Well here it is! I’ve never quite seen this happen and Boxing, he county himself out with the ref LMAOOOO! In 2005, Manny’s Brother Bobby Pacquiao faced Carlos Navarro. As soon as the fight started to heat up Navarro repeatedly kept taking a knee. He was seemingly complaining of a low blow refuse to get back up. Funny thing is the ref was on his side! The referee even deducted a point for low blows to Bobby Pacquiao. For whatever reason Navarro kept falling to his knees and complaining. The second knockdown the ref kept telling him “hit you when you were down” and wasn’t gonna rule it as a knockdown since Pacquiao did hit him AFTER Navarro had taken the knee (which is illegal). This is not good enough for Navarro who for some reason one of the referee to administer a 10 count lol Pacquiao resumed his attack and began swarming Navarro. Navarro once again took a knee to avoid the onslaught. Only this time Navarro stayed down and began counting himself out with the referee almost mimicking his 10 count like an echo or parrot, 6…six, 7…seven, etc. I’ve never seen a fighter do that. It just goes to show you there’s no creed, race, or color for heart, there are quitters in every race. Navarro was like “Hurry this sh*t up I got sh*t to do” and counted himself out alongside the referee who had been sympathetic to him during the fight. Lmao SIDENOTE: a lot of you thought I was gonna post the “Low Blow” video but that was too easy, you know I’m more original than that. 😉#Classic #BobbyPacquiao #BlowBlow #LowBlow #MannyPacquiao #TenCount #CarlosNavarro #Boxingego

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