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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR KIND WORDS !!! AHHH!!! i’m very happy to read everyone’s sweet messages, replies and tags in my art. it’s one of the highlights of my day T__T being able to share my drawings with you all is an honor for me and even more so to have you all appreciate them!!! i hope you’re all having a great day ahhhhh

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Percy Jackson headcanon

Honestly I like to think about the mist as an alive spirit. Covering up demigods messes but always being bitter about it. 

 The mist covering up Percy blowing up an entire bus 3.5 seconds after learning he was a demigod? Hoe don’t do- oh my god. 

 Covering up Jason jumping into the Grand Canyon to save Piper? SWEET DREAMS ARENT MADE OF THIS 

 The Argo II in general? *inhale* boi 

ronan probably has social media bc blue forced him to make accounts but he never uses them and doesnt even have a profile picture and only has like 3 followers but then one day he tweets “for every like this gets i’ll tell parrish he’s pretty and give him a kiss” and then that tweet blows up, kids 3 school districts over are liking and rting it, people are asking for pics of adams reaction, and adam is told nonstop for like 3 weeks how pretty he is

CALLOUT POST FOR : @rubbishbin–trash @candyclouds &&. @spinoxy for being really super duper rad people — !! 

- Too sweet.

- Sweethearts?? God??

- Super nice, too good. 

- How dare the three of you be nice to a trash monster like me.

I don’t really know you all too well but all three of you are very sweet !!


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“Lil bland.” Not gonna you man….but wholeheartedly disagree

sorry dude i’m just gonna be frank i think he’s boring. this is partially because the starkiller trench run scene is my least favorite scene in the entire movie with the rathtar scene close behind. it interrupts the lightsaber fight and then drags and drags and no amount of poe being charming can save it–we’ve done this song and dance too many times before in star wars. jj abrams himself said something along the lines of “now we get back to what we REALLY care about” when it cuts back to kylo and rey and he’s damn right because i couldn’t care less about the process of blowing up death star 3 all over again

i WILL give oscar this he manages to sell the charming thing just fine like his line delivery w/ his little quips and stuff are cute and funny and he plays off of john boyega well. he’s a good quipping classic action hero archetype. but he’s out of the movie for over an hour and then just jumps back in and it’s like ?? uh??? ok i guess you survived that. i don’t care about him enough to purchase any spinoff material about him to learn more. i accidentally bought a comic about his parents once and tbh it did not make me feel any more invested, either

maybe they’ll redeem him in my eyes in the next movie but for now i just don’t think he’s compelling.

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why do you say you're going to enjoy archieronnie while it lasts? why would it stop?

I think Archie/Betty might be the showTP, but even if it isn’t, it’s clear to me that Betty > Ronnie for the show and Ronnie is often put in a proppy position wrt Betty, so I expect ArchieRonnie will be ruined one way or another to serve those priorities.

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My reconstruction of Paul Denton’s head model, without knowing how to 3D model.

1 - Cut out and clean screenshot of DX1 head model.  Blow up with waifux2. 
2 - Run through the FaceApp “lit” filter.  Blow up with waifux2 again.
3 - Cut out and clean face render of Adam Jensen from his passport texture.
4 - Facemorph both images.
5 - Clean up.
6 - Run through FaceGen.
7 - Frankenstein hair and body from other models. Tada!

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I love your Terry and your comments on all the Bats Beyond universe. Also, all the drawings of Jason with Starfire and Roy. And I would like to read RHatO but at the same time I don't want to... I read somewhere that that Jason was OOC and that all the New 52 are just a big mess and I'm honestly confused if I should read it or not.

Oh RHatO…..

You can read it IF and only IF you know you can blank out mass parts of the comic. To be truly honest, it’s about 98% Lobdell drivel. It takes itself waaay too seriously, ALWAYS has a misogynistic undertone (or is just blatantly misogynistic, A.K.A. How Kori is handled through the whole damn comic), and is all around infuriating to sit through or pay actual money for- particularly because of what could have been.

(This is gonna be really long I’m so sorry! MORE UNDER THE READMORE!)

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