blow up paper

"Captive" Part 1

Author: leave-us-some-magic-in-the-world

Summary: Imagine being possessed by a demon and captured by the Winchesters

Warnings: possession, character injury, language

Word count: 713

Your point of view

You were walking to school frantically cramming for your sociology test.

“Culture: the beliefs, values, customs… damn.” You hitched your bag up your shoulder. School was starting in ten minutes and the test was first hour. You started walking faster, running through definitions in your head, cursing when you couldn’t remember. Suddenly the wind picked up, blowing the papers out of your arms.

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ghost-pdf  asked:

hi eva! Could like make a little tutorial and like explain what you used for rubys crescent rose and how you did it? Yours looks so amazing! :D

Haha okay omg I’ll try my best

Alright! So this is my Crescent Rose I was able to make (along w me with it). I was very fortunate to be able to do the majority of work for it in my school’s crafts room. It gave me free access to a table saw, paint, sheet metal, and a whole lot of my materials. However if you work hard and put your mind to it you can do anything. And isn’t that the american dream when all is said and done. Alright I’ll stop fucking around here we go

Here’s a rough guess of what I had for materials;

-printing paper



-a copier that can blow up paper sizes

-base wood


-foam board

-sheet metal

-sand paper

-hot/super glue

-wooden rod (abt 6 ½ feet for me)

-xacto knives 





so i started by blowing up a copy of this model to what would become the outline for cres.

 Next I taped all the pieces together and cut out the shape and released my angel from the paper. I then looked at a lot of models of CR and thought about which pieces i could lump together in order to make this all go easier for me. (I’m sorry I dont have pictures of each individual one, but if you look at the finished product you might be able to tell whats what). The only parts not made of foam board were the sheet metal.

Next! I took all the paper pieces and traced them onto the foam board. MAKE SURE YOU MAKE TWO OF EVERY PIECE YOU CUT. The thing thats nice (and agitating) about CR is that it’s mostly flat on both sides of it, but everything you put on one side has to go on the other.

Take time cutting out the pieces; i got to use a table saw for the big stuff which was super nice, but not everyone can do that. Also once you cut your pieces sand that shit.

if you’ve got the wooden base for it, yay! Make sure its big enough so that you can glue the main part of CR on it without it showing. Screw the frame into the side of the pole so that it looks smth like this;

The main part of CR (the blade part) won’t be able to support itself without the base wood.

Then you glue your pieces down! Look at that we’ve come so far. Make sure to let your glue dry at its own pace, and like CR down flat when you do. I also used some weights to make it more compact.

Once everythings glued down, paint that bitch and you’re basically done! Sorry if this was kinda a lazy tutorial lol it only took me 1000 years to get to it. But thats basically how I did it, so enjoy!

When you begin to start thinking for yourself, you frighten them, and they try and block your getting to the public, for fear that if the public listens to you, then the public won’t listen to them anymore. And they’ve got certain Negroes whom they have to keep blowing up in the papers to make them look like leaders. So that the people will keep on following them, no matter how many knocks they get on their heads following him. This is how the man does it, and if you don’t wake up and find out how he does it, I tell you, they’ll be building gas chambers and gas ovens pretty soon – I don’t mean those kind you’ve got at home in your kitchen.
—  malcolm x