Marijuana, alcohol seized from visitors to SGNP, sanctuary

Marijuana, alcohol seized from visitors to SGNP, sanctuary

Marijuana, alcohol, blowhorns, tobacco, stoves and cylinders were among the items confiscated from visitors at the Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary and Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) on the occasion of Mahashivaratri on Thursday. (more…)

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“Sakura, please calm down.”

“That’s not how sporting events work, Sasuke-kun. You’re supposed to be loud. And Sarada needs to know that we support her.”

“I’m pretty sure she knows from the blown-up image of her face on your t-shirt.”

“That’s so other people know whose baby is dominating them.”

“Sarada is thirteen, Sakura.”

“And? You’re thirty-five, and I guarantee if your mother were alive she’d still be calling you her baby.”


“Now get off your butt and honk that blowhorn a little. Ino’s two seats in front of us, and she’s being insufferable with her glitter pompoms.”


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Azir holds a giant blowhorn near Xerath's "ear" and screams SHURIMA at the top of his lungs. - azirofshurima (I HAD TO)

Xerath, due to his lack of ears, is mostly just annoyed. He then proceeds to break the blowhorn in two. “Next, I will break YOU, emperor!”