blowback dragon

I had a dream where Bandit Keith was in Star Wars. He had a spaceship that was really cool but he stole it, and the person found out and was out to get him so he had to downgrade. After that he was in a nonexistent Yu-Gi-Oh game and dueled me. He was winning with Blowback Dragon and Barrel Dragon, but just before he would have beaten me there was a cutscene so the duel didn’t officially conclude. I think he would’ve come back around the middle or end of the game.

Watching someone duel Bandit Keith (in a bonus round) in a Duel Terminal. They all kinda panicked when he showed up. And he won. D:

Person 1: Oh, i remember that guy! He used to go up against Joey, right?
Player: He CHEATS! D:
Person 2: Watch him pull some shenanigans out of his behind…

Keith: *appears* Don’t make me laugh, kid! You won’t go any further than right here. No one beats Bandit Keith!
*duel starts* Duel! You go first, hotshot.
*turn starts* My turn!
*player ends a turn and he’s losing* Feelin’ good about yourself? It ain’t gonna last!
*ends a turn* Your turn, punk!
*activates a spell* Don’t get flustered–I play a face-down! I activate my Spell card!
*revives a monster* Hahaha! Get ready for this!
*summons a powerful monster* I’m in the mood for some gambling! Blowback Dragon/Barrel Dragon!
*destroys a player’s monster* Get lost! Hahaha!
*gets a Destiny Draw* I’ve been waitin’ for a duel like this for a long time, and I’m not letting it end until I have some fun–at your expense!
*attacking a face-down monster* You’re not even worthy to duel a phenom like me!
*attacking a monster* Your little monster isn’t even worth destroying!
*hit for minor damage* Ahh… You’re a stubborn kid!
*attacking for the game* Last shot!
*wins* Hahaha! I got you playing by my rules now!