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Something with them at the pool?

(plus at least four other anons that all request pool + pool day + them at the pool) 

“I’m going to be a prune,” Dan says. “I’m going to be the happiest motherfucking prune to ever shrivel into nothingness. I’m going to live out my existence right here in this pool.”

Phil might actually believe him, if he didn’t know fully well that Dan will slip back into his shirt as soon as the rest of the family arrive back at the house from their day trip.

But until then he’ll just enjoy the view. Long boy, lots of skin. And yes, he does get to see that skin on a regular basis. But there’s something slightly more electric about kisses at the end of the day that smell like sun cream and fresh air, like holiday.

“Am I allowed to marry a prune?” Phil asks. “Has our society reach a point of enlightenment where man and food can be joined in union?”

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Brick By Brick / Audrey Jensen

Anonymous asked: Can you please do some more Audrey fluff!!!!

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Audrey Jensen was hard to read. She had this layer of sarcasm around herself a facade of not caring on her face and barbed wire around her heart. 

I had made my way into her circle of friends and made nice with everyone, everyone that is excluding Audrey. She would barely look at me and when she did, sneakily in class or over the table at lunch, sometimes when I was walking to my car after school I would feel eyes on me and turn to see Audrey whip her head towards Noah like I wouldn’t notice, she would glare. Glare like I killed her cat or kicked her puppy when we were 5 but I didn’t. I’ve said approximately 10 words to her in the past seven moths I’ve been hanging out with her, twenty in the past 10 years and all of those were either “hello”, “hi”, or “okay”.

Tonight Brooke was having a big pool party, like she always does. There were girls from school and other ones in skimpy bikini and guys with no shirts and bright colored swimming shorts frolicking and splashing in the water, laughing and drinking, throwing blow up toys at each other. I, on the other hand, was sitting on the sidelines with a red cup in my hand but it was filled with juice, not beer. I didn’t have a taste for beer. 

“Watching the boys, are we?” Looking up, I found Audrey standing next to me. She smirked down at me before sitting on the pool chair by mine, her body was facing me and her forearms were resting on her legs. She didn’t have a cup in her hands but she had her bag slug across her body like she had just arrived. 

“No.” I stated. “The girls.” 

Audrey laughed. She fucking laughed. A smile and everything. Her laugh was light and airy, very girlish for her tough and rough exterior. I giggled with her, taking a sip from my drink. 

“Very nice. I didn’t peg you for gay, but that’s the thing about sexuality, right? You can’t tell if someone is or isn’t anything without asking them.” Her gaze turned to fix on two laughing girls, Brooke and Emma in the center of all the action, swimming back and forth and jumping on each other. 

“I’m not gay. I’m into people, gender isn’t something I consider when I date. It makes no sense to me, like why do we base who we like on how people present themselves rather than who they are, what they like, their morals and beliefs. We base our attraction on them if they see themselves as a boy or a girl or anything and everything else.”

She looked back to me. After a moment o two of her strong, scary eyes piercing me, she cracked another smirk. “So you do like girls?”

Sighing, I nodded. “What’s not to like? Anyways, why are you talking to me, Audrey?” 

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, why are you talking to me? Why aren’t you in the pool with Brooke and Emma or inside with Noah or someone? You hate me!” I laughed, throwing my hands up, making my drink slosh a little. She gave me a funny look. Her eyebrows furrowed, creating a crease between them. 

“I don’t hate you…” She mumbled quietly making her voice seem like it belonged to a kid, soft but raspy at the same time. 

“You barely talk to me, when you do you use your hard ass voice that is mean and cold, you glare at me and ignore me when you have a bad day. Hell, you ignore me when you have a good day, Audrey! You hate me.” 

“I’d destroy the world for you. I would tear it apart piece by piece all for you, and I would do it with a smile. But, on the other hand, I would strive to make the world a better place for you. I would build it up brick by brick all for you, and I would do it with a smile. I don’t hate you, I just have a hard time showing my feelings…I know I’m a bitch or at least act like one but…I like you and I couldn’t express that to you, not after Rachel. Not only is she…dead…but, I felt like I was betraying her by having feelings for you.” She stated it all so bluntly like it was no big deal. 

“You like me?” She nodded. “God!” I laughed into the air, casting my eyes to the sky, taking this all in. Audrey Jensen, queen of resting bitch face and ripped pants, liked me. Of all people. I didn’t look at her when I felt the chair I was sitting dip from her body sliding next to mine.

Someone put on The Sign by Ace of Base, making me cringe on the inside. I hope they put it on ironically. 

“It’s okay if you don’t like me back…just tell me so, okay?” She whispered in my ear, her mouth incredibly close to my face. My cheeks flushed a hot, fiery red. I laughed out of nerves, setting the cup on the ground. My head turned the slightest so our lips weren’t actually touching but I could feel them ghosting along each other. 

“Trust me, Audrey, I like you.”