blow up jupiter

When it comes to Jupiter and luck, it’s not the kind of luck where you sit on your ass and do nothing and expect something. It’s the luck you gain when you decide to be optimistic. It’s the luck you gain you decide to look at the world positively. That’s what Jupiter is all about. When you are open and optimistic, you’re able to accept all the rewards you can get, instead of restricting yourself. The good luck you get from Jupiter isn’t from chance.

That’s why Saturn is usually known as a planet of bad luck. When you’re too restricted and pessimistic, you’re not open to receive opportunities and rewards. When you don’t have faith in the world, the world will ultimately do the same. After all, the 7th House, our one-on-one interactions, is a reflection… What you give is what you get.

That’s why people say that it’s always important to have a positive attitude.

The Legion Shield

In the beginning of the movie, Razo identifies Caine as a former Legionnaire because of his boots. I’ve been assuming she was referring to the fact that they were gravity-surfing footwear, but look y’all – 

The medallions on Caine’s boots …

(screencap source) … are identical to the medallion at the top of his tattoo …

… which means that shield is definitely the Legion’s crest. 

It makes tons of sense, military groups have used shields as part of their symbolic crests for ages. The structure of this shield is particularly interesting though, rays centered around a central point, reaching out to the edges, maybe indicative of the Legion’s mission to reach out to the far edges of space from the hub of Orus?

Caine’s actual shield, the one he wears on his forearm, is also this same oval shape with the same design, energy rays spreading out from the hub. The Legion are all about branding aren’t they? 

The fact that courtmartialled Caine still has all this stuff with Legion marks all over it – does this mean that Titus went shopping at a Legion supply store and gifted it to Caine, after he was pulled out of Deadland? Or was Caine allowed to take all his military kit to space-jail (except his wings natch)? Can you imagine the demand for gear like that in Deadland, and how much he had to fight to keep it? And also how it immediately would have marked him out as military, and how much the other convicts would have targeted him as a result? The fact that Caine clung so tightly to those relics of his past life – it speaks to how important Caine’s self-identity as a Legionnaire was.  

It also makes me wonder, are the wing-like flourishes on his tattoo, beneath the shield, a symbol of his service in the Skyjackers? Does each band represent a bar of rank? Or a successful campaign/mission? Either way, I’m still very much into the idea that the tattoo serves double-duty as circuitry for Caine’s wings, as per sorrelchestnut’s perfect fic, The Instinct to Your Charm

I need a massive art-book that explains all the design elements of this film. The visual detail is hella dense, there is so much information crammed into every tiny pixel. I would read for DAYS about the thought processes behind every visual flourish in this movie.

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