blow up doll

When an MMO has boring character designs

When the all the races are just slightly different looking humans

When all the females look like blow-up dolls

When males are diversely designed but the females are all somehow the same stripper with different colourations

When the non-mammalian females have boobs

When their only “furry” option is simply regular human with cat ears

I’m starting a Masturbation Movement because some of you mens need to exercise self love and understanding and y'all need to stop rubbing one out just because you’re bored. Learn yourself. Buy toys. Put a finger in your butt. Buy a blow up doll. Play with oils. Play with wax. Play with chastity (the kinky kind). Love yourself because being this bitter over women loving themselves and pleasuring themselves is ridiculous. Get a pocket pussy that lights up and vibrates. Learn how to make yourself cum in a fun and more pleasurable way. Love yourself.

What’s problematic is when a couple of self-righteous wankers start lecturing people that Molly had it bad because she has been “degraded” to a love interest as if it’s something to be ashamed of, when in fact, it’s only degrading if the female character had no purpose at all but to be put there as a plastic blow up doll, without any character, ambition or (often) chemistry with the main lead. Sometimes you wonder why she is even there. Most times she is cliche. A fantasy woman who is hot, dangerous and cookie-cutter.

And yet everyone in the Sherlolly fandom know and love Molly as a unique, fully formed character. Her first scene is declaring cheerfully that she knew the corpse personally when he was still alive, that he was a nice guy. No remorse or disgust, just a ball of sunshine that treats death as a commonplace thing. Molly Hooper, a doctor who spends her time around dead bodies and body parts while calling her friends up to plan a wedding, a loyal friend, morbid and sweet, caring, funny, supportive and gentle. Puts Christmas bows on her hair, loves colorful jumpers. Dated Jim Moriarty. Broke up with Jim Moriarty. Lonely, yes, but will always be there when you need her. Earnest. Faithful. Beautiful.

What a beautiful, intriguing character.

So when she finally became the “love interest”, it feels so oddly satisfying, because it feels like Sherlock has finally realized what we have all seen all along: That Molly Hooper is one awesome person.

Now, I ask, to those who feel that Molly was degraded, whose characterization of Molly Hooper is apt? We see Molly Hooper differently than you. That’s the reason why you will never convince us that she had it bad. Poor Molly? Fuck you. Poor Sherlock. Poor Sherlock for not realizing what was in front of him. Until now, that is.

So you know, try harder. 

Or just get the fuck off of our tag, maybe?