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Another character that kind of has a fucked up premise



is Wonder Woman.

Imagine you’re raised in this utopian, women only warrior society (this part isn’t fucked up) and you’re taught all about how outside of your society which is magically shielded by super-science/magic

there lies “man’s world.”

Man’s world is just horrible and fucked and violent place you hear stories about and the people who inhabit it and you reach a point growing up where you probably think “okay mom, it’s probably not that bad. Shit I bet men don’t even really exist you’re just fucking with me.”

And then a fucking man shows up on your island. He’s not at all like the ones that you’ve heard about. He’s not some violent monster who wants to ruin everything he touches. He’s a good dude. You decide you want to go see man’s world, you fight for the right to become your peoples champion and ambassador. It’s your job to share with man’s world the wonders of Amazonian society.

You get to man’s world and it’s fucking astounding. There are crazy tall buildings and cars and ice cream and all these different cultures and music and it’s just fucking mind blowing.

And there are lots of men. They’re walking down the street side by side with women. They aren’t murdering them, they aren’t reducing things to cinders. Obviously all the stories your mother told you were horse shit.

But then you start to pull back the curtain. You hear and see men disrespect women on the street. You go to the mall and wonder why all the mannequins are the same size if all the women clearly aren’t. You see all these magazines telling women what’s wrong with them, what they have to do to please men. That’s when you start wondering what’s up with this world.

You find out women are paid less then men, that no woman has ever been the leader of the United States, you see crime statistics, and you find out that this Steve Trevor, who you really thought was a good person, is an agent of a government that has declared the assaults on female soldiers “occupational hazards.”

Then you realize it’s not just the United States, it’s all over “man’s world.”

It hits you that this place is even worse than all the stories you heard.

And the worst part about it is: the gods that you’ve been raised to worship and fear, the gods that you know fucking exist, don’t want to do shit about it.

Imagine what that would do to you?

I wanna read about that Wonder Woman, the Year One Wonder Woman who’s like jesus in the temple flipping shit over. I wanna read about the Wonder Woman who’s so appalled by the conditions of man’s world she marches into the UN and tells everyone off. The Wonder Woman who meets a crying girl on a street corner, finds out that her boyfriend just laid hands on her and then goes and cuts off his hands.

Writers too often fall back on all that mythology shit as if Medusa and hydras and gorgons are the worst monsters that Diana can fight.

The monsters Wonder Woman should be fighting are the ones her mother told her about as a kid

#no wonder Hollywood is so afraid to make a WW movie #she would call out all their shit with her lasso of truth and truth is a sharper weapon than a sword (dealanexmachina)

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Any spells for controlling your anger? I tend to have an anger issue and I'm sick of taking it out on my loved ones.

I feel you anon, I feel you so hard.

There is also this [Body, Mind, and Soul Purifying Spell] I really like.

Have a sigil as well: [“I channel my anger in a healthy, safe, productive manner”]

It wouldn’t do any harm to find other, mundane ways to channel your anger and frustration as well. Right now knitting chainmail is my thing - something to distract myself and just do, just to calm down. I’m also prone to screaming along with metal music; I swear to the gods nothing helps me vent anger better than that.

I hope those are of use to you anon, and good luck! :D

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I really hope you are going to continue the outdated Youtube prompt, I'm loving it (if you want, just a casual suggestion) (in fact can you do more please)

(Ive gotten so many request for this, so happy!)

“I’m gonna get fire, I’m going to jai-”

“Then why ya still riding my dick?”

“Sh-shut up.”

Even though Mr. Avidan’s mind was screaming at him to stop and run for the god damn hills, his hips wouldn’t stop.  The way Arin filled him up was addicting and made his body move on it’s own.  Maybe it was the fact how taboo it was or that he just really needed to get laid.

“You look so god damn good,"  Arin muttered as he cupped Mr. Avidan’s cheek. 

The older man loved every bit of praise he could get.  Leaning in to the touch as he rode his students dick.  Arin could come right now just looking at the sight before him.  Tempted to just come in his teachers ass and watch it leak out, marking his territory.

"You know, you’re music is actually pretty good,” Arin said in the dead silence.

The two had finally put clothes back on and were leaning against Mr. Avidan’s desk on the floor.  In a daze, the older man was staring at the wall, most likely thinking his life over.  The comment made him look at Arin like he said a stupid joke.

“I’m serious.  It made me laugh for like 3 hours straight.  Ask my room mate."  The teachers eyes grew wide.  "I didn’t make him watch the videos, just listened to it.”

“Really tempted to blow your mind right now, cause it’s not like this could get any worse.”

“Lay it on me.”

“You know the ‘up-tight’ physics teacher, Mr. Wecht?"  Arin nodded.  "Ninja Brian.”

The younger man stared at him lack jaw.  “No fucking way.”

“Ya fucking way."  After all that had just happened, he didn’t see any point of talking formally.  "But I better not hear of you trying to seduce him too.  He got a nice wife and the cutest kid.”

“He’s not my type."  Arin muttered as he shyly looked over at his teacher.

Our world revolves around music. It’s actually pretty crazy how sounds can inflict so many emotions. Music can have such an impact on a person’s personality, and people often base their judgement of people on their music taste. The music every child is raised on makes each and every generation stand out. Listening to a good song can inhibit such a euphoric experience, or can even make you bawl your eyes out! Songs can unintentionally remind you of anything you’ve seen/experienced or a special person in your heart. The variety of sounds that can be produced is unbelievable. Kids can make music in their bedrooms using only a smartphone. A smartphone! Music is just an amazing concept, and it continues to blow my mind every day.

Thanks for reading, Sophia xx

[pictured artists: mac demarco, julia cumming (sunflower bean), miniature tigers, clementine creevy (cherry glazerr), kid cudi, earl sweatshirt, kali uchis, tyler the creator, nathan williams (wavves), brooks (of the growlers), wiki (also of ratking), archy marshall (also referred to as king krule), richard araiza (the buttertones), dylAn, and max kuehn (FIDLAR and the squirmers)]

“Passing the Bechdel Test”

Songs that  1. Include at least one female vocalist 2. Who sings to another woman (or implied female audience) 3. About something besides a man

Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys feat. Nicki Minaj // Pop Goes the World - Gossip // Electric Lady - Janelle Monae // I Was an Island - Alicia Weiss // I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Glee Cover // Let Me Blow Ya Mind - Eve feat. Gwen Stefani // Rosie - Daisy Dares You // Me Against the Music - Britney Spears feat. Madonna // Take Me or Leave Me - Rent // You’re the Reason - Victoria Justice // Trouble - Neon Jungle // I Know, I Know, I Know - Tegan and Sara // Raise Your Glass - P!nk // Baddy Girl - M.I.A. // Women’s Suffrage (Bad Romance Parody) - Soomo Publishing // Hollywood - Marina and the Diamonds // Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill // Crazy - Au Reservoir Simone // For Good - Wicked // October Song - Amy Winehouse // Girlfriend - Icona Pop // Q.U.E.E.N. - Janelle Monae // Smile - Vitamin C // Fireball - Willow Smith feat. Nicki Minaj // When’s She Coming Home - The Ditty Bops

Total time = 1 hour 31 minutes

Click here to visit 8tracks and hear the mix. 

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I always think it's funny when people comment on your videos something along the lines of "finally, a dance with no turns or leaps wins 1st!"... like have they been living under a rock and not realized that dances with little to no tricks have been the trend for a few years now? Anyways, hopefully this trend passes as I'd much rather watch a crazy good turn section and mind-blowing jumps than a dancer walk "emotionally" around the stage to instrumental music for 2.5 minutes.


im legit like dances with NO turns and leaps are what always wins???? 

and yes im so with you on hoping this trend dies

An Open Letter to Troye Sivan


I don’t really know where to start with this letter but I was raised to believe it is extremely important to show thanks to the people in your life who have helped or inspired you— whether you know them or not. You have made more of a difference in my life than I know how to say. I’m a 19 year old kid from a small town in north Alabama. Unfortunately, living in one of the most conservative and religious parts of the US means being anything other than straight is not only discouraged but openly mocked.

I can’t remember a specific time I realized I liked both boys and girls, but I do know that ever since I can remember I consciously made sure I acted like a “normal” boy. I had no interest in sports, but played and watched them anyways, because that’s what “boys do,” that’s how I fit in. Even worse, I pushed the fact that I was attracted to both sexes to the furthest reaches of my brain. In fact, writing this is the first time I’ve been honest with myself and put the thought that I’m bisexual into words.

This is because of your music.

Last fall, I found myself a freshman at a large public college. I had joined a fraternity, even though I had little in common with the other men that were to become my fraternity brothers. I did this again to appear like a “normal” heterosexual guy. At the hight of my stresses over pledging a Greek organization and adapting to college, I came across your song “Wild” on a friend’s Spotify. I had no idea who you were but was instantly drawn to the song. I listened to it everyday, and eventually had to google the music video.

I was stunned at what I saw, watching the beautiful video and the subsequent Blue Neighborhood trilogy.

You were a guy who like me wasn’t straight, but you weren’t ashamed of yourself. You didn’t hide in the corner. I soon learned you were already quite famous through youtube, and spent hours that night watching your videos. You became like a friend to me, the only one that I could turn to if I was feeling down. I don’t know of any openly gay or bisexual people in my community, so your videos were the only thing I had. Anytime my bisexuality depressed me, I visited your channel and instantly felt better.

Shortly after this Blue Neighbourhood was released and my world was rocked. I had never before bought an entire album, but I bought yours and was immediately hooked by every song. I can honestly say I listen to it every single day, and my favorite tracks change daily (currently “Heaven” and “Quiet”). The message you send to the world is amazing, and I can’t express how much you’ve done for kids like me. You have an incredible and mind-blowing talent, and you are using it for such good in this world. Thank you a million times over.

I am not out yet or anything, but you’ve given me the confidence to not feel less than. when the time is right, I know I will tell my family and friends that I am bisexual, and this is because of Troye Sivan and his amazing music. I am saving up to hopefully come to your November concert in Atlanta, planning to drive by myself to get the chance to see you. I wouldn’t dream of missing it. I know the chance is slim, but I hope that this somehow reaches you Troye.  Especially in times like these when so recently the LGBTQ community has been viscously attacked, celebrities who are out there making queer kids feel like their life too is worth living need to be celebrated and applauded. Thank you so much, from all the people like me.

A humble fan


“Will of God.. whatever you wanna call it.. you call it Jesus, call it Mohammed, call it goobybob, call it nuclear mind, call it blow the world up, call it your heart. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s still music to me. It’s there. It’s the will of life” Charles Manson  

Brooklyn Beckham- I Should Keep My Promise, Shouldn’t I?*


You turn around and someone shoves you against the wall.

“I’m gonna destroy you tonight,”

Then he leaves.

You walk toward the crowd of people and spend your time trying not to fall over.

But destiny leads you to the bar.

“Hit me,” you yell to the bar tender.

The man hands you a beer and you return to the dance floor.

You find your friends and they pulled towards the front of the dance floor right next to the giant speakers that were blowing out fucking loud music that would probably make you deaf if you stood there too long. You joined your friends as they screamed out the lyrics of your favorite songs and the ones you kinda knew and kinda didn’t. You didn’t know how long you had been in the club in the first place.

You have a good time but your mind keeps wandering to the guy who pulled you over earlier.

Suddenly someone grabs your waist from behind and pulls your back to his front.

“I should keep my promise, shouldn’t I?” he purrs as he wraps his arms around your waist.

The stranger turns you around and slams his lips on yours.

You wrap you arms around his neck and kiss back.

He suddenly pulls away and grabs your hand and drags you toward the exit.

You give your friends a thumbs up as you walk toward the exit hand and hand with the stranger.

He decided that holding your hand wasn’t enough, so he snaked his arm around your waist and pulled you close to him.

A cab was hailed and it took you to a hotel room.

As soon as you both walked in, he crashed his lips on yours, once again.

He pulled you toward him as if something terrible would happen if he wasn’t near you.

You pulled away and started kissing up his jawline as he groaned.

“Jump,” he practically whined into your ear.

You did a slight hop and wrapped your legs around his waist.

He tensed as you reached his sweet spot above his neck and right behind his jaw bone.

The stranger walked you over to the bed and set you down.

You sat on the edge of the bed and he stood in front of you.

“What are we going to do with you?”

He got on the bed behind you and leaned back against the headboard.

You moved over to straddle him as he smirked up at you.

He skillfully moved his hands to the back of your dress, undid the zipper, and pulled the dress over your head.

You immediately grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head.

He smirked and attached his lips to yours.

You smirked as you felt him get hard under the pair of jeans he was wearing.

He whimpered as you unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans.

You got off him only for a moment to pull off his jeans and boxers and to take off the rest of your clothing, but you immediately straddled him again.

He flipped you two over and started kissing down your chest and down your stomach but stops right before the place where you need him most.

You start stretching your legs out and running your hands through the stranger’s hair.

“Please please please just do something!!!!!”

“Oh honey you’re going to moan my name tonight,”

But you couldn’t stop your smartass comments.

“But I don’t even know your name so how the fuck am I able to do that?”

He sat back up and started kissing up your cheek and jawline up to your ear.

“Well darling, my name is Brooklyn, and what might yours be?”

He stopped kissing up around your ear.

“My name’s Y/N,”

“Well Y/N, I will do something,”

Then he pushed his head between your legs and started sucking mercilessly on your clit.

Your back arched at the sudden amount of pleasure that rose through your body so suddenly.

Your hands threaded through his hair and started pushing his head down as you moaned.

You moaned his name loudly as he threw your legs over his shoulders.

“I-I’m g-g-gonna c-c-c-come,” you managed to say.

“Come babygirl,”

You let out a string of profanities as the wave of euphoria rushed over you.

Brooklyn licked up your come and lifted his head up to look you in the eye.

He ran his fingers over the rest of the come and pointed his fingers toward your mouth.


You opened your mouth and he inserted his fingers into your mouth.

He moaned at the sight of you tasting yourself on his fingers.

“Oh God fuck it,” he moaned.

Brooklyn got off the bed and grabbed a condom from his jeans.

He pushed you back down on the bed and climbs on top of you, gently pushing you hair out of your face.

He had you straddle him once again.

“Babygirl, I want you to ride me,”

You grabbed the condom out of his hands and rolled it on him.

With Brooklyn’s hands on your waist he helped guide you onto his cock.

Brooklyn let out a low groan as he entered you.

His breathing quickened as you started to roll your hips toward him.

You were glad to get a reaction out of Brooklyn, as he was groaning and moaning with no control.

“B-b-b-b-baby g-g-go faster,” he mewled.

You slowed down just to tease him but he was whining so loudly and grabbing at your ass, running his hands all over your body.

“Please!!!!!” he whined.

You quickened your pace moving your hips in figure-8s.

Brooklyn’s moaning, if possible, grew louder along with your own.

“Brooklyn, I-I’m gonna c-c-c-come,”

“Come for me darling,”

You buried your head into Brooklyn’s shoulder blade and let out moans and curses.

You felt Brooklyn release into the condom.

His breathing slowed down at the same time as yours.

He pulled out of you and layed there.

“Cuddles,” he said, reaching for you.

You chuckled as you laid back down in his arms.

“You’re not going to leave me tonight or in the morning, right?” he asked.

“Nope,” you said, “Didn’t even think about it,”

You felt Brooklyn’s breathing calm down as you fell asleep right in his arms.


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do you have any music you can recommend me i feel like 2017 has been such a dry year for music

honestly it really has been dry for mainstream music but ive got some good ones for ya. 

- dua lipa (its self-entitled its SO good just make sure u listen to idgaf and no goodbyes and blow your mind first honestly the entire album is good)

- dead by madison beer (girl is kILLING it)

- want u back (haim)

- perfect places by lorde (its a new song from melodrama!!)

hoenstluy thats all i can think of rn but wow girls are kILLING it

Laughter (James x MC)

(I’m back with another James fic? And it’s not smut? Whaaaat? It’s fluff! A stupid, cute, short fluff piece that I’ve been wanting to write and finally finished! Hope you guys enjoy!)


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Van Mccann

Fuck. You knew that he was too good for you. He was sweet, the genuine kind of sweet, he didn’t even have to think about it it just came natural. You look over from your seat next to the window to find him biting his pen. You knew he was trying to find the right words for the song he was working on. You could remember every time he got excited over a new song and he would call you or find you to play it, the whole time smiling widely with pride. He loved this. The touring, the crowds, the life he always imagined. He always said that he wanted people to connect with his music, and make connections to others while listening to it. He would tell you stories of fans saying they met their best friends or significant others at his shows. You could see the light it turned on inside him when he spoke about his touring life. He would sometimes look up fan tattoo pictures. “I can’t believe they would get my shit lyrics on their body forever” you could hear him saying it now. But little did he know his lyrics were poetic. But not in the traditional, rhythmic way, but in the relatable every day way. It made him mind blowing. You knew you were the thing holding him back sometimes. You wanted to be selfish and say fuck them all, but that would be hurting him too. He deserved more than a girl in some small town, struggling to get out. He deserved to love the tour, the crowds, the life. He was good, damn good. You knew the choice was coming, the fights, the late nights. But you always knew that you loved him as much as he loved his music. You feel a hand slip over your shoulder. He leans down to kiss the top of your head. “What are you thinking so hard about over here love?” You give him a soft smile, “you.” He smiles and raises you up and puts you on his lap. You both sit in the silence knowing tomorrow he will be recording the second album and planning the tour dates. But for now the moment wrapped in love and happiness was too good to disturb.

my silver lining.

it’s insane,
how our two ill minds manage to heal one another
she’s my greatest blessing,
God’s best creation
and it’s completely mind blowing that just one person can completely change your perspective on life
but that’s exactly what she did
little did I know that the quiet girl everyone hated, including myself, would be my silver lining.
Here we are two years later sitting on her rug shoving our faces with cookies
recycling the same five stories over and over
with the same interest and curiosity as the first time we heard them
bouncing through different genres of music
sharing all of our big dreams and ideas
every thought good or bad
each time I feel myself slipping away she pulls me right back up with her words of hope and understanding
I see myself in her
I feel her pain as if it was my own
she talks about her father and I mouth along each word she speaks because I am too familiar with the wound
and when her golden eyes look up at me
with tears carefully balancing in between her eyelashes
my face reflects the same image back at her
we laugh it off and keep talking
as similar as we are
we are both so different
She sees the good in everyone
always knows what to say
I don’t believe in magic but her words have taught me otherwise
she’s beyond talented but she doesn’t see it
that truly kills me
I’d give anything for her to see herself the way I do
because when I look at her I see colors that don’t even exist
planets and sparkling stars, I’m convinced she has an entire universe decorating the inside of her skull
passion flows through her veins
just when everything is calm
she’s shoves me out of the door barefoot
with her pants unbuttoned rambling on and on about how beautiful the sunset was
and she wasn’t lying
it was my most beautiful sunset
the purples and shades of peachy pink soaked the sky like watercolors
running as fast as I can
my heart leaping out infront of me
she’s stumbling over her breath to get the words out
and once we start driving to the bridge
all I can do is sit in awe
that one human could have so much admiration stored inside of them
while she hysterically tries talking to me
with a camera in her hand
I’m lost in thought
it was then it hit me just how I lucky I was
that I got to call Passion herself my best friend
I love her more than words could ever describe
that night was the best night of my entire life
and as much as I want to re live it just one last time
I don’t need to
because I’ll never forget it
that sky is permanently painted on the backs of my eyelids.


nuJust some random scenarios that include the presence of dæmons. Most of them are just sweet and fluffy, so if you’re feeling down, I hope this helps! I personally had my own dæmon in mind when I wrote these, but they’re written so you can fill in your own details.

1. Imagine sitting in a hospital waiting room. You’re about 90% sure that you broke one of your fingers, but you still have to see someone about it. The forms are all filled out, after several painful minutes of trying to write without jostling your (probably) broken finger, which you swear looks like is bent a little. Your dæmon is bored, and keeps switching between leaning against you and rolling around on the floor. At some point, they come over and nudge your hand, ignoring the way you sigh. You yourself are getting fidgety with boredom, so you casually get up, as if to go to the bathroom, and swipe a pen and some paper brochure that talks about flu vaccines from the counter separating the nurses from the patients. Five minutes later, you and your dæmon are playing hangman. Not a bad way to spend the night, really.

2. Imagine a big thunderstorm camping out on your roof one night. You can hear the rain coming down in sheets, whipping against the windows and making the whole place creak. The flashes of light and sudden crashes of thunder startle you when they happen, but you don’t really mind. You can sleep in tomorrow, and it’s warm and dry in your bed. Your dæmon is tucked close to your side, looking up at you. Their eyes reflect the light, shining strangely. You end up just staring at each other for a while, occasionally talking for a few minutes in hushed tones before lapsing again into quiet. Your dæmon makes you laugh at some point, and you try to smother the sound with your hand, something warm spreading through your chest, and you almost wish the night would never end.

3.  Imagine driving down the highway, your headlights trying to peer through the grey clouds that are pressing close to the road. It isn’t raining yet, but droplets splatter against the windshield every few minutes, so you doubt it will be long. It’s a bit cold in the car with the AC blowing, but you have a sweatshirt on and your dæmon doesn’t seem to mind. The radio station you put on forty miles ago is a good one, with music you’d forgotten you like listening to, even if it turns fuzzy every ten minutes or so. Your dæmon is comfortably resting in the passenger seat, nodding their head in time to the music. You smile and reach a hand out to run it along the top of their head, trying to place the way you feel. Tranquil, you think.

4. Imagine sitting in a small coffee shop that has some coffee pun for a name. The shop is quiet, which is nice, and they also sell amazing croissants, which is even better. You keep busy, pen flying across the page of your notebook. It’s still early in the day, but the barista has already turned on the big industrial-sized fan that looms in the shop’s corner, the white noise seeming only to increase the peace. Every once in a while, your dæmon nudges you to get your attention before correcting the sentence you’d just written. Later, you’ll have friends to meet and errands to run, but for now you just keep writing, for once prioritizing your time well. You think vaguely that you should buy a day planner and get better at this organization stuff, and pretend you don’t notice your dæmon’s twitch of amusement at the thought.   

“based on real experience” 0.4
  • we’re having a very in depth discussion on the symbolism of this particular scene in this show and whoa holy shit you’re really observant and your theories are so mind-blowing and complex can we get a coffee or something and talk about this other show
  • i was drawing you while you were talking to my other friends and when i looked up at you again you were suddenly gONE??? then suddenly you said “that looks great” from right behind me and i almost fell out of my chair 
  • you’re really adorable and shy and today you did karaoke in front of our whole music class and omfg you’re really good and everyone’s clapping and you’re blushing and oh no i think i just realized i have a massive crush on you 

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My broter made me listen Lovers of the sun and it reminded me so much to your fanfic of the space cowboys i literally made a sound that i dont know how to describe in english because its not my mother language hehe! Anyway that shows how much I love your fanfic 👌 thank you for writing it!

If you mean the one by David Guetta — yes! Thank you because that song is pure space cowboy goodness! *hugs* And many, many thanks for thinking of the space cowboys while checking out cool tunes — that sorta blows my mind :D

So much awesome music I’m getting exposed to — awesome stuff that helps grease the writing wheels :D Much gratitude to you and your brother ;D

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Pass the happy along! when you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and send this to the last ten people in your activity

Things that make me happy… Hmmm I’m gonna go for more than 5 things hope you don’t mind lol

•Harry Potter (Duh)
•Wolfstar •Drarry •Marauders •Coffee/ Smell of Freshly brewed coffee
•More Books
•Percy Jackson (Books. The movies are trash)
•Good music
•Sound of Ocean. Waves crashing and wind blowing and everything
•Sound of Rain and the smell of wet earth and grass
•Sound of birds chirping
•The color Blue
•Smell of Freshly cut grass
•Brown papers
•Watching a good movie

I’m gonna stop right there cause I can go on and on forever 😅🙊

Thanks for sending this. I wasn’t on my best mood today and your message made me think of some of my favorite things and it made me feel so much better in an instant. Thank you. 💙