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When it comes to Jupiter and luck, it’s not the kind of luck where you sit on your ass and do nothing and expect something. It’s the luck you gain when you decide to be optimistic. It’s the luck you gain you decide to look at the world positively. That’s what Jupiter is all about. When you are open and optimistic, you’re able to accept all the rewards you can get, instead of restricting yourself. The good luck you get from Jupiter isn’t from chance.

That’s why Saturn is usually known as a planet of bad luck. When you’re too restricted and pessimistic, you’re not open to receive opportunities and rewards. When you don’t have faith in the world, the world will ultimately do the same. After all, the 7th House, our one-on-one interactions, is a reflection… What you give is what you get.

That’s why people say that it’s always important to have a positive attitude.

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I see a lot of Aphrodite!Nico, but I don't see any talk about his story. Was he still born in the '30s? What was the realtionship between Aphrodite and his father? Is there Aphrodite!Bianca and Venus!Hazel as well? Did Bianca die? Did she join the hunters? Seriously, what happens to Hazel? I need answers!

SI’d really like to say he was still born in the 30’s, but that wouldn’t make sense? What motivation would Aphrodite have for hiding away her children? Perhaps Mr. di Angelo is an important diplomat, with his children, and one of Aphrodite’s favored mortals- during an otherwise fatal attack, Aphrodite says him and his kids by freezing them in time, maybe? Or granting long lasting youth and beauty? Yeah that could work ovo So Aphrodite saves Nico, Bianca, and their dad by putting them in some weird stasis or whatever. The other gods get mad that she acted without getting permission to do that (maybe that attack was a bigger part of Zeus’s plan or something, who knows, moving on) so she hides them/puts them in the lotus. 

oh oh oh! That could be cool, then, what if Percy/Annabeth rescues them from the Lotus Casino the first time, instead of being taken out by the godly parent? So Percy still rescues Nico. Nice! 

Did Bianca die? Probably. There’s no real reason for her NOT to , parent-swap wise. HOWEVER I really love Bianca so I kill her off as little as possible in AUs?  She could still be around. Still a huntress though. After figuring out their parentage, Bianca dumping Nico off at camp really hurts him- in his eyes, Bianca is not only abandoning him but renouncing their parentage, too. So! not dead!sister issues, but sister and abandonment issues all the same. (I also am going on the assumption that papa di Angelo is no longer around. He died or didn’t follow his kids to the casino or something. OH  WAIT OK what if he got long lasting youth from Aphrodite, decided he didn’t want to deal with the kids anymore/didn’t want to put them in harms way, and HE put them in the casino. Yes I like that very much ok we’re going with that yes ovo). 

I also feel that for a while, Nico has a LOT of bitterness towards his mother and the gods. He feels abandoned and betrayed. I like the idea of him running off at some point anyway, almost getting recruited by Kronos, just because he is still NICO after all and has a lot of emotions to work through. He definitely has trust issues. 

HAZEL! Definitely Venus!Hazel (you can’t break up these siblings OK YOU CANNOT DO IT). She could still have been used by Gaea back in the day, I don’t think that NECESSARILY has to change. But how’d she get brought back? Well, we know that Thanatos went missing which is how she escaped. Nico wouldn’t have underworld free visas like he does in canon sooo….Hazel can/is still one of the prophecy girls, right? So maybe mommy dearest gave Nico a push in the right direction in that “hey!!! someone really important is stuck down there!!!” Maybe his travels bring him to Camp Jupiter anyway, and there he sneaks in, joins the legion, and goes on a quest to find Thanatos, but they start in the underworld where the find and rescue Hazel?

Oh my goshhh yes So let’s say this mission is Frank (Son of Juventus maybe?) and what about Jason (pre camp transfer? Son of Mercury? Mercury WAS the guide to the underworld, after all ovo) 

OK SO FRANK, JASON, AND NICO go on a quest to find/save Thanatos, starting with an Underworld quest. While they’re down there, they find Hazel, and Nico is just like “!!!! hey she’s important let’s bring her along” and Frank and Jason are like “ye sure why not”. And so it’s Frank, Jason, Nico, and Hazel that free Thanatos. 

Which implies Percy is chilling at CHB still, which is fine. He’ll go on the quest to save Hera and then maybe that’s how the camps meet?

Oooh and they can get diplomacy started a little earlier and maybe avoid the whole fiasco of Leo blowing up Camp Jupiter??? Who knows. 

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