blow holing

Winston was going to have a fucking shotgun I can’t think of anything scarier than a massive gorilla leaping at you and immediately blowing a hole in your ribcage

WidowTracer Week

Day 4: Saccharine

“Don’t forget your cap and come back safe, Cadet Oxton..”


  • Me: *ships canon couples*
  • Me: *ships non canon couples*
  • Me: *ships random people with each other*
  • Me: *ships gay ships that will break my heart because they will never happen*
  • Me: *ships people from different fandoms together*
  • Me: *ships so many couples I can barely keep track of my OTP's*
  • Me: *ships so much my heart explodes*
  • Me: *ships*

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hey you're really nice! have a good day

aw thanks!!

  • [pulls sheet on like a cape] “look i’m zarkon”
  • *allura voice* “so if you could please take us to your leader- paladins why are you laughing”
    • pidge: “…oh my god…………. we’re the aliens”
  • shiro purposefully cuts the right sleeves off his shirts so he can intimidate enemies with the robot arm
  • coran is the castle’s reigning video game champ
  • lance to the prisoner he just rescued: “-and hunk is the best. he’s super strong but so gentle. he’s like an enormous, muscular ellen degeneres”
  • space puns are officially banned from the castle
    • this is 30% because of lance’s bad space-themed pick up lines and 70% because of hunk
    • “hunk if you tell one more stupid joke-” “okay okay, i’ll stop, i’m… star-y”
  • keith, in galra captivity: “maybe we could blow up the hull?” hunk: “oh awesome plan! just one tiny problem (and follow me closely here the science is pretty complicated): if we blow a hole in the hull the air won’t stay inside anymore and we kinda sorta need that to live keith”

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What are white holes? Is there any other kinds of "holes" in the universe?

Well, black holes were predicted by Einstein’s theory of relativity and actually discovered over the last few decades.

In Astrophysics, White Hole is a theoretical object predicted by the theory of relativity that functions as a time-inverted black hole. Because a black hole is a region in space where nothing can escape, the time-inverted version of the white hole is a region in space where nothing can fall. Instead of pulling the material in, a white hole would blow the material into space.

White holes appear as part of one of Karl Schwarzschild’s solutions to Einstein’s general relativity equations in which a Schwarzschild worm hole is described. At one end of the wormhole is a black hole sucking matter, light, and all, and at the other end a white hole, creating / expelling matter and light.

Even though this may imply that black holes in our universe can connect to white holes elsewhere, it is not considered possible to exist for two reasons. First, because Schwarzschild’s wormholes are unstable, disconnecting as soon as they form. Secondly, Schwarzschild’s earthworm holes are a valid solution only as long as no matter interacts with the hole.

The existence of white holes disconnected from black holes is doubtful, since such hypotheses seem to violate the second law of thermodynamics. 

That is, white holes are mathematically viable physical entities, which is not to say that they exist in nature.

  • My ship: *is literal perfection and best thing ever*
  • Author: *blows holes in to ship, sails into a typhoon, unleashes the kraken*