blowing bubble gum

unappreciated Boy Things:

- when they get excited and their voices crack / get higher

- when they blow bubbles with gum and get it stuck on their noses

- when they snort-laugh

- when they take two or three stairs at a time

- when they’re too short to reach something but they refuse to give up trying ro reach it

- when they wear clothes that show off their stretch marks (if they’re comfortable with that)

- when they smile to themselves about a something from earlier

- when they send you memes that they know will make you laugh

- when they rewatch their favorite movies and repeat the dialouge word for word

- when they rant about their favorite things / special interests

- when they yawn really big and stretch

- when they give big strong pick up hugs

- when they give soft gentle squishy hugs

- just boy hugs in general

- when they give sick awesome fist bumps or peace signs because they’re touch-adverse

- when they get all flustered from being complimented

- when they wear their favorite outfit and show off how great they look

- when theyre eating something messy and get sauce all over their face

- when they blush and smile

this has been a psa (this post is meant for mlm, pls respect that and only rb if you’re mlm)

Never cry. Why ruin your makeup or soak your brand new coat? Just keep it in or transform your sadness into anger. Anger is much more appealing than weakness.
Always chew gum. Blow bubbles, pop it in annoyance, chew it until it grows stringy and thin between your molars. Keep your mouth busy. That way you can’t say anything you don’t mean.
Bite your lip, not only will it attract the attention of the boy who holds his cup way too tight to have any idea what he’s doing with it, but it’ll also split open and your blood will act as a natural lip stain.
Soak your homework in orange juice and force it down your throat. Gulp it down, don’t you dare heave it up. Fill up your stomach with the paper and hope to god you’ll pass chemistry. Who knows, maybe trees will sprout and you’ll finally be able to take in oxygen. It’s the breakfast of champions.
Problems aren’t problems until you acknowledge that you have problems. So what if you drink a little too much on a school night? Who cares if you stand too long at the edge of the look-out point? Just flash them a smile, hike up your dress, laugh a little higher. It’s not running away from the issue if the issue doesn’t exist, right?
Lock your closet, skeletons are only meant to be seen in your health class.
Shatter your mirror, pick up a piece and hold it at arms length. There, now you can control what reflects back at you. Besides, it makes since to look at the individual parts of yourself, you’ve never been whole.
Stand up straight, don’t bow your head. Blue blood may not run through your veins but, unless it spills, no one has to know.
Remember that you’re a forest fire. You have poison underneath your finger nails. You are a wild thing, and wild things can not be tamed.
RULE #10
If you can’t be guaranteed heaven then give them hell.
Question Hodgepodge

Below are 200 random questions to reblog. Have people message you random numbers to your askbox, so you can post your answers to your blog. Remember to repeat the questions in your answers.

1. What is your middle name?
2. Do you have any nicknames that aren’t derived from your actual name?
2. Do you have any allergies?
4. What is the longest your hair has ever been?
5. How well can you write in cursive?
6. Name one item on your bucket list.
7. Have you ever been on a blind date?
8. What is the oldest piece of clothing you still wear and how old is it?
9. How often do you eat out at a fancy restaurant?
10. How grammatically correct are you when you text?
11. Can you drive stick?
12. What foreign country would you most like to visit and why?
13. Nutella or peanut butter?
14. At what age did you have your first kiss?
15. DC or Marvel?
16. Have you ever hosted a wild party?
17. Name/author of the last book you read cover to cover. Do you recommend it?
18. How many of your Facebook friends do you actually hang with?
19. Have you ever donated blood?
20. From 1-10, how much do you like decorating for holidays?
21. Coffee or tea?
22. What is your go-to Starbucks drink?
23. Last show you binge watched?
24. Dogs or cats?
25. Favorite animated Disney character?
26. Have you ever cooked a big family meal by yourself?
27. Favorite winter activity?
28. Have you ever butt dialed anyone?
29. Can you blow a bubble gum bubble?
30. How early in the year do you start celebrating Christmas?
31. What emoji best describes your life right now?
32. Are you fluent in more than one language?
33. What is the longest you’ve ever kept a New Year’s resolution?
34. Have you ever successfully been on a diet? Did you gain any of the weight back?
35. Are any of your grandparents still alive?
36. How good are you at communicating through facial expressions?
37. Have you ever gotten a commercial jingle stuck in your head?
38. Have you ever left a movie theater before the movie was over?
39. Do you consider rapping singing?
40. Does your home have a fireplace?
41. Favorite non-chocolate candy?
42. If you could have only one superpower, what would you want and why?
43. Have you ever locked your keys in your car?
44. Do you listen to any religious music?
45. Do you drink soda? If so, which one is your favorite?
46. What was your ACT score?
47. Rice or quinoa?
48. From 1-10, how good of a driver do you consider yourself?
49. Do you like horror movies?
50. How easily do you cry?
51. Do you have any tattoos? If so, of what and where?
52. You are hanging with your closest friends. What are you most likely doing?
53. Can you handle spicy foods? What is your spice limit?
54. Can you play any musical instruments? If so, which ones?
55. Are you more introverted or extroverted?
56. Last CD you bought?
57. Do you like roller coasters?
58. What day of the week is laundry day for you?
59. Have you ever played spin the bottle?
60. How long have you known your best friend?
61. Can you eat using chopsticks?
62. Do you have any stickers on your laptop computer? If so, what are they of?
63. How often do you say y'all?
64. Favorite flavor of ice cream?
65. How long was your longest relationship? Are you still with that person?
66. Star Trek or Star Wars?
67. How good are you at math?
68. Have you ever acted in a play or a musical?
69. How often do you read/pay attention to your horoscope?
70. What is the shortest your hair has ever been?
71. Have you ever broken any bones?
72. Do you like to go fishing?
73. Do you believe in evolution?
74. Favorite costume you wore for Hallowen? How old were you?
75. Real or fake Christmas trees?
76. How many pillows do you sleep with?
77. Do you live in an apartment or a house?
78. How many of your friends are of the opposite gender?
79. Have you ever had a near-death experience?
80. How long have you been at your current job?
81. What kind of car do you drive (year, brand, model, color)?
82. How flexible are you?
83. Have you ever ended a romantic relationship?
84. Phrase you say the most?
85. Have you ever kissed anyone of the same gender? If so, did you like it?
86. Do you own any homemade clothing?
87. Do you like fast food?
88. Have you ever given anyone CPR?
89. Have you ever learned to do anything from a how-to video on YouTube?
90. Describe your sense of humor.
92. Favorite cereal?
93. Have you ever auditioned for a reality competition show?
94. Have you ever gotten a TV theme song stuck in your head?
95. Do you believe in ghosts?
96. Do you think there is life on other planets?
97. Have you ever given money to a street performer?
98. Your deepest fear?
99. Pancakes or waffles?
100. Are you still friends with anyone from high school?
101. From 1-10, how good of a dancer do you consider yourself?
102. How much of a patient person are you?
103. Do you know your IQ?
104. Do you eat meat at all?
105. Do you own any clothes from a garage sale or a thrift store?
106. Have you ever bought anything from a flea market?
107. Have you ever quit a job?
108. Have you ever gotten a song you dislike stuck in your head?
109. Any movie(s) you can watch over and over and over again and enjoy just as much each time?
110. Do you or have you ever worn glasses?
111. Have you ever skinny dipped?
112. Are your birth parents still together?
113. Have you ever been in the audience for the taping of a TV show?
114. Favorite type of cookie?
115. Have you ever been broken up with?
116. How often do you smile when getting your picture taken?
117. Have you ever accidentally dialed 911?
118. Oldest memory?
119. Have you ever been the victim of a nasty prank?
120. How often do you snort when you laugh?
121. From 1-10, how good of a singer do you consider yourself?
122. Favorite Disney song?
123. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
124. What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?
125. Have you ever had a fortune cookie fortune come true?
126. Name one thing you wish people would stop posting on social media.
127. Last musical artist you saw live?
128. Credit cards or cash?
129. Favorite fandom?
130. What is your astrological sign?
131. Have you ever been fired from a job?
132. Any hidden talents?
133. Can you surf?
134. What motivates you to do well in life?
135. Your worst physical feature?
136. From 1-10, how much are you like your father?
137. How lucky do you consider yourself?
138. Name a moment in your life when you were pleasently surprised.
139. Have you ever been summoned for jury duty?
140. What type of shoes do you wear the most?
141. Favorite summer activity?
142. Favorite song to sing in the shower?
143. Have you ever lived with a roommate you did not get along with?
144. Have you ever lived on a farm?
145. Have you ever kept a diary or a journal?
146. TV show or movie you quote/reference the most?
147. How often do you get mad at yourself?
148. Have you ever gotten any stitches?
149. Have you ever been hunting?
150. Favorite YouTube channel?
151. Have you ever had a pet besides a dog or a cat?
152. From 1-10, how well do you work with others?
153. Are you friends with any of your exes?
154. Apple or PC?
155. Do you collect anything?
156. Have you ever seen any Broadway plays or musicals?
157. Any missed opporunites you wish you had taken?
158. Have you ever uttered a spoken hashtag?
159. Do you have a pool at your house?
160. What is the longest you’ve gone without sleep?
161. Last thing that made you laugh?
162. Disney or Nickelodeon?
163. Name one celebrity you wish was still alive.
164. From 1-10, how much are you like your mother?
165. Your best physical feature?
166. Earbud or earmuff headphones?
167. Have you ever wished you were born the opposite gender?
168. Do you have any piercings anywhere besides your ear lobes?
169. How often do you wash your hair?
170. Showers or baths?
171. Have you ever been a bridesmaid or a groomsman?
172. Bottled or tap water?
173. What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?
174. Any guilty pleasures you’re willing to discuss?
175. Favorite video game?
176. Have you ever gotten a New Year’s kiss exactly at midnight?
177. How many of the United States have you visited?
178. Have you ever given money to a homeless person?
179. Have you ever gotten a surgery?
180. Your least favorite food?
181. From 1-10, how competitive are you?
182. Do you like wearing hats?
183. How much of a jealous peron are you?
184. What was your SAT score?
185. Have you ever voted for a reality competition show?
186. Does anyone in your family currently serve in your country’s military?
187. Snowboarding or skiing?
188. What celebrity would you most want to play you in a movie about your life?
189. Have you ever been a Boy or Girl Scout?
190. Have you ever dyed your hair?
191. From 1-10, how good of a cook do you consider yourself?
192. You have just opened up a web browser. What is the first site you visit?
193. How many things can you do with your weaker hand?
194. Were you involved in any academic clubs in high school?
195. Have you ever played hooky from school?
196. Are you comfortable with watching rated R movies?
197. Do you root for any sports teams?
198. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
199. If you could take home any one animal from the zoo, which one would you choose?
200. Tell something about yourself most people don’t know.

a skateboarding modern au with molly & beau as bffs who always act all like “here queer & ready to fuck shit up” & molly chews way too much big league chew bubble gum & beau owns all the snapbacks

Was Sorta Hoping You’d Stay

reddie ofc

heres to me posting not one, but TWO one shots tonight (the other one will be posted in a little bit) instead of working on my slow burn aaaaaaa


word count: 1,829

ao3 link

not nsfw, but implied sexual content

Everyone thinks Eddie Kaspbrak has been wasting his whole ‘college experience’ away. He’s supposed to want to hang out with his roommates and go party and drink and get high but.. parties are filled with people he doesn’t like and germs he doesn’t want. He’d rather be at his dorm drinking by himself, if he’s being honest.

It’s the day after midterms and there’s a huge party being hosted in the west wing of his building tonight. Eddie had been invited to it by three different people and he still didn’t plan on going. That is, until the door burst open, revealing his best friend and roommate, Bill Denbrough.

“Eddie, I’m going to s-skin you alive if you d-don’t go to that party to-tonight,” is the first thing he says to the petite brunette in front of him.

“Bill, you know I don’t do parties.”

Eddie adverts his eyes back to his phone, not pulling it away fast enough when Bill makes a grab for it.

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alice cooper. some things.

age 7.

white blonde hair. skinny legs. scraped elbows. spends all of recess on the swings, kicking as high as she can. scowls when f.p yanks on her ponytail. makes herself cereal in the morning, no milk. able to name all fifty states. broken plastic clip in her hair. front tooth chipped from falling on the trailer steps. overalls that bag in the chest. listens to claudia’s walkman for hours at a time. explores the woods after school. watches when annie and claudia get ready to go out to the bar, elbowing one another in the cramped bathroom of the trailer. tries on their makeup after they leave, gaudy blue eyeshadow and glittery lipstick. counts to 100 and back again on the playground, just to prove she can. sometimes mom bakes cookies and sings along to commercials on the radio and dances around the kitchen. sometimes mom goes to bed and doesn’t get up for two weeks. annie calls it getting sick and claudia calls it being a coked out nutcase. blows bubbles with her gum. doesn’t go to the father daughter dance. laughs when annie takes her to pop’s for milkshakes, instead.

age 14.

keeps her hand raised the entire class. always knows the answer. pierces her own ears with a safety pin. hair gone a darker shade of blonde with age. bruised legs. lips pursed in a scowl. spends hours in the abandoned pipes, reading books and avoiding home. watches as annie and claudia spiral further and further in the serpents. hates and envies them in equal measure. sneaks out to smoke cigarettes with f.p. flushes hotly when she struggles with the lighter. attends house parties, liking the way older boys lean in to ask her name. dark, smeared eyeliner. ripped tights. skirts she rolls up when she leaves for school in the morning. stares at hal cooper in first period bio. finds something strangely compelling in his all-american varsity jacket. can’t find it in herself to care when her mother stops coming home. deals dime baggies of weed for spare cash. does the serpent dance with her heart in her throat and three shots of jack daniels in her bloodstream. pretends claudia doesn’t have tears in her eyes when she puts the jacket on her back. wants something more. doesn’t quite know what.

age 21.

a sick, seething anger buried under pink cardigans. leather jacket at the back of the closet. hair gone more brown than blonde. gets married in a white dress, the whole town watching. does the write-up for the riverdale register herself. vows to be different. slices her mugshot out of every edition of the register in a fit of late-night paranoia. pearl earrings. well-practiced stepford smile. matching sweater sets. starts attending church with the extended coopers. pretends to pray. feels an awful, gnawing grief when she thinks about charles. wonders where he is. if he is being raised like she was. cuts ties with f.p and his wild, whiskey eyes. learns how to cross-stitch. cannot help but feel like she’s deceived hal. cannot help but feel like she’s deceiving herself. writes a letter to claudia and annie every sunday. watches as the letters comes back, unopened, every monday. lets her cartilage piercing close. smokes the occasional joint before hal gets home from work, blowing smoke out the back window so the neighbors won’t see.

age 28.

cries when she finds out she’s pregnant. promises herself that her baby will never know poverty. will never know food stamps and absentee mothers and the reckless safety of being in a gang. passes off supermarket cookies as being homemade. much prefers the violent delight of investigative journalism. likes peeling back the surface of the town, looking into the darkness underneath. still has nightmares about the sisters of quiet mercy. still can’t get out of bed on charles’ birthday. pink lipstick. sensible heels. sharp, piercing gaze. starts a garden. attends the bible study hal’s mother runs. makes a valiant effort not to scoff. fails miserably. misses fred and f.p and the old days. misses driving the truck late at night, so fast that the road blurred at the edges and time seemed to stop. decorates the nursery with immaculate detail. spends hours lying awake at night, feeling the baby kick. circles named in an outdated baby book. goes into labor on the first morning of spring. cries when they hand the baby to her, red and squawling and perfect and hers. feels unconditional love for the first time.

age 35.

can’t decide whether motherhood is the best thing to ever happen to her, or the worst. tires of hal, his entitlement and his pettiness and his passive-aggressive barbs against her parenting. polly has a pretty bad scrape on her knee. were you watching her at the playground? attends pta meetings solely to complain about the administration. loves betty and polly in a way that feels too big for her body. frown lines starting to develop. blonde dyed back into her hair. mouth twisted with displeasure. reads the girls four bedtime stories each night. thinks about annie telling her wild, inappropriate stories before bed, the way they would both giggle underneath the sheets. sometimes drives around southside late at night, watching the shadows of the trailers. feels split straight down the middle. feels like she’s still faking. terrified of betty or polly being led astray. falling into a bad crowd. getting sucked into the black hole of riverdale. fights bitterly with hal when he discovers she makes more than him. can’t find it within herself to apologize.

age 42.

watches betty take off her clothes under the spotlight, desperate and backed into a corner and in love with a boy named jones. wants to laugh with the misery of it all. feels helpless to stop her children from making her mistakes. barbed tongue. cheekbones sharper than they used to be. aggressively proper wardrobe. sees chic come in through the front door and feels a missing piece jam into place, just a little ill-fitting. lets her eyes drag a little too long on f.p when she sees him at pop’s. scowls when pop tate gives her that knowing smile, the same one he’s been shooting her since she was sixteen and drunkenly ordering three sides of fries, a stoned fred giggling next to her and f.p with his arm slung around her shoulder. misses polly with a terrible ache. wonders about the babies. her grandchildren. doesn’t miss hal. watches the man die with her eyes gone cold and hard. disposes of the body with a relentless, panicked efficiency. feels a dangerous thrill when f.p says “the circle closes here.”

christmas + pining + byeler

i asked mishi @biwheelers for a prompt idea and she suggested this: 
ok how about mike keeps staring at will while will is doing stuff bc he’s just so Taken by how… happy he looks (or cute he looks but he won’t admit it to himself) and someone calls him out on it in front of Will and mike dies?

“So pretty!” El comments on the cookie snowman that Will just decorated with beautiful swirls of colour.

Will looks up and smiles at her, “Thanks, El! Yours looks awesome, too!”

El gives a pleased nod and drops another dot of green onto the star-shaped cookie in front of her.

They are in the Byers’ kitchen. Mike, Will, El and Max. The latter is blowing big bubbles of chewing gum every other minute while watching the others work on the cookies. She already made the dough earlier -

“Seriously, guys? None of you have ever made cookie dough before? Not judging you, El. You didn’t really have the chance to and I bet Hopper is hopeless with these things. But boys, honestly?”

Max raising her eyebrows was always scarily intimidating and Mike and Will just looked at each other sheepishly, a blush creeping up their cheeks. They heard a loud sigh and looked over at Max just in time to see her rolling her eyes before walking to the fridge to grab the butter, throwing a “Can you grab a mixing bowl for me, please?” to Will over her shoulder. -

So now she’s watching the other three work, Mike using the different cookie cutters they found in a kitchen drawer and Will and El decorating the various shapes.

The radio is playing Christmas songs in the background and when the next song comes on, Will starts to sway side to side to the beat, his shoulder knocking softly into Mike’s whenever he leans to his left.

“Have a holly jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year - “, Will sings along quietly and Mike snaps his head up, the hand holding the cookie cutter frozen just above the rolled out dough.  

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The Sister

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader

Request Summary: You’re Henry’s little sister but what happens when you start to crush on someone you’re not supposed to?


You walked around school, blowing bubbles with the gum in your mouth. The popping noises echoed through the empty halls and your eyes focused on the exit.

“And where do you think you’re going Ms. Bowers?”

Rolling your eyes, you turned around to find one of the teachers.

“Leaving. Obviously.”

The teacher looked at you sternly, arms corssed in front of her chest and her foot tapping impatiently on the floor.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in class,” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, but it’s boring so I didn’t bother showing up. Now if you don’t mind me,” you said turning back around. “I’m going to continue what I started.”

As you walked out of the doors, you heard the teacher yell at you to come back, but you could honestlty care less. Slinging your backpack over your shoulder, you pulled out a cigarette from the pocket of your jacket and lit it. You blew out the smoke as you walked around town, appreciating how quiet it was.

You payed no attention to how late it eventually got, only noticing when more and more kids seemed to walk by. Figuring that school was out already, you got up from the bench you had been sitting on and started the walk home.

Until you heard a familiar voice.

“Where do you think you’re going, punk?”

Following the voices, you were eventually led to a small alley where you found your brother and his goons along with some kids.

You recognized the kids almost immediately. It was Richie Tozier, a trashmouth you found quite amusing, Eddie Kaspbrak, a germaphobe, and Bill Denbrough, the kid you just so happened to think was cute.

All three of the kids (even if they were the same age as you) were backed up against the wall of the alley with Henry and his friends surrounding them. You watched unamused as Henry shoved Bill a little bit, imitating his stutter.

“Really? This is how your spend your day?”

Henry’s head snapped towards you, eyes narrowing once he realized who it was. His friends seemed slightly uncomfortable and the kids looked surprised to see you there.

“Yeah, and why the fuck do you care?”

“Because your waiting your time, messing around with these losers.”

“Hey!” Richie yelled, only shutting his mouth when Eddie smacked him upside the head.

“Just leave and go find someone else to bother, Henry,” you continued. “These three aren’t worth your time.”

Henry stared at you for a second before stepping back and walking towards you. He stood in front of you and you stared up at him, not backing down.

“Whatever,” he said, pushing past you woh his friends in tow.

“Asshole,” you muttered under your breath.

Once you were positive they had left, you turned back around to the boys.

“Why’d you help us?” Eddie asked.

“What, can’t I do a good deed for once?”

Richie pushed up the glasses that were sliding down his nose and responded.

“Yeah, but you’re Henry’s sister. You’re almost exactly like him, why did you help us?”

Crossing your arms over your chest, you furrowed your eyebrows.

“So, next time, would you like me to just let them beat the shit out of you? Because that would definitely save me some time.”

The three boys stayed quite and you nodded your head.

“That’s what I thought,” you said, turning around and getting ready to walk out of the alley.

“Th-thank you.”

Stopping in your tracks, you asked, “What?”

“He said thank you, are you deaf?”

Getting angry, you spinner around and walked up to Richie.

“Watch it Tozier, because I might just call my brother back and let him finish the job.”

“Awww, does poor little (Y/n) need her big brother to help her out?” He said in a baby voice.

Your temper flared and before you could even register what was happening, your first met with Richie’s face.

“Fuck!” He cried, holding his bleeding nose.

“Shut your mouth Tozier, before I do worse.”

Picking up your backpack with a slightly bloody hand, you began walking out of the alley again.

Turning around slightly, you called out to Bill.

“See you tomorrow Billy,” you said with a wink.

As you walked out, you missed Bill’s face turn bright red.

Extended Ending:

“Are you kidding me?!”

Both Eddie and Bill turned to look at Richie.

“Don’t tell me you’re falling for the same girl that just punched me in the face?!”

“Y-you kind of d-deserved it,” said Bill, who looked at Richie out of the corner of his eye.

“Yeah,” agreed Eddie.

Richie crossed his arms childishly and muttered angrily to himself.