I was looking at this gif 

and gettin fucked up cause can you just imagine being Victor in this moment?? 

As far as I can tell (from the way the perspective shifts to follow his movements), Yuuri’s unknowingly doing this to the camera rn. He’s reaching out to the camera, and then gives the sweetest smile ever and!!!

Imagine being Victor. It’s been months since the banquet, Katsuki Yuuri hasn’t tried contacting you and has essentially dropped off the face of the Earth. You’ve (probably) skated Stammi Vicino at World’s as a dedication to the boy who stole your heart; a desperate plea, if he’s still out there, watching, to come back to you. You couldn’t have been the only one to feel the connection, right?

Let’s come back to the moment in question: your feeds are blowing up with this video, and curiously, you click on it. And here he is. Yuuri comes up on your screen and he’s skating it. Stammi Vicino. Stay Close to Me. And, as you realize this is a rather resounding confident reply, a confirmation of shared love, the object of your affections looks directly into the camera, he looks at you, and smiles sweetly, kindly. And you know you’re gone. 

(you then immediately fly halfway across the world with your dick out for this boy, but I digress)


American tour of the album “Blow Up Your Video” (1988). Malcolm Young did not participate, in your place, his nephew, Stevie Young. Malcolm had been absent from the band for alcoholism treatment.

Stevie is extremely similar to Malcolm, many people were not suspicious that the base guitar on that tour was played by another family member.

(In this second photo is Stevie, no, it’s not Malcolm!)

abiekisner1  asked:

"I lost our baby" tyler x reader. Please. You're awesome.

A/N: If you’ve never seen Who’s Your Daddy then this probably won’t make any sense.  Also this idea sounded good in my head and I’m not so sure now so I may come back and edit later.

“Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome to Who’s Your Daddy with Tyler and (Y/N).” You both smile and wave at the camera. “Now all of you should know Tyler, if not this is Tyler. Say Hi.” Tyler waved at the camera once more saying hi.

“And this here is (Y/N) Tyler’s girlfriend. You may have seen her in a couple of other videos or heard her in the background and a lot of you guys wanted to see more of her. So here she is!” Mark gestured to you as you waved and said a small hi to the camera.

“Have either of you played this game before?” Mark asked looking across the couch at the two of you.

“I have not, but I have seen clips of you playing it with Jack.” Tyler replied.

“Oh my god you know jacksepticeye?!” You joked dramatically causing Mark and Tyler to chuckle.

“Yes, do you not watch my video’s?” Mark acted upset.

“No I don’t” Mark sulked and made you and Tyler switch seats because he claimed he didn’t want to sit next to anyone who didnt watch his videos.

“But to answer the first question no. I have not played Who’s Your Daddy.” Mark quickly went through the rules of how to play and started up a game, it sounded simple enough. To begin with it was Mark and Tyler as the “Daddies” and you were the “baby”. So far you’d managed to successfully avoid both Mark and Tyler and were attempting to drink the bleach, that was until Mark opened the cuboard door and busted you.

“Found you! You naughty baby. Let’s put you back in your crib.” Mark spoke in a baby voice causing you to huff.

“This game is too hard!”

That’s what she said!” Mark and Tyler shouted together.

“Really guys?” They both giggeld and switched the teams so it was you and Tyler looking for Mark.

“Hey (Y/N). Come here.” Tyler asked you. You left your position guarding the kitchen to head to the bedroom where Tyler was.

“I think this belongs to you.” His character was stood by the desk holding the dildo. You gave him your best uninpressed face you could possibly muster. Mark was chucking to himself obviously pleased that you two were distracted.

“Wait if you’re up here then where’s the baby?”

“Oh… I…. I meant to tell you, I lost our baby.” You turned to face Tyler trying to look as serious as possible and smacking his chest.

“Good our baby was a lil’ bitch.” Tyler and Mark collapsed in hysterics so you took the oportunity to run to where Mark was hiding in the oven and winning the game for you and Tyler.

“Wait how did you win?! That’s not fair!” Mark protested still giggling slightly, Tyler had also regained his composure now and lent in to give you a sweet kiss forgetting the camera was there.

“That’s my girl.”

Later once the video had gone up your phone was blowing up with notifications. Looking at Mark’s video you noticed the thumbnail was of you and Tyler kissing.

“I’m going to kill him” Tyler chuckled, looking at the picture over your shoulder.

“Maybe we should have let him win.” You both smile as Tyler leans down to kiss you.

Prompt from this list


#1 Imagine – Joe Sugg

“ @AnnaSaccone: SEE YOUR PHONE Y/N!!!”
You were in your laptop on your bed editing your video when your notifications on twitter blowed up. You went there and you saw a tweet from Anna. You grabbed immediately your phone and saw a text from her. “Y/N can you please take care of Emilia and Eduardo today? Me and Jonathan want to go out and the babysitter is on holidays… Please?” “Yes, of course! Calm down, don’t worry Anna. I’ll do that happily ” “Thank you Y/N  You saved me” “Don’t worry. What time do you want me there?” “After lunch?” “Yes okay… Let me just finish editing the vlog and then I go!” “Okay, see you later!”
You grabbed your camera and started vlogging. “Good morning guys!!! So today we have amazing plans haha! Anna asked me if I could babysit Emilia and Eduardo, so today you are coming with me to the SacconeJoly’s!!!” You announced that to your viewers and then finished editing.
A little bit later you went downstairs and your boyfriend, Joe Sugg, was in the living room filming a video. You kissed him. “Hi babe!” “Hi!” After you said that he continued filming his video. “Babe, I am going to SacconeJoly’s take care of Emilia and Eduardo.” “Okay” He said and you thought he just said that so you could go and he could stay alone because when he is filming something he likes to concentrate himself. You just went. You took a taxi and went to the SacconeJoly’s.
When you arrived Emilia and Eduardo were playing outside. They are so cute! When Anna saw you she ran and hugged you. “Thank you thank you thank you Y/N!” “Don’t worry!” After you said that Eduardo ran to you and hugged your leg. You grabbed him and when Emilia saw that, she ran to you too because she was jealous, haha. Jonathan showed up. “Oh hi Y/N! So it seems that everything is okay and we can go.” “Haha yeah you can go.” Anna and Jonathan said goodbye to their children and then you were alone with them.
You played with Emilia and Eduardo. You were sat in the grass, Eduardo was in your lap and Emilia was in front of you while you two were playing with dolls. “Y/N where is Joe?” Emilia asked. In that moment you received a message. It was Joe. “Y/N where are you?” You phoned him. “Joe I am babysitting Emilia and Eduardo! I told you!” “No you didn’t!” “Hum yes I did! But you were just filming and you didn’t pay attencion to me…” “Oh okay… Sorry… Can I at least help you with the babysitting” “Yes, please!” “Haha okay okay babe!” He hung up. “Yeah, Joe is coming!” Emilia said. “Haha yeah!” Emilia started dancing with happiness.
After a long time, you were already inside when started raining. Joe hadn’t arrived already and you were freaking out because you were worried. You send him a text. “Joe, is everything ok?” “Yeah don’t worry honey! It’s just the traffic and the rain doesn’t help… But don’t worry, I am almost with you xxx”
You were playing with the children and both of them were tired and were rubbing their eyes. So I put them both in bed. While they were sleeping you were watching tv.
I finally arrived at the SacconeJoly’s. I started listening the dogs barking. The door wasn’t lock so I entered. Y/N was sleeping like an angel. She is so cute. I kissed her.
Somehow you had fallen asleep. You woke up by a kiss. You opened your eyes and saw Joe. You got up and hugged him.
“Oh babe! I love you!” “I love you too Joe!” You two started kissing. Joe kissed your lips and then left soft kisses in your neck while touching your legs and lifting you up. He sat in the sofa making you being in his lap. He started putting his hands under your shirt. “Joe, we are not at home. We can’t!” “But we are alone, and Emilia and Eduardo are sleeping!” He said while smirking.
In that moment you heard someone crying. You looked at Joe. “See! I told you!” You left from Joe’s lap and ran upstairs to see Emilia and Eduardo. Who was crying was Eduardo. You lifted him up from the nursery and kissed him. He stopped crying and fell asleep almost automatically in your arms.
You felt someone’s arms around you. You turned you head and Joe was hugging you while watching at Eduardo. He kissed you. “He looks so cute.” He said. “Yeah I know” “Y/N I want a baby!”

So here it is my first imagine! I hope you like it!
Please tell me if you like it and if you have any advices to me.

Requests are open, so if you want me to write a imagine about Joe and Caspar please send me a message.

Joe Sugg imagine || Smash ||

Anonymous said:

Long imagine where reader and Joe have a huge fight and he’s drunk and smashes things and reader gets really scared and runs out and next morning Joe thinks he’s lost her and gets really depressed +makeup? Your choice lover your writing! No pressure:)


Anonymous said:

can you do an imagine where you recently had a huge fight with Joe, and you haven’t talked to him since. And you get into a bad car accident and when he hears about it, he drops everything he’s doing to come see you and apologize?

- - -

A/N: I combined these two asks. I can mesh them together excellently – at least, I think. I hope you don’t mind! <3.

- - -

“I love you but you’re being a bitch.” Joe said looking at you while you both stood in the kitchen it was three o'clock in the morning and Joe had woken you up with repeated phone calls saying he was outside the flat and his key wasn’t working. 

He was absolutely beyond drunk and was trying to use the wrong key and he was trying it in the peep hole.

You were mad at him anyway, you didn’t want him to go out tonight with a group of random people he met at a football match, most of them being supermodel looking females.

“I’m a bitch because I didn’t want you going out tonight?” You watched as he staggered trying to stand in one place, he put his hand out for the counter missing it twice before catching it.

“Yeah! You never want me to have any fun!” He snapped in a slur while you stood there in your pyjamas pants and hooded pull over sweater, you bed head was on par however.

“I never let you have any fun?! You practically get to do anything you want I’m sorry if I wanted you to stay home for once.” You snapped back at him.

“I invited you to join!” He glared and you scoffed. “After you had like six drinks down your neck, you couldn’t have asked before you started drinking?” You crossed your arms.

“This is BULLSHIT!” Joe raised his voice, he shoved some glasses that were on the counter drying, they went across the counter and smashed on the floor.

You winced, moving closer to the door now. Watching as Joe looked at you with anger. “Look what you did!” He gestured to all the broken shards of glass.

“Why did you make me do that?” He yelled again, picking up a plate he stumbled and it fell from his hand meeting the same fate as the glasses - pieces on the hardwood floor.

“I’ve… I’m… Leaving.” You grabbed your car keys from the table quickly and rushed out of the flat without looking back.

Your heart was pounding as scared pulsed through your body, you had never seen Joe get pushy-smashy when he was drinking before and you didn’t like it.

You got into your car and pulled your seatbelt on in a rush, you drove from the parking lot of the flat complex headed back to your own flat that hasn’t seen you since Tuesday and it was now early Saturday morning…

… You walked to the front door of your flat, unlocking the door, stepping inside you turned on the lights, it didn’t feel like it use to, it use to feel like home to you but since you started spending so much time at Joe and Caspars that had become like your home.

You had calmed yourself down in the car but still a bit antsy about what had happened, you took your phone from your pocket, putting it on a spare charger you had.

Lighting your favourite scented candle, you inhaled the smell slowly as the flame started melting the wax, you small smiled enjoying the smell, before you walked to the washroom, washing your face and sighing.

You didn’t know what you were going to do, not ever having seen Joe act that way, you never wanted to see him act like it again. You thought maybe you both needed a break, you were hurt…

… You left your phone charging on the kitchen counter as you crawled into your bed, you fell asleep thinking over that happened action by action, it wasn’t a very good sleep…

… You were awake again a little after seven o'clock and you hadn’t fallen asleep until a little after four-thirty. You stared at your ceiling, you had hoped when you opened your eyes you’d be snuggled in Joes bed, him sleeping beside you and everything had just been a horrible nightmare… But it wasn’t.

You pushed yourself out of bed, showering you got dressed into your go-to comfortable outfit and slippers, making your way into the kitchen, snapping on the kettle after putting water in it, you picked up your fully charged phone, your eyes getter larger as you see the lock screen filled with messages.

You had thirty missed calls from ‘Joseph G Sugg’ along with twenty voice mails, you unlocked your phone and went into the messages, you had a lot of messages from Joe, most of which didn’t make any sense at the start but the more you scrolled down they started becoming clearer as he had sobered up, apologising over and over again.

You bit the inside of your cheek, you wanted to reply, but you didn’t – you erased his entire message thread, you noticed a couple from Caspar. You read them over.

* Caspar 'Slut’ Lee: Joe can’t remember much of what happened last night, he can only remember you both fighting, him breaking some glasses then waking up on the stairs with the worst hang over of his life. He’s sitting in his room now – crying and listening to really depressing music – are you OKAY? * His text read only from a few minutes ago.

You typed Caspar back with one thumb as you poured your boiled water into your tea mug;

* You: I’m fine, no really fine but you know what I mean, he got really mad I wasn’t happy that he went out last night drinking. He smashed some glasses and went for a plate… I was scared Casp, really scared. I came back to my place to have some alone time, I think he needs some too. 

You sent it off and took your tea, sitting down on your couch, you went through some e-mails, the morning wasn’t very eventful until you opened Twitter, seeing that Joe had been posting Youtube links of depressed / heart break songs.

You made a face, seeing some of his tweets weren’t sad songs, but depressive sounding tweets. 'I really fucked up.’ - 'I’m so depressed and hung over, last night was a mistake’ – and so on.

You had wished deep down he hadn’t posted anything, as people were going to start wondering and your twitter and comment video sections would blow up with 'Are you guys broke up?!’ questions and anything along those lines…

…The week went on, days were pretty much the same, you did had some visitors though, Caspar stopped by with your computer and some things he thought you’d like to have for your time away, you talked about Joe, Caspar telling you he was miserable, barely left his room and cried a lot.

Zoe visited with Alfie, it was a sad week, but a nice one, seeing everyone.

It was times like this you were glad you had some pre-recorded videos uploaded privet to Youtube, you didn’t feel much ambition to record or edit so you just made them live.

Friday night, you were in your pyjamas watching television. It was pouring rain outside with thunder and lightening, you had the blinds closed but the cracks still allowed the light in casting a blue shadow along the walls every time the lightening flashed.

You jumped a little as your phone started ringing; “Marcus – what’s up?” You asked as you answered, the static on the other end made him hard to heard, “(Y/N)?” He asked. “It’s Marcus!” He said loudly but it was distant, “what’s up?” You asked sitting up, turning off your movie to maybe hear him better.

“I’m at Gatwick airport, Nims flight home was cancelled because of the storm and my car battery is completely dead – is there any way you can come pick me up?” He asked. “The trains are stopped going back to Victoria Station – some trees fell on the tracks.” He explained.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” you didn’t think twice about it, “Sit tight, it’ll take me a bit.” You said.

“Drive careful, it’s bloody awful out there! I wouldn’t ask but no one else is closer to the airport that I know with a car.” He explained.

“It’s no problem, I’ll be there soon, I’m heading out the door now.” You said, pulling on a pair of red and black rubber boots, ending the call with Marcus, you grabbed your keys, picking up your umbrella.

You opened it outside of your flat and mad dashed to your car after a flash of lightening…

… You kept focused on the road through the heavy rain ponding against your windshield and flashes on lightening, you had made it to the M23 getting closer to Gatwick, your wipers couldn’t go fast enough to clear the spilling down rain away.

You screamed – one second it was darkness and the next two headlights were inches away from you, you put your hands up turning your face away, feeling your seat belt lock holding you back from moving forward as your car impacted with an oncoming vehicle, it went black from there…

Niall Preference: I Want To Write You a Song

Second of the Made in the AM preferences!!

I got quite a lot of requests, so please be patient! I’m currently working on an OT4, Love You Goodbye. That will probably be the next one posted!

But if you want to request any other, request away!

Anyway, this was requested by @underyourskies

[The preference takes place after the two month break of the OTRAT.]

Hope you like it! x

Two months of a break had seemed to flown by when you looked back.

It only seemed like yesterday when you boyfriend had arrived home saying he had a two month break during which he would do nothing else than chill, play golf, eat and drink lots and lots of pints.

Now, tomorrow he was leaving to continue his world tour.

“Oh, I can’t wait to be back on the road!” he exclaimed flopping down on the couch.

You couldn’t help but smile although it felt as if your heart was breaking. 

Him going on tour meant being away for months, and not being able to see each other except through Skype. But at the same time, you knew how much he enjoyed playing to thousands of people each night, and being with four of his best mates… well, three.

“I wonder what Harry is up to” Niall said getting his phone from the table; “And I should text Tommo as well, see if he has ordered the new FIFA and if Zayn…”

He left the sentence unfinished, realization hitting him like a hammer.

“…I can’t text Payno though” he continued, shaking his head; “bastard changed his phone number again”

You giggled, amused by his excitement, and he grinned at you.

“I’m gonna miss you, little one” he said stopping for a minute, surrounding you with his arm and kissing your temple.

“You better text me everyday” you threatened him.

“Of course!” he jumped, “You better have your phone with ya because I’m gonna blow up your snapchat with little videos of each gig!”

You laughed and hugged him, knowing his hugs were going to be the thing you would miss the most when he was away.

For the next 24 hours, the only topic was ‘On The Road Again’.

“I have all my clothes on the trunk and the stuff I’m gonna need first on my backpack. Remind me I’ve put the t-shirt I borrowed from Liam on the left side of the trunk. Well, I guess I’ll see it when I unpack. Passport is ready, and the jacket is on the closet. It’s going to be a bit chilly tomorrow”

Niall being considered the carefree lad of the group, no one would ever imagine how organized he actually was.

“I’ve left some frozen meat on the freezer in case you want to stop by and have dinner someday. Tell Willie if you’re not so he can use it the next time someone comes over”

“Gotcha” you winked hugging him.

Niall wanted to stay up all night but you made him go to bed, although he didn’t sleep much.

“Oh, and we’ll record some more songs for the new album!” he exclaimed excited as you had breakfast.

And he kept rambling about how great everything was going to be.

To say you were glad when you left him at the airport because that way he started talking to the rest of the team and not you would be a funny joke, but not the truth.

You knew no matter how overexcited he got, you loved him to bits. And you surely were going to miss him.

You said goodbye and headed back to Niall’s house. Willie had left without taking the keys so you had to wait for him to be back so he could enter the house.

You closed the door behind you, and your stomach shrank a bit. It was definitely weird to be there without Niall. You sighed heavily and made your way to the sitting room.

Everything was in place: the guitars were nicely hung on the wall, the moon men all in line on the shelves, the candles lay on the table, the CD next to them…


What was that CD doing there?

You took it and head to where the CDs were when you noticed that the CD had your name on it.

Play me when you’re missing the best boyfriend ever.

You giggled as tears ran to your eyes, sniffling in order to prevent them from falling.

You turned on the CD set and put the CD in.

Yeah, you were aware he probably hadn’t even taken off yet. But you missed him already (You were being very cheesy, but who cared?)

So… I haven’t even taken off yet and you’re already listening to this” a deep voice exited the headphones.

You chuckled.

Anyway, it’s about half past three in the morning and I just couldn’t sleep” his thick accent was a sign of his tiredness, but you loved that raspy voice; “I really hope I don’t wake you up though. Whatever, I’m gonna get to the point: Julian sent me this a couple of days ago and I fell in love with this song and I thought I’d share it with ya

Your heart skipped a beat. What?

It’s one of the new album’s songs so please don’t leak it” he chucked, “this is my version of the demo Ju sent me but what really matters is the message. I hope you like it. I love you

There was a silence before simple guitar notes exited through the headphones.

I want to write you a song, One as beautiful as you are sweet; Just a hint of pain for the feeling that I get when you are gone… I want to write you a song… That’s Harry’s”

You chuckled at the note, but tears soon took over that giggle and started streaming down your face.

The song went on and each time Niall started singing, you couldn’t help but start crying. The melody was beautiful, the lyrics were beautiful, the chorus was so on point…

“This is my line, get ready” Niall warned you as the notes kept playing.

You sighed and closed your eyes.

I want to write you a song, one to make your heart remember me. So everytime I’m gone you can listen to my voice and sing along… I want to write you a song, I want to write you a song…

You got goosebumps and took your hand to your mouth. That verse was by far the loveliest one on the whole song.

Between the tears you managed to take your phone out and texted:

I will definitely sing along to this song. Thank you for the recording. Have a safe flight. Love you, x

The second you pressed ‘Send’ you thought maybe he had already taken off and he wouldn’t be able to read your message until he got off the plane.

But before you could leave the phone on the coffee table, it chimed:

Niall: ‘I would have wanted to write you that song… Will you at least promise your heart will remember me?

You smiled.


It’s back.