blow the system

I wonder if there’s elevator music in the elevator for the dorms. What if it’s just Present Mic’s radio show 24/7? 

*someone gets up in the middle of the night to get a snack, half-asleep they enter the elevator then suddenly they hear*


it scares the life out of them, but it’s too late to escape. the doors are already closed.


20th anniversary buffy birthweek  ☰  day three: [1/5] episodes → villains

wanna know what a bullet feels like, warren? a real one? it’s not like in the comic books. …i think you need to. feel it. it’s not going to make a neat little hole. first, it’ll obliterate your internal organs. your lung will collapse. feels like drowning. when it finally hits your spine, it’ll blow your central nervous system. the pain will be unbearable, but you wont’ be able to move. bullet usually travels faster than this, of course. but the dying? …well…it’ll seem like it takes forever.

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Finished Sense 8


- Lito omg
- Sun’s new bae is bae
- Wolfgang better not fucking die next season
- Will being a fucking badass
- Kala’s morality system: blowing up cars is only OK when you use Science not a bazooka
- amenita and Nomi proposing had me in tears
- weird co-star has a thing for Hernando? Like back off
- the cluster coming for whispers
- and jonas tbh
- they should both die
- Capheus’ new bae is bae
- more ppl know about the cluster and I love it but when will Hernando and Daniela know?!
- Sun fighting anything
- Kala showing a darker side
- Nomi’s speech
- everything really


I’d like to point out the differences in these two pictures. There are some who criticize Kylo Ren as the most ruthless villian in SW, yet I think that is totally false. He is NOT innocent, by any means. But these pictures tell a story. I’ve seen some posts about ‘How dare you pro Kylo Ren fans compare him to Anakin’, as if Anakin was a Saint. Sorry, that is totally false. While I feel the same about Anakin as I do about Ben (and I used their real names because they were BOTH innocent VICTIMS brainwashed and coerced by Dark side monsters before they became Darth Vader and Kylo Ren) A picture is worth a thousand words. Darth Vader did not feel one ounce of remorse for blowing up planets and Star Systems with the Death Star. He had zero compassion and no compunction for his actions or part in the destruction. He just finished torturing a helpless yet brave (sound familiar?) girl, and then restrained her while she watched her homeworld be blown to smithereens. And it was his own daughter. As a powerful Sith, he was so blinded by hate that he couldn’t even feel that! By this time, he was full on monster. It took a great and earth shattering event (finding out Luke was his son) to even gain a foothold in his heart. Even then, it was unclear until the very end of ROTJ if he’d redeem himself. Suddenly, all is forgiven and forgotten. He even got to be a Force Ghost by the end credits, safe in the bosom of his fellow Jedi Knights Obi-Wan and Yoda. Compare that picture to Kylo Ren watching the Hosnian System’s destruction. I’m sorry, but no one can tell me that Kylo wanted this to happen, was happy it happened, or didn’t care if this happened. Firstly, he didn’t remain on Star Killer Base to revel in the party of this genocide. He remained alone, onboard his ship. Secondly, you can tell by his body language and how he tried to disuade Snoke from using the weapon that he wanted no part in that scale of death and destruction. Kudos to Adam Driver for conveying so much, even with the mask on, both in that scene and the one above. My point is, I don’t understand how people are so quick to forgive Darth Vader and yet say Kylo deserves neither forgiveness nor redemption. Yes, he killed his father. A fact I hate, as a major Han Solo shipper. But Anakin killed younglings too. Anakin had a part in killing Mace Windu. And Anakin nearly killed his pregnant wife. The only reason he didn’t, was because Obi-Wan was there to stop him. Anakin turned full on Sith, who took pleasure in torturing innocents. Whereas the novelization said Kylo took no pleasure, it was merely his job. Sure, we have two films to go to see where Kylo is lead, and yes, he may go even darker as his 'training’ is complete. But to say after ONE movie and hardly any backstory that he is beyond redemption is ridiculous and narrow minded. And, like it or not, he DID show compassion to Rey, which is cannon.

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What do you think of kylux

oh boy you’re gonna make me come out and say it HERE WE GO let me preface this by saying it’s not a personal attack on anyone and i enjoy fanworks semi-regularly from a good many lovely people who pull it off really well. 

however, i have some issues with the fetishization of the angry men who hate each other trope, the foundation of this ship in relation to canon, and the clashing it’s had with reylo.

abandon all hope ye who enter here you’re in for a fuckin essay

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Professor Candy’s lecture from “Continuity Errors”

Doctor who? Nice guy or utter bastard? With the wealth of historical evidence now unearthed, few people still doubt that the time-travelling Doc- tor is more than simply a myth or, as has been claimed, a conspiracy of historians on drugs very late at night. He’s real and he’s out there. The question is – do we want him?

The sole surviving Morthoid from the Dark Planet once remarked, ‘Never argue politics with the Doctor. He’ll just nip down a ventilation shaft, destabilize your political infrastructure, and blow up your solar system.’

The Daleks of Skaro, of course, know him as the Ka Faraq Gatri. Traditionally this is translated as ‘Bringer Of Darkness’ though Professor Lyttle has established beyond reasonable doubt that this translation was, typically, the work of the Doctor himself. More accurately, and with that wonderful Dalek sense of irony, Ka Faraq Gatri means ‘Nice guy – if you’re a biped.’ And that perhaps sums up the Doctor better than anything. He just never knows when the Daleks are kidding.

Do we want him then? Do we need this one-man crusade crashing round our history, patronizing our ancestors and kidnapping young women? Oh, yes, kidnapping them indeed! And simply discarding them wherever and whenever he chooses, the moment they grow too old or cease to be amusing. Consider, for a moment, the plight of the grieving parent whose daughter is not dead, nor in any conventional sense missing, but is a Warrior Queen on Thoros Beta. Can you imagine explaining that while the police are digging up your garden?

You think this guy can talk his way from a detention cell to the captain’s chair on any given starship in under twenty-five minutes because he’s cute? You’ve seen the pictures. He’s not big on cute! According to every report we’ve got, he comes across as erratic, arrogant, rude, reckless and quite possibly insane. So you’ve got to start wondering why any military outfit he comes in contact with hands him the keys to the gun cupboard, not to mention supreme command, before they’ve even cleared him of the murder they’ve usually just arrested him for.

Why? Understand this. The Doctor is not a person in any sense we understand. He is what I like to call a CSTE – a Complex Space-Time Event. In fact, I believe he is the most complex space-time event there has ever been anywhere. And like all such events he cannot easily be studied because his very presence alters the way you think.

Consider: this man has telepathic abilities that can automatically translate every language in the Universe – not only for himself but for all those in his immediate company. Each of his so-called companions seems to have wandered the Universe in the happy belief that the entire Cosmos speaks their language and, somehow, not considered this even mildly surprising. The conclusion is inescapable. He not only translates for those around him but he uses the same remote telepathic control to suppress any curiosity on the point.

Consider also: if he routinely alters our perceptions to this degree, how else are we misled? How comforting that he appears humanoid. But is he truly? How reassuring that he even seems to wear our clothes. But is that even probable? Most troubling of all, everyone on record as having known the Doctor insists that he is a good man, a hero in fact. But did they think that for themselves?

Or did he think it for them?

How far would he go? If someone got in his way – someone he couldn’t influence by the normal means, someone who stood between him and his need to impose his will on the Universe – just how far would our heroic, benevolent Doctor be prepared to go?

The Doctor is a time traveller. Never forget that because it is central to an understanding of what makes him so terribly dangerous. Most of us, in our tiny, individual ways, are involved in the writing of history. Only the Doctor is out there rewriting it.

The consequences of having the Doctor crashing around our Universe can be colossal. For instance:

Two men are talking political theory and the Doctor walks past and overhears. Hardly breaking stride he lectures them on where they’re going wrong and where they ought to be going right. As a direct result those two men change their thinking and their plans and in the years that follow lay the foundations of a new civilization in the Kantrassi Solar System. Today, the entire Galaxy- spanning Kantrass Empire is the direct consequence of the Doctor’s casual interference – or so Professor Lyttle believes in his paper on the subject, and knowing how exhaustive his research was I see no reason to disagree.

A lot of Kantrassi thinking is profoundly affected by the Doctor, of course, though few of them realize it. One who did, their most celebrated poet and philosopher Orcnell, only mentioned the Doctor once in his writings, and then merely in the prologue to his collected works, Four Seasons And A Wedding. Unfortunately it is impossible to get hold of this work as, prudently, the Doctor bought all the copies. It would be fascinating to know what Orcnell actually wrote.

He’s not your friend. Remember that if you remember nothing else. He has the control and power to make virtually anyone he chooses like him, but if he does so, it is for a purpose. It is part of a complex agenda we cannot hope to understand. It is for that rea- son if for no other that we, as a species, must learn to do without our self-appointed guardian angel.

Perhaps in this hall today we have taken the first step towards learning to say ‘no’ to the Doctor.

Sorry, long post!!

@rabbitpietale I’m a bit late sorry! I got carried away and made a whole bunch of doodles lol! I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you imagined, but here are some ideas I had!

Some design, with the swap colours. Sans’ outfit changes a little bit, but I had no idea how to change Mettaton so…it’s just Mtt in blue lol!

Their roles are swapped: Mettaton is a sentry and a illegal ‘dog seller. Sans is a comic TV star!

Instead of fighting Sans at the end of the genocide path, you’re against Mettaton. I imagine he changes into MTT Neo for the 2nd part of the fight (and before changing he says “It’s not even my final form!” haha). And here is a sketch of his death when you deliver the final blow. And as Mtt’s systems are dying he says this dialogue which is a ref to 2001: space odyssey! I thought it’d fit very well and he’d be very sad :’ (

A full pic, because i can! And also the last one lol. That’s the ideas i had, it was fun haha! Maybe I’ll draw them again another time because I like the idea! (I just like roles swaps tbh lol )

part of the “black siren is with the legends” storyline

Sara leaping down the stairs onto the bottom level of the Waverider where the s h a m e  c u b e / black siren’s bedroom is and sara is like “i realized you haven’t been fitting in and i realize what the issue is. not enough bonding time. fabricate up biatch we’re going to karaoke”

and black siren is trying to barricade the door of the c u b e with very nice furniture! because it is her bedroom- it is! and she’s like “i will literally do anything just don’t make me go out for karaoke”

sara: “you could give me a true and genuine hug”

black siren: “you said karaoke? yeah i guess i could do that”

sara: “well i almost got it”

honestly it’s as bad as you’d expect, like black siren is wearing an inhibitor of some sort but sara is really trying to emphasize the bonding and how happy everyone is for her to be here, RIGHT GUYS

the gang: mumbles in assent

sara puts on “just a girl” which used to be laurel’s karaoke go to and yeah- black siren rocks it

i also think that at some point, black siren gets really into a song at the end of the night, and accidentally canary cries into the mic, which blows out the entire speaker system and knocks over everyone except mick who’s standing there with a lighter like FUCK YEAH ROCK N ROLL

also everyone has just realized that their inhibtor doesn’t work, no surprises there this team is a disaster

and black siren looks at them, looks at the inhibitor, sighs, and says “well where the fuck else am i supposed to go?”


Black Siren: no no don’t touch me

Lotf Characters and Ships as Imagine Dragons Lyrics

Ralph: “With our backs to the wall, darkness will fall. We never quite thought we could lose it all.” (Ready Aim Fire)

Piggy: “All these sorrows I have seen, they lead me to believe, that everything’s a mess.” (Dream)

Jack: “I feel it in my bones, enough to make my systems blow. Welcome to the new age.” (Radioactive)

Simon: “Taking my message from the veins, speaking my lesson through the brain, seeing the beauty through the pain.” (Believer)

Roger: “Get down with the victim, we both know you need them. You’re stuck in the middle of all irrelevance.” (Friction)

Maurice: “It’s time to begin, isn’t it? I get a little bit bigger but then I’ll admit, I’m just the same as I was.” (It’s Time)

Jalph: “Fear is ever changing and evolving. And I…I feel poisoned inside. But I…I feel so alive.” (Battle Cry)

Rogermon: “With the beast inside, there’s no where we can hide.” (Demons)

Ralmon: “When your eyes are red, and emptiness is all you know, with the darkness fed I will be your scarecrow.” (Bleeding Out)

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Wild Things-Alesia Cara (friendship gen or ot5)

Rated G, under the cut for length, Friendship


Kimberly buys each of us a waterproof bag that are, according to her, the same kind that Navy SEALs use when they’re in the field. We each get one in our Ranger color: pink, red, blue, yellow, black.

Alpha-5 and Zordon aren’t exactly happy when we start leaving things in the spaceship. At first it’s just towels, changes of clothes and boxes of energy bars. Then it becomes maps of Angel Grove taped to the walls, blow-up chairs, a sound system, stacks of comic books and paperback mysteries, a mini fridge and a toaster oven. The space ship starts looking less extra-terrestrial and more like a hide-out from a 90s television show.

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Total event collapse means that every star in the Universe never happened. Not one single one of them ever shone, so if all the stars that ever were are gone then what—is that? Like I said, I’m looking for an exploding TARDIS.

But that’s the sun.