Loud whisper

collaboration with Florian Schmidt   

*a few years ago, i started a collaboration project called “Di-a-Log” where i asked artists to send me their self portrait as an inspiration to make diptychs in association with a self of mine. in some cases, i made the self in response to the image, like in here. this is one of 3 with the great artist and friend, Florian Schmidt  

Dandelion prairie by spectroplasm
~ Dandelion prairie ~ “One lens, a million possibilities.” Moments are all we have in life, good or bad they are what makes us us. Memories are the vivid paths we all went through, they remind us that nothing is never gone forever, it just moves to different places, from physical to spiritual, that’s how we all roll. ~ Spectroplasm ~ Helios 44M-7 wide open mounted on the Canon EOS-M ISO:400 Speed:1/640s