blowing lines

vixx's cooking level

taekwoon: vixx’s one and only cooking master
hakyeon: good and passable, sometimes forget to spice his food
jaehwan: questionable, hasn’t been proven, but most likely can either end up a fine dining dish or carpet flavoured
hongbin: disastrous. mr “should i add sugar to my fried eggs”
sanghyuk: disastrous 2.0, didn’t know the egg had to be cracked to make fried eggs
wonshik: glad enough to know how to turn on a stove

angrygoodnoodle  asked:

I've noticed something, Lucifer's gauges were glowing purple instead of their normal color red/orange. why?

I’ve probably been asked this question 50 times since the update lol I was going to just let people infer but it might come up again before SaM ends so I’ll address it now.

His horns shift from yellow and red depending on his mood; yellows are happier emotions, reds are more negative emotions. Red wasn’t sufficient enough to gauge how negative he was feeling so for the first time since he’s had horns it bled to a purple. Purple is despair.