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“Don’t look at me like that. You know you like it.” You snorted, rolling your eyes as Harry let out another huff of frustration. You were in the middle of a skin care/hair care/overall care products phase, and although testing them out on yourself was fun, testing them out with a friend (or in this case, your boyfriend) was a whole lot better! 

“Why don’t you have to do this one?” Harry whined, reaching up to adjust the towel that was definitely weighing his head down.

“I washed my hair yesterday! This hair mask is for after you wash your hair, which you conveniently did today.” You couldn’t help but smile at the sight of a pouty Harry with his hair bundled up like an ice cream swirl, his face set in a little frown as he continued scrolling through his phone. 

“Wha’ if my hair gets greasy?” 

“I’m sure there’s a hair mask for greasiness, don’t you worry.” You hummed, Harry digging his finger underneath the towel to scratch at his scalp. Harry loved you with all his heart, and he’d do anything for you, you knew that! Naturally, when you asked him if he wanted to try some cool products with you he said yes! Two hours into the process and he was starting to regret that decision. It was just… You’d pull this adorable pouty face at him if he refused to do something and he’d fall in your trap immediately. 

“How long am I supposed to leave this shit in for?” Harry grumbled, watching as you plopped yourself down on the bed with a cheesy grin on your face. 

“About a minute more.” You shrugged, leaning in and planting a kiss on his cheek. “Thanks for doing this with me.” You fought back a smile seeing Harry roll his eyes playfully before you were leaning in to plant a little thank you kiss on his cheek. 

“I think I deserve more than a cheek kiss for doin’ this!” Harry immediately pulled you back closer to him, tucking his face into the crook of your neck before he was sponging kisses to your skin. You giggled upon feeling one of his hands slide underneath your shirt, fingertips tracing random patterns by the bottom of your spine. He moved his hand to squeeze at your hip gently, nipping the skin of your neck while his hand slid down to cup the underside of your thigh in an attempt to pull you on top of- You pulled away your alarm suddenly went off, signalling it was time to wash the mask out of Harry’s hair. “What the-” 

“Time’s up! Let’s go wash your hair!” 

“But I- We were just- I-” Harry immediately slumped against the frame of the bed, blowing a raspberry before letting out a small laugh. “You are… Un-bloody-believable.” 


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You hummed to yourself as you propped the laundry basket up against your hip, making your way upstairs to the bedroom so you could finally get a chance to fold all the clean clothes. Ever since you had given birth to Y/D/N, you didn’t get an opportunity to clean the house - and it was obvious you couldn’t rely on the boys. You loved them to pieces, but they were terrible maids! As you passed by Y/D/N’s half-opened door, you- Wait a second.

“I closed her door.” You murmured to yourself, raising an eyebrow as you set the basket down on the floor, walking towards the room cautiously. Oh, god. What it there was a murderer in her bedroom?

“It’s my turn, Liam! You’ve already been in t’at spot fer t’e last five minutes!” The sound of Niall’s voice immediately made you feel ten times better as you pushed the door open. 

“Oh, hush! Look how cute she is!” Liam cooed, blowing a raspberry at the baby.

“Excuse me, sirs.” You cleared your throat, the boys jumping at your sneaky entrance. “I’d really love if Y/D/N caught up on her nap. She was supposed to take one three hours ago but we had to postpone it because you people insisted on taking her for a shopping spree.”

“Hey, don’t blame us! Tha’ baby leather jacket was on sale. And it came with little booties!” Harry whined, reaching down into the crib and tickling Y/D/N’s stomach, smiling to himself when she squealed in response. 

“Yeah, and I’m sure the other ten outfits were on sale too.” You snorted, gesturing to the huge bag of baby clothes in the corner. (Although, you had to admit - your six month old baby owning a leather jacket from Gucci was pretty cool.) 

“And don’t forget about her new shoes! I spotted the Vans collection so I bought like, all of them for her.” Louis stated, as if it was the most casual thing to say. “So she can match with her Uncle Louis!”

“You spoil her too much! Zayn sent me a package with a ‘I heart Uncle Zayn’ onesie!”

“When do I get a chance t’ hold her?” Niall pouted, rubbing his hands together before making a face at Y/D/N. “Look at t’ose chubby cheeks - Irresistible, I tell ya! She’s going t’ be a heartbreaker when she grows up.”

“She’s breaking my heart by not getting enough nap time! All of you, out of the room!” 


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It was no secret that you and Harry were probably the silliest couple around. Besides pulling pranks on practically everyone and skipping on the streets with your arms linked together, you two would also pull faces at each other whenever you had the chance. 

So, naturally, when Harry was speaking to the crowd, you had to do something to try and making him laugh. You stuck your tongue out and blew a raspberry, your eyes crossing as Harry caught sight of you halfway through his little speech. 

“And we jus’ want to thank yo- hold on, Y/N’s being an idiot right now.” Harry sighed playfully, pausing for a second before blowing a raspberry in your direction, the fans laughing for a brief moment as the camera zoomed in on your little war with Harry. “She’s a dork, isn’t she?” He laughed, rolling his eyes. “As I was saying..” 


tfw u don’t know if you used british slang correctly

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