your pocket, the only picture of your father in the whole house. Every year you tried to burn it. Every year you tried to get rid of any trace of his existence. An argument erupted between the two of you and your mother tried to snatch the picture back, tears in her eyes. With a growl, you stuffed it into your pocket and ran out into the rain.

    Hours passed and you wandered the streets of Dorado with your hands in your pockets and your hood pulled over your head. You loved her to death but you knew you were hurting her, “He looks so much like him” You’d heard your mom say over the phone one day. With a sigh, you disappeared into your usual alleyway and slid down the wall. You pulled the picture from your pocket and took a good hard look at it.

    Fifteen years ago for your fourth birthday, your mother had talked your father into a family trip to the zoo. The three of you were posed outside the exhibit of your favorite animal, you were perched on the shoulders of a man you couldn’t remember, your mother’s arms tangled around his bicep. They looked happy, their temples pressed together and warm smiles on their faces. Your father had rich mocha skin and a black goatee, his hair blended in with his black beanie. You couldn’t tell in the picture but something told you his eyes were dark brown and that the smile he wore was rare.

A scream shook the vacant streets of Dorado: Your mother was screaming your name at the top of her lungs.

“Shit!” You scrambled out of the alley and charged towards home.

The door had been kicked open and for a moment your hopes sank. You should have known better what were you thinking? You knew Talon was in active search for Overwatch agents. While you had never had the pleasure of joining the legendary agency your mother had been a member. That was where she met your father, you remembered the story as you ran home. “Your father was such a stubborn man.” She had said with a smile. “I was a new recruit and they’d put me on his team, he was a loudmouth and a hot-head but believe me when I say he always looked out for his men”.

“Mom!” You shouted as you charged through the front door.

“Is this where I say, Honey, I’m home?” A raspy voice mocked.

You grabbed the baseball bat meant for the pinatas and walked on cats feet towards the kitchen.

“You wouldn’t shoot me.”

“Get away from me!”

You peaked around the corner, your mother on the floor cornered between a man in black and the counters. She snarled despite the shaking pistol in her hand. You knew the entity that stood in your kitchen - The Reaper. A mercenary of Talon who wielded shotguns, a leather cloak, and a white mask. Horror washed over your mother’s face when he removed his mask. The bat tightened in your hands and you raced forward, the bat struck his head and reduced his form to wisps of ebon smoke. You stood in front of your mother and held the bat ready to strike.

An ear-splitting screech stabbed your ears as the reaper scrapped his steel-clawed gloves against the kitchen floor as his form resolidified. He chuckled and slipped his mask back on before you could see his face. His back straightened and he pulled a pair of shotguns from his cloak, they were aimed right at you.

“This is the man of the house?” He cackled. “You’re just a kid.”

You snarled, “Better than a deserter.”

“Oh, how original, he has daddy issues.” He fingered the trigger. “When does daddy get home kid? I might be courteous and let you all die together.”

“Dunno don’t care.” You twisted the bat in your hands. “I hate him more than I hate you and your terrorist buddies.”

You charged him and swung the bat, your mother screamed as a shotgun blasted. Splits of bat scattered throughout the kitchen and your head slid across the floor, you groaned and tried to move. Blood soaked your shoulder and the Reaper roared, a piece of the bad had embedded itself in his forearm. Black blood splattered the ground as he ripped it from his flesh. The two of you charged body slamming to the floor, you kicked, punched, and rolled.

“Stop it!” Your mother threw herself over you. Her water leaking eyes were on the reaper. “He’s your son! Gabriel, he’s your son!”

That was the first time you heard your mother speak your father’s name in years. The shock hit you just as hard as it did the Reaper, he stood still.

Your mother panted. “H-He’s yours…don’t you remember? We had a little boy, t-then Switzerland happened and y…you never came home.”

“Mom…mom everyone died in Switzerland.” You shook your head. “He can’t be…no it…” You stared at him. “I hate you…I hate you!”

Shotguns clattered to the floor. The Reaper removed his mask and you swore your heart stopped. He was just like the man in the picture from the zoo only older, his cornea black and pupils red. His skin a pale gray color. If it were possible for him to cry you swore the Reaper had tears in his eyes as he sulked towards you. He dropped to his knees and pulled you into a hug you didn’t know you needed.

His hand slapped the back of your head, “My boy.”

Tears slipped down your cheeks as your mother joined in the group hug.

Your birthday wish had finally come true.

me: h-happy birthday darling, blow out the candle on your Daily Ration.

my 6 year old son, heaving from whooping cough and on a crutch because there’s no available doctor for 50 miles to tend to his twisted ankle received from bumping into a paramilitary officer and being thrown across the street: dama.. will i– AHUEGHKAHEHEUGH get to see the sun today…?

me, peeking out the window of the shanty i share with my one child because my husband was drafted into combat against cyber-india because they implemented marginally better military technology than us last month and emperor donald didn’t like it: *sees the factory and coal mining smog still lays a thick blanket of grey across the sky* i’m afraid not sweetheart

local hidden tree speaker: *turning on to begin our national anthem, The Greatest America*

me: it’s time for the daily pledge, could you stand for me honey?

my sickly child, seconds from death: is it– AHAKGEUHUEGH is it alright if i sit, if i just think it, dama?

me: o-of course my love

son: *coughing up blood as the haunting refrain of trumpets in minor key comes to a deafening crescendo*

me, muttering so the Government Regulated Lightbulb Microphone can pick up my voice and my home doesn’t get raided under suspicion of being unpatriotic: and as.. the people love our king…

my son, light fading from his eyes: …d-dama….

me, sobbing: here our f-freedom… always… rings…

For the video titles and thumbnails today, as much as I love the sometimes double meanings with Anti, I didn’t think of much about-

Then it hit me like a f*cking train wreck. It was obvious.

“Blow out the candles”? Guys. What do you do that for? Your BIRTHDAY.

Theories are already thinking Jack’s b-day has something to do with the recent Anti activity, is this more confirmation?

Johnny Depp Imagine

You slowly guided Johnny into the kitchen. Looking back to make sure he was still keeping his eyes closed.
“Y/n can you just at least give me a hint as to what exactly you are doing?” Johnny sighed.
You laughed, “Nope. Besides we’re almost there. Just two more steps.”
You stopped right in front of your kitchen counter. Today was Johnny’s birthday and you wanted to do something special.
Johnny groaned, “Can I open my eyes yet?”
“One sec.” you answered pulling out a lighter.
You lit the one candle you could find in your house.
“Okay now you can open your eyes.”
Johnny slowly opened his eyes looking around until he noticed the big cake.
“Happy birthday Johnny.” He read.
You grinned giving him a kiss on the cheek. Johnny didn’t respond.
“I know you didn’t want anything but I couldn’t help myself… I’m sorry.” You confessed.
Johnny grinned widely, “ I love it. Thank you”
You nodded your head, you knew you were right. Who doesn’t want cake on their birthday.
“We’ll blow out your candle before it melts.” You joked.
Johnny laughed, “ Okay, but I didn’t know I was turning five.”
You slapped his arm, “ Look Johnny I had a limited amount of time just blow the candle out.”
Johnny did as he was told. He looked up at you.
“Pose for the camera.”
Johnny picked up the candle putting some of the frosting from the side in his mouth. You snapped the photo rolling your eyes.
“ Ruined a good picture.”
Johnny shrugged, “ Good cake.”

More than a friend

Long ass fluff n’ smut

“Really Minho? Football?”

You questioned, rolling your eyes as you took notice of what was on the TV screen. All he seemed to watch was sports and you were tired of it; he’d never let you switch the channel.

“It’s Manchester United! And they’re winning, 3-1.”

He said between munches of popcorn, his legs sprawled out on the sofa. You were thankful to live with once of your close friends, a hot close friend as well but you detested sports and you couldn’t give a damn who was winning. With a smirk, you leaned over the sofa and snatched the TV remote right out of Minho’s hand.

“Thank you.”

You smirked as you began flicking through the channels, deciding what you wanted to watch. “Hey! Give me that back!” Minho jumped off the sofa and tried to grab the remote from you, making you laugh as he couldn’t move fast enough.

“Nope! My turn today.”

You ran in to Minho’s room and dived on his bed before putting the remote up your top. You barely ever went in Minho’s room, afraid you’d find something you didn’t want to see but it was the room closest to you.

“Hah! What are you gonna do now Minho?!”

You asked in a cocky tone, knowing he wasn’t going to put his hands up your shirt. Like a baby, Minho pouted. That made had the cutest face ever.  

“Come on (Y/N), give it back please.”

Whilst you were giggling, you noticed a pile of photographs on Minho’s desk. The one on the front was a picture of you and he when you went to the fun fair together and he won you a huge white teddy.

“What are those?”

You asked curiously, raising your eyebrow at them.


Minho hissed under his breath before sprinting to them and grabbing them.


He cried suspiciously.

“Minho, show me.”

You reached under your shirt and threw the TV remote on the bed, not caring anymore; you wanted to see the photos.You wanted to know why he was hiding them from you. From the bed, you got up and tried snatching them from his hands; it was your turn to be teased.


You begged, jumping up with your arms in the air trying to reach them; he was too tall. Suddenly, the evil idea of using his weakness came in to your mind. Minho was incredibly ticklish. Like a tiger pouncing for his prey, you went straight for the sides of his stomach, tickling him like crazy.

“No! No that’s not fair!”

He fell back on the bed, rolling around with the photos still in his hand, laughing loud with his eyes closed like a maniac. You couldn’t help but laugh at his helplessness.

“Ah hah!”

You finally took the photos from his grasp. Minho tried to grab them back anxiously, but, before he could, you’d already seen most of them. It was like time had paused; your heart started pounding as things began to make sense. In the background, you could hear Minho panting heavily, watching you gaze at the pictures: one of you blowing the candles on the cake out on your birthday, Minho giving you a piggy back on a drunken night out because your high heels were killing you, you passed out on the sofa with a penis drawn on your head, when he held your hand ice skating because you could barely stand up, a selfie of the two of you when you’d just moved in together. Minho looked so happy, beaming even, in all of them. Turning around to Minho, he was gazing at you wide eyed, nervous about you seeing the pictures.

“Those are my favourite…”

He uttered quietly.

“Oh Minho.”

You sighed, putting the pictures down on his bed side table, your palms getting sweaty. He’d liked you and you’d liked him for all that time and now it was all becoming real. Not knowing what to say, you bit your lip, hoping he’d break the silence.

“I guess…I like you. I don’t want things to be awkward between us though. It’s okay if you don’t feel the same. I mean it would be great if you did but…”

You stopped his rambling by crushing your lips hard against his. Kissing him, it was like everything just fell in to place. His lips were the only lips that ever felt right on yours. When you pulled away, you gently rested your forehead against his, closing your eyes and letting the atmosphere consume you.

“I like you too.”

You confessed and it felt so good to say it. Minho let out a deep breath, as if he’d been holding it the whole time.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

He asked softly, his hands resting delicately on your hips.

“I didn’t think you’d ever look at me that way.”

You explained, thinking that Minho would only go for perfect models who were in the public eye. Looking over at the pictures, you noticed that Minho was looking at you like you were his world, his sweet brown eyes twinkling so beautifully.

“You’ve never just been a friend to me. You’re not like other’re so funny, so gentle and loving and perfect ”

His smooth hands went up to your face and his fingers caressed your cheeks that were pink from blushing  tenderly. You nuzzled in to his touch and hummed in bliss; his hands felt so calming.  

Slowly, Minho inched closer, gazing in to your eyes before kissing you once more. The kiss was deep, increasing with intensity as your senses went in to overload. Years’ worth of wanting each other caught up on you and it hit you hard in between your legs. As you kissed, your tongue’s dancing with each other’s, you began to subconsciously grind on Minho’s lap, making him moan. The feel of his hard on growing beneath you turned you on to the point where you clutched chunks of his dark hair; needing to hold on to something. Quietly, in the background, you heard cheering coming from the TV; the play fight from earlier was briskly forgotten.

“I think Manchester just scored.”

You uttered against Minho’s luscious lips. He grinned, making your palms sweat from the heat you felt for him.

“Who cares?”

He replied before throwing you down on the bed and crawling on top of you, making you giggle. Butterflies crashed and fluttered in your tummy when you looked at his beautiful face, his toned physique. Everything about him you adored. Securing his body, you wrapped your legs seductively around his back, anchoring him in. He seemed to like it as you felt his cock in his jeans getting even harder, getting more aroused when you rubbed your crotch against his. As you kissed, you couldn’t help but grab his hot ass which was something you’d always wanted to do. That morning, you’d have never imagined you’d be finishing the night with Minho’s hard on sticking against your pussy. The sounds of your moaning and panting filled the apartment, blocking out the sound of the television in the background. Minho’s focus was completely on you. Willingly, you let him ease your shirt over your head, revealing your lacy baby pink bra. Under Minho’s gaze, you felt so innocent. His eyes fell upon your cleavage and he looked spellbound, making you blush madly. Minho placed soft kisses on your revealed skin, giving you goosebumps; you bit your lip in anticipation for his next move.  

“You’re so gorgeous (Y/N). How could you ever think I don’t want you?”

You didn’t have much time to reply to him as his fingers pulled down the cups of your bra so your nipples were on show. Within seconds, he was rolling his tongue so lustfully around your nipples; it felt so divine. You groaned deeply, dying for more, gripping the bed sheets.

“Oh Minho, that feels good!”

You panted, your chest rapidly rising and falling. You wanted some clothes off Minho too. You’d seen Minho topless before but you’d always secretly wanted to run your fingertips down his muscular stomach. From beneath him, you got up and quickly unfastened your bra. Closely, Minho watched as your breasts were freed properly. You saw him lick his lips in desire like a tiger hunting a deer, primal and ready. With hungry eyes, he lifted his arms up, allowing you to remove his shirt. Immediately, you wanted to run your tongue all over his torso. He looked more delicious than a chocolate fudge sundae; no doubt, he tasted more delicious too. His groans was such a turn on; you listened to them as you nibbled at his masculine neck, then, teasing him, you placed kisses down his body, following his happy trail until you reached his jeans.

Minho kissed the top of your head while you got to work on unbuttoning his jeans. The sound of the zipper going down would always replay in your mind as an important sound that changed everything. Your heart pounded as you pulled his jeans from his legs and threw them on the floor. The hard on Minho had was so obvious; it was causing a huge tent in his sleek black boxer shorts; you couldn’t seem to take your eyes off it. Suddenly, Minho pounced on you like a wild cat and stole your lips, kissing them so much that they were beginning to swell in the best way possible. Whilst your hands roamed in his hair, his hands gripped the waist band of your skinny jeans and desperately, he began to yank them off your body. The heat between you was becoming unbearable as you both wanted to throw yourselves at each other and give everything you had. Through the blossoming friendship, your feelings had turned in to something much deeper; he wasn’t the funny football nerd that he was when you first became friends, he was this beautiful, sexy, talented specimen that you wanted to ravish and hold all night long. There was something so magic about being completely nude under him as he slipped your delicate panties off and held you close against his warm body. Minho’s soft fingertips traced the curves of your hips, making you tremble, your pussy dampen even more, craving his manhood and wanting to be taken care of.


You begged, not sure what you were begging for but you wanted something so badly, feeling out of control as his hand glided in between your legs. As soon as his fingers rubbed against clit, you let out the loudest cry.


You called again. Minho’s lips found yours but you couldn’t focus on his lips, only the incredible pleasure he was giving you by sliding two of his fingers inside you. You welcomed them easily, getting so wet; you’d never been so aroused before.

“I’ve dreamed about this for so long…taking your tight pussy and making you mine. Is that what you want?”

He asked, panting heavily against your neck, his warm breath tickling your earlobe. Speaking felt impossible with his fingers dominating your pussy, moving in and out, causing a storm; you could only moan, digging your finger nails in to his back.

“Tell me (Y/N). I need to hear you say it.”


You cried, not knowing if it was your answer or telling him that his fingers felt damn good. You felt empty when he took his fingers out but he was preparing for something so much better. You watched, your eyes burning with lust, your body white hot as he pulled his boxers down, revealing his glorious cock. Your mouth began to water, hungry for it. It was so hard and ready to take over you. Like a mysterious panther in a jungle, he crawled between your thighs. You could already feel the head of his dick rub between your glistening folds, driving you crazy. By the way Minho was panting heavily with tiny drops of sweat on his forehead, you could tell he wanted to make love as much as you did but still, he was sweet as a lollipop and placed his hand lovingly on your cheek. He looked directly in to your eyes, making your heart skip a beat and said

“Tell me if you’re okay with this princess. I need to know if this is really what you want.”

The way he was so gentle like a cuddly teddy bear yet dominant made you want to pin him against the wall and kiss him until his lips throbbed.

“I want this Minho. I promise you. Can’t you tell?”

You looked down at Minho’s cock, already slick with your juices which made him chuckle. As Minho positioned himself, you wrapped your legs around his waist once more so he could go deeper. Roughly, he thrust his huge manhood inside you.


You cried out in pleasure.  Instantly, you could feel your pussy gripping him. He let out a manly, deep groan, stating he liked the feeling too. Flexing his stunning muscles, he gripped the headboard and used it to keep him stable as he made love so hard and passionately to you. His brown eyes turned in to pools of blackness as he lost himself, delving in to the world of raw sexuality. You didn’t care about the vulnerability, your nakedness, you wanted him to own you completely in every way possible.

One Month Later

“Minho! You know how much I hate football damn it!”

You jumped repeatedly up and down, waving your hands in the air like a lunatic trying to grab the TV remote. He laughed uncontrollably. Oh, how his laugh made your heart melt like chocolate.

“Do you remember the last time you teased me over the remote?”

You questioned, smirking, knowing that would get him thinking. He rubbed his chin curiously.

“I believe you became my girlfriend.”

Slowly, he leaned in closer to you, giving your spine tingle, and whispered

“and I fucked you really hard”.

With a grin on his face, he knew he’d started something which would end with you both finishing.

“Fuck the fucking football.”

Blow out your candles

Harry Styles - 1749 words (smut)

Happy birthday love. xx


It should be like this more often. No stress making my body ache, shallow, calm breathing leaving my lips as I could easily feel the lazy heartbeat in my chest. Saturday’s were mine, and mine only. Harry always had stuff planned. Either for the band, his family or his mates. Of course I was invited for every single event he organized, but I always happily refused.

My bare fingers brush along the already paint coated canvas, a chuckle leaving my lips when I realize my so called artwork probably looked like a four year old had drawn it, but it seemed to bring me joy and that was all that mattered to me.

I tried to do a portrait which should have resembled Harry in one way or another and maybe if you looked with one eye closed from a three meter distance, there was some Harry to spot in there. I shook my head as I was ready to discard my work, momentarily distracted as I hear Harry’s keys jingle across the room, being dropped on hard wood and his feet stumping across the flat.

“I’m back love. Wish you would’ve joined though, Louis was very eager to wish you a happy birthday.” Harry grunts as he stops behind me, his hands resting on my shoulders as he gave the muscles a soft squeeze.

I only hum appreciatively in return, eyes briefly closing as I let his hands wander over my exposed skin, my own paint covered fingers dropping into my lap. “Having fun?”. I hum again, opening my eyes as I let my head drop back, catching his gaze above me.

“I do, thank you for the new paint, it’s really fun to work with.” I squeeze his wrist affectionately, puckering my lips to indicate I wanted a kiss. Harry presses his lips to mine briefly, catching my bottom lip between his two pink ones. “Anything for the birthday girl.” Harry answers as he pulls his lips from mine, standing to his full height again.

“Did you know it’s actually edible paint?” Harry questions as he takes a step back, pushing his hands into the pockets of his skintight jeans while he balances on the balls of his feet. I let a sound escape my lips that probably should have resembled wonder, head nodding at his statement.
“I thought it smelled rather fruity to begin with.” I speak out loud, more to myself than towards Harry before I turn around on my seat and sniff my finger once. “So it’s not for actual painting?”

“You could, but there are more fun ways to use it.” Harry smirks, crossing his arms over his chest and I roll my eyes before I rub my paint covered hand over the side of his cheek. “Let me try.”
I stand to my feet as I let my tongue drag a small stripe up on Harry’s new brightly red colored cheek, my tongue slowly darting over my lips as I could taste the strawberry flavor through his after shave.
“Not bad, honestly.” I giggle, kissing Harry’s face on the same spot again, grabbing any excess that might have been left. Harry’s hands come up to rest on my hips, giving them a squeeze before he hauls me in closer.

“Well, let me try.” Harry grins as he dips his pointer finger in the blue pot and smears it across my lips. He doesn’t hesitate to press his lips to mine and sweeps his tongue across my lips, probably leaving my lips in a light blue hue for the rest of the evening. I roll my eyes, a smile still gracing my lips as I blink up at my boyfriend. “Hm, blueberry.” Harry hums with a smile, licking his lips as I cock an eyebrow his way. “I have a feeling you had other plans with my paint than me painting with it.”

“Now that isn’t true.” Harry grins as he starts kissing my neck in between words, teeth nipping at my goose bump covered flesh. “You can still enjoy your paint.. A different way.”
My fingers are already working on the buttons of his only half buttoned dress shirt, lips near his collar bone as I hear his let out a sigh of contempt. The fabric is easily pushed off of his shoulder, dropping on the floor as I let my fingers immediately trace over the lines that form his abs, lingering on any tattoos that might come in my wake. “I’ve missed you today.” I hum against his skin, dropping lower so I could undo his belt along with the button of his black jeans, pushing them down his hips so I had more skin to toy with. “As did I. But you seem so relaxed on Saturday night.” Harry speaks, the tiniest pangs of sadness hinged between the words and I let my eyes flutter up, tearing my gaze away from his tan skin to lock our gazes. “I just need some time in my own head. Which makes me realize even more how much I crave you.”

Instead of saying another word, I dip my finger in the green paint and draw a line from his navel to just above his boxer shorts, a chuckle leaving Harry’s lips, probably leaving a ticklish sensation in its wake. Two more lines accompany my first, a giggle leaving my lips as Harry’s cocks his head down to see what I had been doing. “An arrow? Really?”
“For should I ever forget where I have to be.” I laugh, my hand in front of my mouth as Harry gives me one of his ‘I’m not sure why I dated you in the first place’ faces. Mostly immediately followed by a loving, appreciative smile.

“I hope you never do.” Harry pulls me up by my elbows, crashing our lips together hastily as his large hands cup my underwear covered bum. In a second I’m hauled up from off the floor, legs winding around Harry’s waist as he pressed me against the wall for leverage. A groan leaves my lips as I alternate between kissing his lips and his jawline, Harry’s breathing resonating harshly in my ear.

Harry doesn’t waste time anymore, pushing his jeans and boxers down even more so his member is exposed to me, my hands immediately flitting to the soft, rigid flesh to give it a tug. A groan leaves Harry’s lips as he pushes our bodies impossibly closer, lips attached to my neck, sucking harshly.

He unbuttons the shirt that is draped over my upper body swiftly, exposing my skin and bra to my boyfriend, the same hand wandering and cupping me through my bra. Our lips find one another again, passionate, rough kisses shared as he pushes my underwear to the side to line his member with my entrance. A hiss leaves my lips as I sink my teeth loosely into his lip, pulling it before letting go and throwing my head back, a hollow thud resonating through the room on impact with the wall.

Harry’s thrusts are steady, slowly picking up pace as his hands wander over my body. Loud but shallow moans leave my lips as my fingers rub over his shoulders, wind up in his hair, pull at the roots before sliding back down and dipping my fingernails in his soft, tan flesh near his shoulder blades. Little grunts are leaving his lips, his lips kissing every piece of exposed flesh that he can reach as he pounds me towards my orgasm, hitting the right spot over and over again. My moans are picking up in loudness as well as octaves and within a few minutes I am a moaning, withering mess beneath him.

“Come on Y/n, let go.” Harry grunts as his hands now have a firm grasp on my waist, keeping me still as he aims his rough, quick, sharp thrusts at the right spot to send me flying over the edge. My legs are trembling as I come down from my high, Harry still pounding into me, his thrusts growing irregularly as he is chasing his own high. His face disappears into my neck, panting against the already clammy skin as he sinks his teeth into my shoulder, a groan leaving my lips.

Loud moans still leave my lips as he pounds into my oversensitive center and I try to coax him into giving up. “Harry, I- Oh- please.” I breathe out, every other word stopped with a moan in between as he stills completely, a loud sigh disappearing into my hair. His whole body is trembling and I wiggle my legs so he’d let go of me, my legs wobbly as I try to gain grip on the floor. Harry steadies me with his hands as a dry chuckle leaves his lips, his heart visibly beating erratically in his chest.

I let my arms wind around his neck to pull him down to a loving kiss, pulling him closer for a hug afterwards. Harry stands to his full height again as he pulls his jeans back up his legs, leaving the button undone as his knuckles brush over my cheekbone. “I hope you have more where that came from, tonight.” I wiggle my eyebrows as I catch Harry by surprise, a chuckle leaving his lips while he shakes his head. “For the birthday girl, as much as she’d like.”
“Then you better rest up a bit.” I breathe out, my hand cupping his now softening cock through his jeans, lips softly pecking his chin. “Because I am in no way done with you.”

“Ready to blow out some candles?” Harry states as his fingers thread through my hair, brushing a few of the wild strands away from my face in the process. “If that means you bought cake, then hell yes.”
Harry laughs loudly, hand resting on his still exposed stomach, eyes crinkled in the process. If there is anything that can keep my mind off of sex with my god of a boyfriend, it was food and in particularly, cake.
“I am serious. Did you buy cake?” I try to suppress the smile that is dying to break through and Harry’s stops his laughter momentarily to nod his head at me, my stomach immediately rumbling at his confession. “You are the best person in the world.” I let my arms wind around his waist to squeeze him before I grab his wrist and pull him towards the kitchen. “Come on, cake.”

Lots of love,
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So fine. You’re going to fall in love with The One. You’re going to fall in love with someone who will make sense beyond college or a job or a particular season. They’ll make sense forever and won’t ever want to leave you behind. I’m telling you this not because it’s true but because it NEEDS to be true. Everyone is entitled to this kind of love, so why not? Have it. It’s yours. Blow out the candles on your 30th birthday, holding their hand, and let out an exhale that’s been waiting for ten years. Do it. Now.
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OC x Roommate!Taehyung
Length: 2.3k of IDK? 
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Insp: when the power literally went out as I was skyping with @an-exotic-writer and then I stupidly said “wow this could be an AU” and then she answered with “don’t come back till you write it.” : ‘ ) why. won’t. you. let. me. back. in. 

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“In what world is this a good idea Wendy?” you sigh into your text covered paperback, hoping to melt into the parchment along with your sighs of dismay; the current presence of distress causing the space between your eyebrows to narrow and your brain to whirl in nonsensical circles. 

Her devious smirk insinuates much more than her response but she replies nonchalantly, “You need a place to live. So does he. Two people sharing an apartment. Simple.” she looks up over her pocket mirror she’s been using to apply her lipgloss, her grin much too self satisfied to match her capricious tone. “Yes, but that ‘he’ is Kim Taehyung aka the-cutie-from-Art-History-I-never-talked-to-freshman-year (correction: that you still haven’t talked to). You know I’ve had the biggest crush on him for the past year and a half and now you’re asking me to live with him.” 
“The in-between’s aren’t that important.” she hums as her mascara wand comes precariously close to her immaculate eyeshadow she no doubt spent an eternity on. 

“I still don’t know how I agreed to this.” you groan and bury your worries into the deep, dark trenches called busy work and forget about the golden boy who will be within a few feet (max) away from you 24/7.

“In what world is this a good idea Namjoon-hyung?” Taehyung sighs to the older boy, his hands currently busy cutting some aimless pattern onto the sleeve of his sweater. His brows are knitted, his easygoing smile wilting at the corners when he realizes that in two days he’ll have to move into the same house with you. Not that Taehyung dislikes you, if anything it’s the polar opposite: Taehyung is most definitely in too deep with his crush on you. He was intrigued by the shy peeks you sent his way and captured when the dust of rose on your cheeks appeared as he reciprocated.

“Aw kid, why don’t you make the most out of it?” Namjoon sends the younger boy a dimpled smile and a suggestive waggle of his eyebrows which is enough for Taehyung to bang his head against the table. He pauses to digest the information that he’ll be in the same apartment as you and the thought of you, all wrapped up in blankets curled up on the couch, is enough to make Taehyung pick his head up and push it none too gently against the table once more.  

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