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Here - Bellamy Blake Imagine

A/N: not considering a part 2 but if wanted I could figure something out.

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Reader x Bellamy Blake

Words: 1,427

Warnings: mention of quite a bit of blood, sadness and i mean like crying!bellamy

Prompt: “I think I’m about to faint.”

The blood slowly flowing out of your wound made your want to throw up. The blood covered your shirt, it covered your hands as you tried to apply pressure and you were terrified you weren’t going to make it back to camp. But you knew there were scouting missions around this side of the camp and you were praying, one of them,a would notice you.

“There’s something over here!” You heard a shout and you thanked anyone who was listening. “(Y/N)! Oh my gosh.” Octavia breathed as she collapsed in front of you. “What happened?” She asked as she helped you to your feet with he help of Monroe. “Not important.” You breathed, barely audible. “Just get me to Clarke.”

As the gates open and more people saw you, they made their place out of the way. Your head was struggling to stay up and the yells for Clarke began to become static. But one thing was clear: “What the hell happened to her?” 

“Bellamy, move out of my way!” Octavia yelled at her brother, but he wasted no time in swooping you from the two girls’ arms and walking you the rest of the way, laying you on the table as Clarke climbed down the ladder from the second floor.

“Come on, keep your eyes open for me, please.” He practically begged. “Don’t let me get yelled at by Clarke, you know how mean she can be.” He tried to cheer you up, caressing your cheek. You were warm, too warm. “I’m going to tell you something you probably don’t want to hear.” You were able to choke out, and he was listening intently as he nodded. 

“I think I’m about to pass out ” You said as your eyes went droopy and your hearing gave out. You could see him and his mouth moving, predicting it as saying the word no, but your vision went black.

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This is How We’ll Dance - Bucky Barnes

N/A: This was reaaaaaaally fun to do. Thank you for your request!!!!!

Warnings: None. This is set in the period of World War II, when Steve and Bucky were still in the Howling Commandos.


You had joined the war as a nurse, first because of your younger brother who had become a soldier and your father who had gone as a doctor, second because despite all female education that your mother had given to you, you just wanted to help the world be a better place. But along the way you met Peggy Carter and your life changed again completely. You were clever, learned things fast and wanted to break the face of some idiots instead of being forced to wear a white dress and not be allowed to actually help the wounded men. And she noticed your strength. 

Then suddenly you were training and showing what you were really born to do. It was no surprise when Peggy told that you would be fighting beside her and no surprise when you entered the Howling Commandos. The team started to call you Miracle after your first mission with them, where you noticed that was a trap and, using your small stature, you threw two grenades inside the enemy combat car. Miraculously the explosion destroyed all the enemy side, leaving you and the rest of Howling Commandos safe.


You ran as fast as you could, trying to escape discretely from the small Nazi camp that you found while being separated from the team. Steve will complain so much in my ear. You frowned and formed a line with your lips, your lungs were burning already begging for more oxygen, but you continued to run. Almost there. You thought anxious, but then tripped over your own feet losing the pace when you heard the loud explosions behind. You smiled wildly, your chest rising and falling heavily for air, but you felt victorious because your explosives had worked.

You placed your rifle on your back and turned on your heel, with a determined look you quickly climbed the tree beside you to take a better look at the damage you had done in the camp. Smoke, fire and almost no crying, you smiled satisfied. But then you heard a twig snapping in the ground beneath you, your face was emotionless and with one movement you already had your rifle in hand giving a warning shot.

“Shit, where did that come from?” you heard a British accent complain incredulously. Falsworth

You laughed loudly as you looked better downwards, attracting attention of your team who now had their faces raised staring you. With a carefree jump, you came down from the tree and landed gracefully between Falsworth and Dugan, smirking as you adjusted your clothes waiting for their comments.

“Miracle, this was your doing?” Dugan pointed toward the smoke, then giving light slaps on your shoulder making you take a step forward to maintain balance.

“Yep, had a small camp, some 30 men maybe, nothing interesting than puppets.” you shrugged, still avoiding looking directly at Steve you heard the rest of the team congratulate you, feeling Dernier tighten your shoulders on a false appreciation massage.

“You could have been hurt, my God, you are all crazy for staying congratulating her.” you and the rest of the guys froze in place to hear a different voice complain. You turned toward the voice owner, surprised and even offended.

“Again with this shit?” you took a deep breath, without hiding your angry expression, throwing your gun in Dugan‘s arms and then walking towards who had annoyed you. “ Fuck you, Barnes!”

“You didn’t have to move away from the group and go after the damn noise alone!“ Bucky retaliated crossing his arms across his chest, his ears getting slightly red a sign that he was trying to control his anger, but you didn’t flinch.

“I knew I could do it alone without drawing attention. Shit, Barnes, it was one of those platoons that were disturbing our army!” you hissed, poking his chest with your finger and staring decided. You were tired of him trying to get you to stay in the background to keep you safe. “This is how we’ll dance when they try to take us down.”

“Hey, Miracle, calm down.” Steve finally spoke, coming in the middle of you and Bucky, pushing his best friend away lightly and delicately holding your arm. "Bucky was just worried, he was the first to notice that you got separated from us.“

“Little Barnes can’t handle his love for our howling miracle girl, it’s a shame.” Dugan’s laughter infected the rest of the team and you smiled pleased to see Bucky scratching his neck and looking away from your direction. Well, this is new.

“It’s all right, Barnes, I will not blow up your tent when I visit you tonight.”

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