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So how that next chapter of Lesser Faces coming? 😐

Hahah, queued for this week, but I’m still not super happy with it TBH. Hopefully by go-time it will be everything I want it to be.

But thanks for checking in!


All I See - Part Two

You can find the other parts of this story and my Masterlist HERE!

Synopsis: Rick comes to see how you’re doing and Maggie comes to apologise while Negan attempts to get you out of his mind.

Ships: Negan x Blind!Reader, Rick x Blind!Reader
Words: 1,148
Warnings: Curses, mentions of claustrophobia
Category: ???


You were lying on your blow-up bed in the living room. You could hear the slight pattering of rain on the roof as you sat there attempting to sleep. Every time you closed your eyes you were back in the tiny closet, the walls, although you couldn’t see them, seeming to close in on you. You shivered and rolled over, attempting to focus on the rain instead of the dark thoughts.

Normally when you couldn’t sleep your sister would come and help you, she would tell you stories of how the world look before all of this. The thoughts of bustling towns and sunny countryside comforted you even if it did make you feel a little disappointed that you had never been able to see it in the first place. She was on a run so she wasn’t able to help you tonight, even though you needed it so ardently.

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birthday present

“This has been the most low-key birthday I’ve ever seen you have,” Philip says, lighting the final candle by the mirror.

“We literally went to IKEA to buy this stool so we could do this,” Lukas says. He’s already in the bath and the stool in question is set up next to him. They’ve got his birthday cake sitting there, along with the open bottle of champagne Angela gave them last time they saw her. Lukas had already poured it into the flute glasses they barely use, and every time he takes a sip he holds his pinky out and chuckles at Philip, whispering fancy.

“I love that one of your birthday wishes was to eat your cake in the tub,” Philip says, blowing out the match and putting it aside.

“Eat cake, naked, in the tub with you,” Lukas says.

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Jake didn’t know where to go. With his parents gone, Rich in the hospital, and not really being close enough to his other friends to be living there indefinitely, he had nowhere, and no one, to turn to. This was…. problematic.
Even though Jake was living on the streets now, he continued to go to school and participate in sports and all the other extracurriculars he was in. It was incredibly stressful and difficult, but at least it got his mind off the whole situation. The squip, his house, his best friend and long time crush in the hospital… it took a toll on him. But no, no no nonono, he couldn’t dwell on it, he had to keep working hard and keep moving forward and not focus on the bad. It wasn’t healthy for him to think about it. Just keep moving forward. It’s the only way to heal.

Rich got out of the hospital only a month before school was going to end. Due to everything that happened, and him not being there to learn, he didn’t have to take his exams, so he spent his time conjuring up a convoluted plan to be able to speak to Jake again. He was basically avoiding Rich, and Rich was. Not happy with that. Although he did understand why, i mean for fucks sake, he did burn down the dude’s house, and…. And shit. Jake didn’t have a house. Did he have anywhere to stay? Oh god, was Jake homeless?
Rich had to fix this, and fast.

Jake was aware that Rich was back in school, but he didn’t have time to talk to him. Between finals, out of school activities, and just trying to survive on the streets, he just. Couldn’t. No matter how much he wanted to. No matter how much he yearned to see the boy he was so totally in love with, he couldn’t. Plus, Rich had burnt down his house. That probably meant he hated him. Not to mention Jake never visited him so… Rich probably was. Mad.
Little did Jake know, however, that Rich was barreling down the hallways at breakneck speed just to find him.

Jake was almost at his class when a 5'5 ball of energy slammed into him, throwing them both to the ground. “Rich? Oh my god, are you okay?”
“Yeah, i’m fine. YOU on the other hand, bro, well. We need to talk.” Rich replied.
“What? Why? Now, i mean. Why now? You’ve been avoiding me a bunch lately! Dude i thought you hated me!!”
“Dude. Bro. I could never hate you. I was scared you hated me!! Anyways this is off topic. Jake seriously do you have a place to live? Because if you don’t you need to come live with me. I’m your best friend. Bros don’t let other bros be homeless!”
“I… Thanks. You’re right, i don’t have a place to stay. Thanks for offering that for me. It’s… It’s been rough.” With that Jake pulled Rich into a hug, oblivious to the bell signaling that they were late for class.

For Rich, everything was great. He was talking to his best friend again, he was even living with him after today, and Jake didn’t seem too bothered by the things that had reverted back after the squip, like his lisp. He still had to tell Jake about his bisexuality, but since they had only just started talking again, he figured that was probably best to keep to himself for now.
No, better focus on the now problems. Like how he didn’t have a spare bedroom, and no blow up bed, so Jake would have to sleep on the floor. Wait, no, that’s. That’s no good. They could just share a bed! Yeah, that would work. Except…
Sharing a bed with your crush is kinda awkward. Especially since it was a twin. But oh well, he’d burn that bridge when he came to it.

After school, Jake went home with Rich. He was completely chill about this. Nothing weird about with living with somebody he’s been in love with since 8th grade. None. Not even the fact that they would be sharing a be- oh shit they’re SHARING A BED FUCK THATS BAD how would he survive this why did he agree to this fu ck.

After they both got ready to sleep, and were both crammed uncomfortably into the bed, pressed as far apart as the small mattress would let them be without falling off. Rich wasn’t really happy with this, he wished he could just. Wrap his arms around Jake. But that’s not a normal best friend thing to do, and Jake would for sure catch onto Rich’s feelings. So he just lay there, in the dark, letting his mind wander to the possibilities of them dating.
That is, until Jake whispered “Hey Rich? Are you asleep yet?”
“No, why? Do you have something to ask me?” Rich’s lisp was prevalent, his s’s slurring into th-s.
“No- No, it’s just. I’m a little uncomfortable? I’m kinda about to fall off and, like, I’d rather not.” With that, Rich flipped onto his other side to see Jake already facing him. Thank god it was dark, because otherwise Rich would probably be a blushing mess.
“No, it’s fine just- Oh, fuck this.” Jake slung an arm over Rich’s side, pulling himself closer to Rich and subsequently farther away from the edge of the bed.
“Wh-what are you doing man?” Rich could hear Jakes heart beating fast in his chest. “Not that i’m complaining just-”
“Rich.” Jake interrupted. “I- I like you okay? A lot. And i’m sorry if this is weird but we’re kinda smushed together in your tiny bed and I feel like it’s a good time to tell you. I get it if you don’t feel the same way, but… Dude. You’re really awesome and I want you to know.”
Rich didn’t respond. He was in shock, and he felt Jake start to get up as he muttered “I- I’ll just sleep on the floor.”
“No!” Rich was glad for his strength now, as he easily pulled Jake back down and into a kiss. “I like you too, tallass.”
Jake smiled. And laughed. And damn if Rich wasn’t in love with this boy. And maybe, the boy was in love with him too.

Awesome Gifts For Mermaidkin
  • Hair accessories!!! It does not matter if we never wear them. We want them. Ribbons, flowers, hats, scarves, headbands, anything! 
  • Jewelry!!!! Even if we only wear the same bracelet and necklace day in and day out, we LOVE to hoard jewelry and shiny things.
  • Speaking of shiny thing…. 
  • Other things we love in gifts: Bright colors, Cool colors, smooth texture, ocean themes, thoughtfulness, smells good, handmade
  • Pool toys, like diving toys, goggles, those long blow up beds for napping, blow ups in general, fish that swim in the water, etc. 
  • Pretty stones, shells and gems, preferably hand picked from a beach. Even if they don’t look ‘interesting’ we will love them. 
  • Mirrors!! 
  • Little things like beads, coins, and string. 
  • Nail polish, preferably in cool colors. Also, makeup. And face masks and scrubs, especially if they have something sea related in them. In fact, just take us to a beauty store and give us twenty bucks to run wild. 
  • Candles. Fire is fascinating.
  • Chocolate. 
  • Gift cards to book stores, beauty stores, salons, nail salons, massage places, etc. Or, if possible, passes to beaches. 
  • CLOTHES!!!!!!! You know boho and indie? We like boho and indie. White tops, colorful leggings, peasant style skirts and blouses, anything with an ocean theme, anything that is super light and airy, lacy undergarments, sandals, sunglasses, totes and purses, really, I could go on.
Where we left off.

Archie Andrews x Reader.

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

Warnings: brief mention of physical abuse, nothing graphic though.

Word count: 851

Where we left off;

You knocked on the door, trying hard to suppress your sobs so as not to upset any of the neighbouring houses.

The hall light turned on and the door was unlocked and opened.

Fred Andrews stood blinking sleepily at you in a t-shirt and pyjama pants.

“(Y/N)?” he asked, voice coated with sleep and you felt awful for having waken him at such a late hour.

You opened your mouth to apologise and explain why you were there so late but all that came out was a choked sob as you shivered in the cool air.

Fred became more alert and looked at you closely. Your red, swollen eyes, bright red nose and flushed, wet cheeks were all obvious signs of you crying; but it was the hideous red mark on your cheek and the slight upcoming bruise that gave him the reason why.

He pulled you inside and held you in his arms, giving you as much comfort as he could. He closed the door a little louder than he usually would, knowing that it would wake Archie if he wasn’t already awake.

Fred shushed you, whispering comfort as you cried into his chest. Shuffling came from upstairs and it was only seconds later that Archie appeared at the top of the stairs, clad only in pyjama pants, rubbing his eyes.

“Hey, Dad. What’s going on?” he asked before spotting you.

“(Y/N)?!” All tiredness left his voice and the red-head practically fell down the stairs to get to you.

Fred let you go, watching as his son practically engulfed you in his arms.

“Take her into the living room, I’m going to make some hot chocolate and call Sheriff Keller,” he told his son quietly before disappearing down the hall into the kitchen.

Archie slipped his left hand down your body and under your knees, using his strength to lift you into his arms. He carried you into the living room and sat on the couch, keeping you in his arms as he settled you gently onto his lap.

Not knowing how else to calm you, he began to hum a song he’d written for you. Your sobs slowly simmered down to little whimpers until eventually you’d calmed down enough to breathe properly.

It was quiet in the living room when Fred handed you a hot mug of chocolate, he gave you a smile and told the both of you that the Sheriff would be around soon.

“I’m sorry I woke you both up so late,” you apologised. “I wasn’t sure where else to go, my mom’s out of town to finalize the divorce and I didn’t want to be alone.”

Archie grip on you tightened and at first it was because he was frustrated that you thought you had to apologise, but you realise that you’d lifted your head and the light had shown him the reason for your upset.

“(Y/N) you don’t have to apologise, as far as Arch and I are concerned, you’re family and especially with your mom out of town, I wouldn’t want you to go anywhere else.” Fred told you, nothing but honesty in his eyes.

“Thank you,” you replied, tearing up again, this time out of gratitude.
By the time Sheriff Keller had taken your statement and some pictures for evidence and left, it was already 3AM.

“You two go on up and get some sleep, I’ll call the school tomorrow and let them know that you won’t be in,” Fred told you.

You pulled away from Archie, who hadn’t let you go the whole time, and hugged the elder Andrews tightly.

The three of you said goodnight and Archie lead you up to his room. Rather than set up the blow up bed on the ground for you like you had assumed, he allowed you to get under his covers and then joined you; something he hadn’t done since you started to date your asshole boyfriend.

“I missed you,” Archie whispered to you, running his fingertips across your cheeks.

“I’m sorry I let you slip away,” you told him, moving closer and wrapping your arms around him. Your boyfriend hadn’t liked Archie and so you lessened the time you spent with your best friend in order to make him happy.

In the end you’d only made yourself miserable. Breaking up with your boyfriend hadn’t been hard, most likely due to the fact that your feelings for him had faded fast but for him to come out of nowhere and strike you had upset you, more with shock than with pain as you’d never been attacked that violently before.

“I let you distance yourself from me, so it’s my fault too, but I don’t hate you, we can pick up where we left off,” Archie told you enjoying your warmth.

“But, maybe a not exactly where we left off,” he added. You furrowed your brow, not entirely sure what he meant, but as his lips brushed yours, it became clear.

“I missed you,” you muttered against his lips.

His only response was to cup your cheek and kiss you harder.

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May I have a scenario where Class-A went on a fun trip together. Todoroki and s/o have a crush on each other and it's very obvious though those two don't see it. So the boys are helping out todoroki while the girls are helping out s/o! Can you also make it a female s/o please if you don't mind? Thank you! Keep up with the hard work! :)

First I just want to say this is one of the most fun requests I got, I love it. I would like to write like a 100k fic about it but unfortunately I don’t have the time nor the patience to do so XD anyways, I hope you like it, and thanks dear anon!

THIS IS SO FUCKIN LONG IM SORRY. And it’s so shitty casue I tried to summarize an idea that was long af so i’m so sorry I promise I won’t do this ever again. 

THERE‘S MORE UNDER THE CUT (just telling u cause my phone is shit and doesn’t tell when there’s more text…seriously this is 4k words)

 “Ok girls, listen up”

“Worthless fuckers, come here”


“Something needs to be done urgently about [name] and Todoroki not being together…I mean, they totally love each other”

“Our buddy Todoroki totally has the hots for this girl [name], and it’s our duty as men to make it happen”

“We need to think of something romantic, maybe we can find a way of making them walk under the beautiful moonlight of the forest together, a lovely date under the stars!”

“We should totally like, lock them inside a bathroom or something. Naked.”

“Maybe we can get them to kiss!”

“Maybe we can get them to fuck”

“All we need to do, is to be cautious and smart. Both of them are easily flustered and won’t take the initiative on their own, so we just need to carefully set the perfect atmosphere for a confession. Come on, girls! We can do this!


“Lets fuck this up”

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Iloam Blacksong

Our newest addition to Our Collective Fantasy’s Art Gallery! This INCREDIBLE commission from @cocotingo xoxo Merci beaucoup, mon amie!

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On your beach vocabulary list you have "Uimapatja - air mattress" I think most people would understand what you mean by that, but an 'air mattress' is actually a blow up bed that you'd sleep on, not something that would be used at a beach.

Ow, dang. Thank you for pointing that out!