blow and arrow


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“What exactly are the benefits of leather? Other than an amazing ass?” you teased, sidestepping another blow.

The Arrow didn’t respond and you snickered, easily ducking away from the Arrow’s attempts to incapacitate you.

“I’m serious, because from where I’m standing it hasn’t helped you catch me even if it has been distracting for a moment or two,” you said with a wiggled of your eyebrows.

“Goddammit,” the Arrow growled when you slipped away once more.

Your giggle, while innocent, had him advancing in more reckless way than before. You knew the constant flirting was getting under his skin, just like you had hoped. You admittedly didn’t have as much skill as he did, but your ability to get under his skin was what kept you from being caught.

You twisted elegantly away from another attack, your laughter bubbling up once more as you saw him get more and more agitated with each failed move.

“I have to go darling,” you purred.

“I’m not letting you get away again,” he growled.

“My, my, your temper. You really must get a hold of it.”

He stayed silent and you took that as your cue to swing out the window and land in a roll on the ground below.

“See you around, handsome,” you called.

Pointless Numbers

He’d been chosen for the landing party for the experience. Captain Kirk had deemed it safe enough for some of the less experienced personnel to get some… well, experience. It’s a class M planet with no entities detected outside of the plant life at least insofar as the Enterprise’s scanners are capable of detecting. Wisely Captain Kirk has chosen a few well-trained and experienced crew as well as the few green officers:

The infamous “Cupcake” and two of his guardsmen.

Commander Spock, of course, and two of his science crew both of whom are women.

Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy and two male nurse trainees.

Captain Kirk, Hikaru Sulu and himself.

Neat and tidy.

Until their exploring stirred up the natives from underground. Now they’re holed up in a cave, waiting for daylight and a way out that won’t get them all killed. One of the science officers took a glancing blow from an arrow, but Dr. McCoy has patches her up already. Currently, he and Hikaru are standing to either side of the cavemouth, far enough in that they cannot be seen from outside, but that they can see out, on guard while the two guardsmen and “Cupcake” scout further into the cave.

Commander Spock and Captain Kirk are conferring in very soft voices, very close together in a dark corner visible mostly because of Kirk’s gold shirt. Pavel looks down at his own Navigator uniform and licks his lips. He is nervous to say anything, but…

“Hikaru?” he keeps his voice low as he addresses his best friend.

Hikaru looks up and responds with a soft, “Yeah?”

“Ve are targets, aren’t ve? Our shirts. Zhey are too bright. Ve should sweetch zhem viz our black undershirts.”

The other Navigator looks down at his chest, then over to Captain Kirk, and Pavel can see the moment he understands. Pavel watches as Hikaru, far more comfortable with Captain Kirk than Pavel is, stoops, retrieves a rock from the cave foor, and throws it at Captain Kirk’s back. Commander Spock catches it deftly and he and Captain Kirk move over to them in silence. Hikaru then nods at Pavel, who licks his lips and stares at his superior officers with wide eyes.

He’s twenty-two now, but he can count the number of times his crew has turned to him for anything more than elite mathematical comoutation and laying in coordinates on one hand. Then Dr. McCoy looms up over Captain Kirk’s other shoulder and Pavel’s mouth goes dry and his throat all but closes right up. Captain Kirk is devilishly good looking, and Commander Spock is alluring in that exotic way he himself so gracefully ignores, but Dr. McCoy…

Chief Medical Officer McCoy is the type of man his Mamah, back home in Russia, would coo over and praise Pavel for bringing him into their family. If Pavel were a young woman instead of a young man. Daily he is grateful for his early emancipation and his enrollment within the Starfleet Academy. With handsome men like Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, and most especially Dr. McCoy, and of course with the prominence of intellect not far from his own alongside a stellar crew of misfits similar to hinself, he is equally grateful to have been assigned to the Enterprise. After all, he could bw serving under very old men with no ability for forward thinking.

Pavel drops his eyes, sliding a helpless look to Hikaru. He is not helpless nor is he afraid of Captain Kirk or even Commander Spock, but Dr. McCoy present another problem. One often felt most when Dr. McCoy is looking at him as he is now, with that furrowed brow that just screams his impatience. His supposed best friend Hikaru is watching the cave entrance like a cat waiting for a mouse to leave his hole. Knowing he is totally on his own now, Pavel looks back to the Triumvirate and licks his lips again.

‘How best to say this?’ he wonders to himself his mind pulsing fast as lightning translating between his thoughts in his native Russian tongue and their closest English translation.

Okay but marvel princess bride au

“It just so happens that Coulson here is only mostly dead.”

“I could give you my word as a SHIELD agent” “No good. I’ve known too many SHIELD agents”

“Never go up against an Asgardian when death is on the line!” *arrow blows up in his face*

“My name is Tony Stark. You killed my parents. Prepare to die.”

“THE FALL DIDNT KILL BUCKY? INCONCIEVABLE!” “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

“Tell us about project insight.” “I don’t know about project insight.” “Natasha, tear his arms off. ” “Oh, you mean THAT project insight. ”

“You mock my pain.” “Life is pain, Loki. Anyone who tells you different is selling something.”

Steve: who are you?
Bucky: no one of consequence
Steve: I must know
Bucky: get used to disappointment

Tony: you mean you wish to surrender to us? Very well, I accept.

“Bye bye boys! Have fun storming the Triskelion!”

“Go away or I’ll call the avengers.” “I’m on the avengers.”

“Good night, Grant Ward. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

“Ultrons of unusual size? I don’t believe they exist.”

“I have some magic I could perform, but I do not think you would accept my help, since I am only waiting around for you to free me so I can conquer Midgard.” “That does put a damper on our relationship.”

“So I became the Winter Soldier. No one would surrender to the Winter Bucky.”

Bucky: I remember you. I hate to kill you.
Steve: You’re my friend. I hate to die.

“Why can’t I feel my left arm?” “You’ve been mostly-dead all day.”

“That day, he was amazed to discover that when Bucky said ‘till the end of the line’, what he meant was, 'I love you’.”

“Steve?” “What?” “I hope we win.”

“Why do you wear a mask and red goggles? Did you get frostbite in Siberia, or something like that?” “No, I just think they’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”

“You’re trying to requisition the vibranium I’ve rightfully stolen!”

“Hydra doesn’t get him at this time.”

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You know in 3x21 when Diggle and Laurel are in a van about to face Oliver, L says that D should let her handle it on her own (like she even could) and he shouldn't have to fight O because he's close to O than any two people she's ever know. And then in the same episode she says to Nyssa that she's known O her entire life. Now, in S1 they were trying to sell us the idea that L knows O better than anyone. 1x21 "You know me better than anyone." Thoughts?

When I took my first journalism class back in high school, my teacher drilled three things into me to which I mostly hold true even today: stick to third person as much as possible, establish a voice, and avoid obscenities.

Now, I do cross over into first and second person for articles from time to time, and my teacher probably wouldn’t appreciate that my established voice is more snarky than authoritative, but it is very rare that I’ll use an obscenity in content that I produce. The occasional “damn” and “hell” are as far as I’ll go in print, and even then only on my blog.

You may be wondering why I took an ask about the dynamics between Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen and turned it into two paragraphs about my reticence to swear when I write for public consumption. The answer is very simple:

The only word to adequately describe the idea that Laurel has at any point over the series known Oliver better than anybody else is “bullshit.”

Pardon my French.

Oliver telling Laurel in Season 1 that she knows him better than anybody else when he was actively keeping a huge secret from her was ridiculous, and it made him look insincere at best and dangerously misguided at worst.

Laurel proclaiming in Season 2 that she knew Oliver as well as her own name and in her bones shortly after she needed to be told of his identity as the Arrow by a passing supervillain made her look foolish and feel so behind-the-times as to be irrelevant.

Laurel asserting to Diggle in 3.21 that she could handle Oliver was so unintentionally laughable that it detracted from the sense of immersion in the narrative, and it cheapened the later implied intimacy as she referring to knowing Oliver for all of her life.

The Arrow writers are guilty of telling rather than showing on a pretty frequent basis; writing Laurel as knowing Oliver in his soooooooooooooul is even worse for the way in which that it goes against what actually has been shown on screen. They contradict their own canon whenever they try to sell this particular facet of the Oliver/Laurel dynamic. Fortunately, except for the fluke in 3.21, the writers seem to have backed off of the Seasons 1 and 2 concept of Laurel knowing Oliver best.

Those are my thoughts. :)