blow cones


Countdown to Miyuki’s birthday 2016

D-06/17 ➜ Cheering Miyuki :: (pt 2) (pt 1) – OVA 4 x Side Story #3 (Seidou Diary) on Manga

7 wondrous thoughts at night

1. the concept of light is amazing. how there is this intangible force; the fastest thing in the entire universe as we know it. and humans have harnessed it. and out my bedside window i see the beautiful city and it’s bright lights staring at me. and just the fact that there are thousands of colors of light we can’t see because of our lack of extra cones blows my fuckin mind. 

2. cold cold clean water

3. making strangers laugh is almost better than making friends laugh. 

4. I’ve been thinking how a lot of quantum physics theories support the idea of a separate reality for each individual action. like i go to bed in 30 mins. but in another universe, i go to bed now, because maybe my computer shut down for a weird electrical reason. and i wonder if there is a separate reality for each thought. like if I tell myself i can fly, and jump out the window, there must be a separate reality where i actually don’t die and start gliding away across the city. 

5. i need to smile more. its surprisingly vulnerable. 

6. I would love a homemade chocolate chip cookie right about now. maybe ill treat myself tomorrow. 

7. i also need to breathe deeply more. inhale positivity. exhale change.