blowing kisses~

Prefect Meeting

Lily: So for the meeting today, we will discuss a few things.

James: And then you’ll go off in pairs and patrol the corridors.  Hey, Lockhart - stop that!

Gilderoy: *Winks at James and blows kisses*

James: I said stop it.

Antonin Dolohov: DUDE.  Listen to the head boy!

Gilderoy: *Smirks* 

Lily: Anyway, first order of business.  Dung bombs.  They’ve become a growing fascination again amongst the younger students.  If you overhear anyone talking about them, question them and confiscate them.  That includes your friends, Potter.

James: Hey, you can’t tell me what to do.  I’m the head boy.

Lily: *Raises eyebrows* Are you challenging me?

James: Course not love… *clears throat*… I mean, Lily.  Next thing is violence.  There’s been a lot of it lately.  And from prefects, too *looks at Remus and Regulus*

Remus: That was ages ago!

Regulus: We’re friends again now!

Remus: As if nothing ever happened!

Regulus: Except you have a little scar on your head.

Remus: And your nose is a bit out of shape.

Regulus: What?!

James: Okay, enough.  Just no more fighting, okay?  It makes us look bad if even the prefects are fighting… with each other.

Lily: And finally, sex.

James: *Goes red* Uh… what?

Lily: Sex.  

Gilderoy: *Winks at James*

Lily: Make sure if you see any couples who may be… intimate… remind them about protection and to be safe!  There’s been a pregnancy and some shenanigans at the Valentine’s Day ball.  Not to mention someone fell down the stairs during intercourse in a broom cupboard!

Everyone: *Sniggers*

Regulus: It wasn’t during intercourse!  It was before!

Lily: And how would you know that? 

Regulus: No reason! *Blushes*

James: So that concludes the meeting!  Everyone split into pairs and patrol your assigned areas of the castle.

Gilderoy: I’d like to be your partner, Potter.  Your life partner ;)

James: Let’s wrap this up! *Runs away*


Serena from Bewitched- I’ll Blow You A Kiss In the Wind