More Hugs By Blow • Ken Lo

“This is my personal project starting from last year. I always want to do something that makes people happy and being positive. My left eye has a very weak sight since I was born, actually I just use my right eye to see things. Somehow, this makes me think that many things have two sides and this is the way how I see the world. One day, I just feel that I want to do a project to makes people happy and being positive. Hug is a impactful gesture to me. In physical way, this action means no distance and connecting each other hearts. In other way, this also means how we face and overcome difficulties.”

BLOW is a Hong Kong based design studio founded by Ken Lo in 2010. Specialized in branding, identities, packaging, collaterals, environmental graphics, print, publications and website design, they provide clients with simple and inspiring designs that blow their mind away.