McHanzo week 2017

Day 6 - First date || Domestic

Some domestic life for these two, Hanzo probably had an accident with someone’s blade and may have had his hair nicked off, and Jesse would have made it his personal mission to grow his hair out for Hanzo. But, it would just get in his way when showering, rain, and with the wind blowing (’cause he doesn’t tie it).

Sakura and Ino

On May 24th, I was asked by an Anon:

“Could you please explain Sakura and Ino’s friendship?”

Anon, this is for you :)

During Sakura’s early childhood, she was the victim of bullying due to her large forehead. Ino eventually took notice of this, and introduced herself:

She noticed Sakura’s futile attempts to cover it up, and encouraged Sakura to proudly flaunt her forehead, rather than try to hide it. Ino knew that by trying to conceal it, Sakura was wasting a great deal of her visual appeal, and so tried to make Sakura have more confidence  in herself:

Ino’s efforts would slowly but surely start to bear fruit, as Sakura would eventually start displaying her forehead proudly, as well as confidently proclaiming that she had found someone who she had feelings for:

When Sakura confirmed that Sasuke was indeed the object of her affections, the news shocked Ino, as she had also been harbouring feelings for Sasuke:

This perhaps marked the beginning of when Ino subconsciously began to think of herself as the alpha in their relationship. She knew that at that point, at least in terms of feminine charm, she had Sakura beat, and probably began to feel a little too comfortable in their relationship because of this; as if she was silently telling herself that even if Sakura liked Sasuke too, she had nothing to fear.

Shortly following this, Sakura’s bullying would return to haunt her once more. However, this time, she had Ino by her side, and the latter confidently dispatched of Sakura’s bullies: 

And she did so by using her botanical know how in conjunction with her expertise in Shurikenjutsu, which was no doubt a product of her training as the Yamanaka heiress:

This only made Sakura not only admire Ino even more because she just seemed to be so perfect at everything, but it also made her feel as though she was just sinking deeper and deeper under Ino’s shadow: 

Many people like to claim that Sasuke was the reason for Sakura initiating the break from their relationship, but that’s not true at all. Sasuke was only ever the trigger; the final push, but was never the main reason for the rift between Sakura and Ino.

What caused the rift was Sakura feeling that as long as she remained as she was, following Ino around like a lost puppy, she would never break out of her shell. And the thing is, Ino’s words herself clarified that to Sakura, when she condescendingly stated that Sakura was “just a bud”:

Ino was demonstrating that she had indeed gotten too comfortable with their current relationship, with her being the undisputed alpha, and Sakura essentially being her subordinate. This was because as stated before, Ino was well aware that she was ahead of Sakura in basically every category, which undoubtedly served as a confidence booster for her.

Sakura knew that she wouldn’t be able to grow and develop if things stayed as they were, and that was her main motivation for distancing herself from Ino:

And you could tell this was the case because Ino’s condescending words from that time had resonated in Sakura’s mind. She obviously really took what Ino said to heart there, and used that as motivation to better herself and attain acknowledgement from her rival; her goal:

So when Sakura found out that Ino liked Sasuke too, and that they were in direct competition for his affections, she used that as the last bit of extra incentive she needed to finally gain the courage to distance herself from Ino, and try and better herself and succeed on her own two feet:

She no longer wanted to be carried by Ino, only to continue living under her shadow; she was gonna succeed by herself. Whether that be in terms of fending away her bullies, succeeding in the academy, or winning Sasuke’s heart; she was determined to do it all by herself:

It’s not as if Ino didn’t think Sakura had the potential; she knew that Sakura had what it takes to bloom into a flower even more beautiful than a cosmos:

However, Ino didn’t always believe Sakura would realize that potential. That’s precisely what Sakura wanted to prove wrong, and that’s why she distanced herself from Ino. She wanted to grow as a person, attain more self confidence, and gain Ino’s acknowledgement that she had indeed bloomed into the flower that Ino always knew she had the potential to become:

And Sakura knew that she wouldn’t gain the acknowledgement that she so earnestly desired, if she didn’t surpass Ino herself:

As I said earlier, this is one of the more prominent themes in the manga; that scenario where one person strives to better themselves in order to gain the acknowledgement of their rival. We saw it with Jiraiya towards Orochimaru, Obito towards Kakashi, Lee towards Neji, and indeed Naruto towards Sasuke. And for each of those relationships, during the person’s struggle to obtain their rival’s acknowledgement, only Lee and Neji could have been considered actual “friends”, but even that’s a stretch.

Kakashi even makes a point of highlighting that recurring theme here, by comparing Sakura and Ino’s relationship to that of Naruto and Sasuke:

Sakura makes the reasons for her actions as clear as day here. She no longer wants to be known as just that girl that follows Ino around. She wanted to break free from Ino’s shadow and become her own person. And she then made a promise that when she puts her forehead protector on her forehead, it’d be an indication that she feels she’s reached that point:

Ino acknowledged it as a good idea, joined her in the bet, and looked forward to when that time would eventually come:

Ino herself made it crystal clear over here that she fully understood Sakura’s incentives and reasons for distancing herself from her. She got it, and put on her forehead protector:

Because this wasn’t about Sasuke and it was never about Sasuke. The rivalry with Sasuke just gave Sakura more incentive to do what she had wanted to do for a while. This was an “all out battle” to determine if Sakura had truly become someone who wouldn’t lose to Ino, to see if Ino would no longer be the undisputed alpha in their relationship:

As the battle raged on, Ino would slightly demonstrate the overconfidence that I had alluded to earlier, by showing her agitation that Sakura was actually proving herself to be a match for her. Sakura would respond with a snide remark concerning how Ino prioritized her appearance over her skills: 

Sakura’s side jab at Ino apparently hit a sore spot, because it proved to get Ino very worked up:

To the point where she too cut the hair that she had been growing for years, in order to prove to Sakura that she was wrong; her appearance wasn’t a priority:

This moment also serves to further emphasize the fact that the rift between them wasn’t about Sasuke. They both grew out their hair in order to impress him because they heard that he apparently had a preference for long haired girls. However, now they had both discarded their long hair, because Sasuke was never a focus in their relationship or their rivalry; they were both simply trying to prove to the other who the better Kunoichi was.

And as the both of them charged for their final attack:

It was easy to see how far they had each come from their days in the academy, regarding both their relationship and their skills as kunoichi: 

But as it turns out, on the day, they were dead even, and managed to knock each other out with their final blow: 

However, a tie proved to be good enough for Ino, and in the end, she acknowledged it. Ino acknowledged that Sakura had indeed realized the potential that Ino knew she possessed from day one, and both of them were probably aware that Sakura would have never been able to bloom had she persisted in following Ino around all the time:

That’s what their rift was about. Sakura never “abandoned” her friendship with Ino over Sasuke. Sakura distanced herself from Ino in order to grow as a person, to which Ino herself acknowledged was a good idea. And in the end, Ino acknowledged that Sakura had finally realized the potential that she knew she possessed. And they were subsequently able to mend their relationship, while still retaining their dynamic as vitriolic best buds :)

They didn’t have many opportunities during Part 2 of the story to really spend much time together due to how much was going on at the time. However, after the war ended and an era of peace dawned on Konoha, Sakura and Ino remained the best of friends:

And they also managed to welcome Temari into their friendship, transforming the Dynamic Duo into the Terrific Trio :D

The importance of what Ino did for Sakura during their childhood cannot be overlooked. She bestowed upon Sakura the confidence that she needed in order to become the world’s strongest Kunoichi that she is today, and Ino always knew that Sakura had that potential.  But because Ino was growing too comfortable with the alpha-subordinbate relationship that she had with Sakura, it caused the latter to want to escape Ino’s shadow and blossom on her own.

Ino, although initially upset, ultimately understood Sakura’s reasons, eventually culminating in their fight at the Chuunin exams which ended in a tie.

However, following this, they were able to fully mend their relationship, and by the time of the Boruto movie, became even closer than they had been previously. Only this time, they had Temari with them as well, and the three of them looked very close knit ^_^

Ares Protection Spell

We all need a bit of protection right now. And with Ares on the mind, as a devotee, I decided to make a spell in his honor for protection.

You’ll need:

  • -Sage
  • -Rosemary
  • -Salt
  • -Black Pepper
  • -Tissue
  • -A binding agent (I used a twist tie)
  • -A candle (you can use a specific color if you’d like)

1) Put pinches of all of the herbs into the center of the tissue
2) Fold up the tissue into a sac so none of the herbs spill out
3) Bind it with the binding agent (in my case, a twist tie)
4) Blow out the candle and waft the sac over the smoke
5) Bind the sides in the hot wax
6) Say a prayer of thanksgiving to whatever deity you honored it to (in my case, Ares) and perhaps leave an offering!
7) Carry it around in your purse or pocket for divine/spiritual protection!

Lamborghini (Sugar Daddy!Ashton)

Summary: After Ashton buys you a new car you decide to have some fun and break it in

Requested? Yes

Word Count: 2.9k

Warnings: car sex, sugardaddyness, daddy kink

Luke // Michael

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“Lamborghini or Ferrari?”

Startled, you look up at Ashton, his fingers resting on the mouse attached to his shiny laptop. You toss your magazine onto the coffee table between you and pull yourself to your feet, walking around to peer over his shoulder.

“What do you mean?” You press your hands against his shoulder blades and softly rub the tense muscles, Ashton’s lips parting as he groans, the knots in his back slowly lessening. 

“I wanna buy you a present. So, Lamborghini or Ferrari?”

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The Aries Witch ♈  Witch Craft

6 Witchy Mason Jar ideas! 

  1. Mason jars are excellent for starting a witch bottle, no matter the size. Throw in a few bent nails, staples, tangled fishing line, vinegar and whatnot, carefully seal the lid with candle wax and bury near your home for protection.
  2. Place medium-sized mason jars near a window, fill with soil and use as indoor planters for magickal herbs.
  3. Put a twist on the classic “Recipe in a Jar” by layering the dry ingredients of either a magickal recipe such as biscuits for grounding yourself after magickal work, or an actual spell and attaching the full recipe and instructions with a piece of ribbon. Be sure to clearly label the jar so you know what the contents are for!
  4. Place tealight or votive candles in small mason jars to protect yourself from the flames during rituals and to keep candles from blowing out. Tie a seasonal-colored ribbon around the neck for a touch of decoration.
  5. Add height and interest to your altar by creating a small shelf out of a wooden plank and two boxes of equal height covered in fabric to arrange mason jars of various sizes and shapes on. Use the jars to organize supplies like extra tealights, runes, dried herbs or other ingredients such as besom bristles or moonwater. Mason jars also make lovely vases for seasonal floral arrangements to bring a bit of life and nature to your table.
  6. Use your mason jars to create a crystal terrarium! The same as an indoor planter, fill the jar with soil or sand and set your crystals inside. It really does look lovely.
It Was Totally Six Hours

Hey look, it’s more Kylux! So this is kindof a continuation of my Circular Control-verse. It’s pure fluff. Fluff everywhere. Note: these jerks do not deserve the happiness I’m giving them. 

Hux impatiently tapped his fingers on the shuttle seat as his communicator happily bleeped.

“Pick up pick up pick—Phasma!”


“I need you to distract Ren.” Hux looked over at the shuttle door, tapping his foot.


“He wants to have sex with me,” Hux hissed.

Phasma was a master of judgmental silence. “You’ve been living together for two months.”

“I know! That’s not the point!”

She sighed. “Do you two need couple’s counseling?”

“We’re not a couple.” The judgmental silence returned. “Fine, we’re a couple.” Hux scowled at the communicator. “You’re avoiding the point.”

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Reasons why I ship Finn & Rey:

1. Finn holds Rey’s hand and Rey complains about it, but after he saves her life and almost gets killed she grabs his hand.

2. The two of them are an awesome team together on the Falcon.

3. After they blow up the tie fighters, they both shout at each other like “WOW! YOU WERE SO AWESOME! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?”.  They think the other is so awesome and I love that.

4. Rey freaking out, repeatedly screaming Finn’s name, when Finn gets grabbed by that tentacle monster.

5. Finn risking everything in order to save Rey.  Taking down the shields was a side quest for Finn.

6. Finn coming back for Rey when no one else in her life had before (in her own words).

7. That hug when Rey and Finn reunited.

8. Finn cupping Rey’s cheek, sobbing over her unconscious body.

9. Rey sobbing over Finn’s unconscious body, and kissing his forehead.

10. This is probably the first affectionate physical contact these characters have had since they were children.  Finn was a stormtrooper who’s individuality was brainwashed away.  Rey was a scavenger and basically a loner.

I just think its beautiful how these two alone and lost people have been able to find love in each other for the first time in their lives.  

  • poe: *blows up 10 tie fighters while also assisting in the ground battle while zooming through the sky in an
  • x wing*
  • finn: THAT'S 😱😍 ONE 😱😍😱😱😍😱😍😱 HELL 😵😍😵😍😵😍😵😍😵 OF A PILOT 😍😍😍😍😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😱😱😱😱😘😘😘😘😃😃😃😃👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽😏😏😏😏🙃🙂🙃🙂😊😊😊😊😱😱😱😱😘😘😘😘

So, I work at a big blue hell*mart that we all know and hate…. I work back in electronics and photo which are technically like 3 departments, but everyone for photo and electronics covers both. Well we get pretty busy over in electronics and photo is usually dead, so I will put up a sign and go help electronics. The sign, is a big, 8x10 wood block with a blue background and in bold white text says,
I always put the sign on the front of the counter directly in front of the register. Every day, at least about 5 times a day, I will go check on the lab, and there will be a few people lined up and one will say, “We’ve just been waiting here for around 20 minutes.”
To which I reply, “Well, if you ever come up and someone’s not here, just go find someone over in electronics and we’ll be happy to help!”
But inside… inside I say,
“Learn to fucking read, dumb bitch. You aren’t the only customers here.

We also do balloons and people are always getting mad because their orders of 30-60 balloons can’t be ready in less than an hour. Like, it takes me, a 19 years old who can barely tie her shoelaces, about a minute per balloon. I have to cut the stringa, then blow one up, tie the balloon, tie the string, tie down the balloon, repeat. Also, when I tell them I have another order I front of theirs, they go frigging crazy…

@everythingelsegoesherethen i remember you mentioning destiel mistletoe kisses? @synergygabriel you should read this too

Castiel doesn’t understand why humans serve ketchup with fries or why they assign specific colors to specific genders, but there are some human traditions that he does understand. He’s lived through centuries of mistletoe kisses; he saw the first Pagans hold sprigs of the plant over their heads and declare that the plant would bring them good luck and prosperity the following year. He knows the symbolism, even if he’s not entirely sure where it came from, and every year he smiles to see the tradition carried on, a constant that’s been in his life for a long time.

But he’s never actually had a mistletoe kiss.

He knows that he doesn’t exactly put himself in a lot of situations where he could. He doesn’t go to Christmas parties

So he contents himself with watching other people; and every time he sees a happy couple glance up in surprise and smile upon seeing the mistletoe up above them before taking each other in their arms and leaning in for a kiss that ends in contented laughter and foreheads pressed together, Castiel smiles to himself and something inside him feels lighter. It gives him hope.

And still he can’t help wondering if there’s anyone in history who’s seen quite so many mistletoe kisses as him and yet had quite so few of his own.

Sometimes when he happens to see a sprig of mistletoe in passing, he glances around hopefully, looking to see if there’s anyone who might be a willing candidate. There never is, of course. Most people are strangers going about their own lives and they don’t even notice the sad, lost angel right in their midst. Sam gave him a raised eyebrow once before pulling him away, and there was another time when Bobby chuckled knowingly, but usually Cas gets no reaction at all.

He tries not to be too sad as he walks away, wrapping his coat tighter around himself in place of somebody else’s arms.

When it finally happens, though, it’s not even Cas who first notices the mistletoe.  He and Dean are walking down the main street in Lebanon on Christmas Eve, on their final supply run before the big day tomorrow. Hunters don’t usually get Christmas holidays, but there was no case calling out to them after they dealt with that vampire nest last weekend, so they decided to give themselves a few days in. They’re walking and Dean promises to make Cas the best apple cider he’s ever had; Cas says that won’t be difficult, since he’s never had any kind of apple cider; Dean is horrified, stepping back from Cas and clutching his chest in horror, and as he raises his eyes to the heavens, he sees something tied to a lamppost just above him.

Immediately he blushes and shakes his head, looking down at the snow covered ground. “Hey, uh, Cas…” he mumbles, staring at his feet.

“Are you alright, Dean?” Cas frowns, glancing around to see what’s got Dean acting strange, and then he catches sight of it, and his mouth falls open ever so slightly, his lips parted as though they’re just ready for a kiss.

Dean sees where Cas is looking, and quickly says, “You don’t have to, you know. It’s not a rule or anything, it’s just, some people like the idea, but it’s fine if you don’t…”

Cas can’t even take the time to respond to Dean. He steps forward and catches Dean’s lips with his own, mouths melting into each other, two sets of mittens finding each other and clutching each other tight.

The wind is blowing Cas’ tie and Dean’s scarf around their necks and the sky can’t decide whether it wants to add to the snow already collected on the ground and Dean and Cas are kissing and if there’s a better way of keeping out the cold, neither of them have found it yet.

Castiel remembers every mistletoe kiss he’s ever seen and he takes every rush of emotion he felt from watching everybody else and he gives it right back to Dean in their own kiss.

The streetlamp was still off when they started kissing, but it’s switched on by the time they pull away, and there’s a flicker of a thought in the back of Castiel’s mind that maybe he accidentally caused that.

“Always thought a mistletoe kiss was supposed to be, like, a quick peck on the lips. Not that I’m complaining, of course,” Dean says, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, still flushing bright red, and Cas just has to tell Dean quite how much the moment meant to him.

“I spent a lot of time hoping for a mistletoe kiss, you know. More time than you can even comprehend. And now it turns out that all the while, I wasn’t waiting for a kiss under the mistletoe. I was waiting for a kiss from you.”

Castiel doesn’t have to wait long for a second one.