blower motor

Shelter (( RP with sisterlyghots ))

Arthur had been driving for hours out of state to grab a used blower motor for the van since the thing was old and no one really made the parts for it no a days. That and well, the person who owned it was selling it for what could be considered pennies which was way cheaper than anything else he could find online. 
Unfortunately for him it was getting dark out and a huge storm was hitting in, which was fine, this was fine, he could just drive through it, at night, alone. 

A bolt of lightning crashed nearby, shaking the tin can of a van and he immediately pulled into a driveway. 

He was a bit shaken up and cursed his fear of storms, even more so when he was alone. But… Glancing up from the dash to the black night that illuminated from time to time with bolts of lightning he knew he wasn’t really going to get anywhere if he kept having to pull over to breath every time the thunder caught him off guard and scared him. 

At least the house he had pulled into looked… 


Grreeaatt, there was no chance this place had electricity and an even fewer chance that anyone alive was in there! 

Sighing and rubbing the bridge of his nose he really wished Vivi was with him right now, if she were here he could have kept driving on, or at least brightened the mood by making this place an impromptu investigation. 
Or even having Lewis to just cheer him on and reassure him that everything was fine…

He missed what the group used to be before Lewis went missing…

Sighing he glanced out the window as the rain started to pour and for a brief second he swore he could see a figure in the window of the abandoned house.