blowing kisses~


forever bitter that kingsglaive gave us this guy then took him away from us

somehow i churned this out super last minute in one day i felt like i was possessed in the last hours of doing this

decided to get two birds with one stone because apparently england and shakespeare share a birthday!! i only had the energy to represent 4 of shakespeare’s plays here and they should be easy to recognize… i think…

imagine how big and buff Drax’s wife was. like drax has a picture of her and Peter is like “holy shit who’s that giant lady?!?” And drax smiles rlly fondly and is like “that’s my Hovat…” and Peter is like “dude why does she look so…..pissed off.” And he’s like “that was our wedding day. I’ve never seen her so happy before” like pls give me the giant hulking grey lady who hates dancing. She can suplex Drax and fucking hates music. One time some one swore they saw her punch a fucking drum.