blow quote

Have you ever came so close to Actually killing yourself, that you felt a sense of amazement. Amazed that you are living your last day, your last hour…your last minutes.
So you stand there, and look around observing your surroundings, saying to yourself “this is the last thing I’m gunna see” and then you start praying to God or who ever you believe in. Asking them to please make sure you make it home. But your attempted suicide somehow failed.
Now look around where ever you are, and who ever you are.
Look around and say to yourself “I’m still here” if your reading this, your still here…
Live life like theirs no tomorrow, but also, prepare yourself for a long future. Because you never know when you are truly going to die.
seijou sleepover
  • oikawa: [eyes snapping open] if two guys were on the court and one killed the other with a volleyball, would that be fucked up or what?
  • iwaizumi: oikawa go the fuck to sleep

after months of military arrest, sassy femshep has no fucks left to give when those dang reapers show up

I will most likely never finish this so take it takeittakeittakeit