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Music To Kiss Monsters To (AU)

Eddie Kaspbrak is 17, and normal in every sense of the word—with a simple life, good grades, great friends, and a wonderful mother who loves him too much. But everything changes when he stumbles upon a mysterious bad boy named Richie, who has wicked plans for the do-gooder.

Chapter One: Halloween

He sits in the corner of the room as the party carries on. Eddie doesn’t like parties, especially the ones where everyone gets drunk, smokes weed, and vomits into the nearest corner. He hasn’t spoken a word to any of the other raving teenagers that dance wildly within the cloud of ghostly smoke which lingers the room. He brushes his brown hair away from his face and sighs. His hair is getting long, Eddie thinks he should cut it soon.

It smells like what you’d expect a bar to smell like—adult cologne, cigarettes, sweat, and alcohol. Seventeen year old Edward Kaspbrak was on the verge of leaving this damn party. If it wasn’t for his friend Beverly, whom he holds dear to his heart, he would have been home in the comfort of his room, sprawled across his bed, probably studying or reading a book until he falls asleep.

Instead, Eddie sits in the corner of the room with a red cup in hand, dressed as vampire. At least that’s what Eddie says he is. All he wears is a simple button-up blouse and a cape that touches his ankles. Beverly had used her makeup to make his face pale, and lathered black circles around his eyes. A splash a fake blood on the corner of his lips and wallah! The most mediocre vampire costume for the year’s most raunchiest Halloween party. Eddie takes a sip from his water bottle and shrugs, watching as Beverly dances with some guy wearing edgy 80’s clothes with his hair fashioned into a mullet.

“What are you supposed to be?” Eddie hears a voice from beside him. It was raspy, deep, and low, but was loud enough for Eddie to hear. He turns his gaze to meet the stranger who leans against the wall beside him.

The boy is tall, clad in black, with dark tousled curls that hangs over his sunken eyes. A cigarette rests in-between his plump lips, and he brings the flickering flame of his lighter to the butt of the cigarette, burning it until it is ready for consumption. The boy tilts his head back and release wisps of ghoulish silver that swims into the air, adding on to the room already polluted with smoke. His chocolate curls fall away from his eyes and meets Eddie’s. They are black, like two pristine stones of onyx that ignite into a golden flare. Eddie is caught into the hypnotic gaze, unable to look away. Unable to breathe. The neon green and blacklight hues wash over the both of them as they stare at one another.

Who the hell is he?

“Are you deaf?” the raven-haired boy asks, easing himself slightly closer to Eddie.

“What?” Eddie coughs. The boy smirks and snatches the cigarette out of his mouth. It’s suddenly hotter in the room.

“I asked you what you were,” he says, turning away and resting the cigarette on his bottom lip. “So what are you?”

“I-I’m a…I’m a vampire.” Eddie turns away and fiddles with his thumbs again. He is embarrassed for some reason.

Why am I so nervous?

Eddie hears a soft chuckle escape the boy’s mouth and he turns around to investigate. The boy’s eyes are on him, neon shadows slapped across his face. A majestic yet horrific scene.

“A vampire?” grins the boy, raising a brow in question. His grin reveals perfect alabaster teeth that practically sparkles. “Do you bite?”


“Wh-what?” Eddie chokes.

Is this guy serious?

“Do you bite?” The boy asks. “Like on the neck and shit?”

Eddie shakes his head. “No, I—”

“But you have fangs. What type of vampire doesn’t bite?” The boy blows smoke into Eddie’s face, who quickly fans it away from his eyes.

“What are you supposed to be?” Eddie hisses, shifting the attention to the boy. The boy is amused by this, and decides to play in to what he is making a game. “All you have on is a leather jacket, and strictly black. Other than your white shirt.”

“I’m a greaser.” the boy answers.

“Like the people in the movie, Grease?” asks Eddie.

“Yeah, but more like the Johnny Depp flick,” the boys answers, eyes filled with ponder. “Fuck, what’s the name of that movie?” he asks himself.

Eddie thinks for a moment too. “Crybaby?”

“Yes! That’s the one! Crybaby.” The boy smiles and Eddie mentally pats himself on the back. Silence returns between both Eddie and the stranger, who extinguishes his cigarette by the heel of his boot.

Clearly he has no respect for the floors of whoever owns this house.

“So what’s your name?” The boy finally breaks the silence.

“Edward Kaspbrak,” Eddie says without facing him. “Just call me Eddie.”

“Nice to meet you, Edward,” the boy teases. “I’m Richie. Richie Tozier.” Richie holds his hand out for Eddie to shake, which Eddie does, but hesitantly, with a deadly glare. Simply because Richie ignored his wishes of being called Eddie.

“So…Edward, you’ve never bitten someone?” Richie asks.

“No.” Eddie replies, still not facing Richie.

“Despite you being a vampire?” grins Richie.

Eddie shrugs. “Correct.” Eddie’s eyes search for Beverly who seems to have disappeared with the mullet wearer.

“That sucks,” Richie doesn’t know what to do with his hands. He wants to smoke again, but telling by the emptiness of his pack, he knows there is only one cigarette left, and that will be of good use for later. Richie folds his arms across his chest and presses his back against the tan wall of the corner, holding his gaze across the room. “Wanna try?”

Eddie looks at Richie. “What?”

Richie chuckles. It’s kind of goofy and childish. Eddie likes it.

“Is what the primary word in your vocabulary?” Richie asks.

“No!” Eddie defends. “It’s just that…”

“Just what?” Richie stares, amused.

“You…” Eddie doesn’t know. There’s just something about Richie that intimidates him.

“I make you nervous don’t I?” Richie smiles. Eddie’s mouth hangs open.

“You do not?” says Eddie but it sounded like more of a question.

“Your soul says otherwise,” Richie inches closer, leveling his eyes with Eddie’s. “It trembles when I’m near.”

Eddie is sure Richie can hear his heart pounding in his chest. Richie’s eyes dart to Eddie’s chest which seems to prove his speculation. Richie grins darkly, pointing his index finger slightly off centered to Eddie’s chest. Richie’s eyes are focused on that area, and Eddie doesn’t move a muscle.

“It’s right there, hiding behind your heart, scared out of it’s mind.” Richie smirks. “Don’t be scared, I feel it too.” His voice is smoother than butter. And through the alcohol and cigarette smell, Eddie notices a minty smell laced within Richie’s breath.

“I’d like to be alone now.” Eddie turns away from Richie. He doesn’t like the way he is making him feel. It feels…weird. And there’s something awfully dark about this Richie guy. It makes Eddie’s skin crawl.

“But you never got to show me what it’s like to be bitten by a vampire.” Richie pokes out his bottom lip, looking like a sad puppy with beady eyes.

“I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” Eddie shakes his head. “It’s just a dumb costume.”

“I could show you,” Richie suggest and Eddie looks at him confused.

“What?” Eddie asks.

“There you go with those whats again,” Richie laughs. “I can show you, though.” repeats Richie. Eddie looks confused as Richie gets closer to him.

“You have to get close, so close that your skin soaks in the warmth of your prey,” Richie rests his hands beside Eddie’s hips as he leans closer, lowering his head toward Eddie’s neck. His heart flutters. Richie smiles, sensing the reaction.

“You brush your lips against the neck, commanding the veins to come forth.” And that’s exactly what Richie does. He brushes his supple lips against Eddie’s neck, earning him to shiver. Oddly, it tickles his neck nicely.

Eddie is afraid of who might be watching, but everyone appears distracted by dancing or too drunk. Weird, how Eddie feels he is alone with Richie.

“You plant a kiss and let your tongue taste the fear, sucking at the flesh and marking your desired point to draw blood from.” Richie does this, and Eddie releases a moan he didn’t mean to let escape his mouth.

What the hell is goin on?!

“And then finally,” Richie says. “You bite.”

The feeling Eddie is met with is enough to make him black out. He feels it, it is rough yet controlled, sending signals all over his body, making him buzz with some sort of orgasmic pain. His neck throbs with discomfort as Richie is buried deep into his neck. Eddie is certain his teeth tore through his skin and dug into his veins. Perhaps it did. Or maybe he is imagining the whole thing.

“You taste so good, Eds.” The pain stops as Richie pulls away. Eddie feels drowsy, trying to focus his eyes on Richie. His brown eyes finally meets Richie’s dark gaze. He also notices blood trickling down from the corners of his lips, which stretches into a sinister smirk. Eddie blinks once. He’s gone. Richie seems to have vanished into thin air. Eddie holds his neck where the pain throbs, expecting to feel blood. He doesn’t, in fact, no bite marks, no nothing. Impossible, Eddie thought. He felt his life being drained. He could have sworn…

“Hey you!” Eddie meets Beverly’s sapphire eyes and glittering smile. He blinks away the pain that fades in a matter of seconds. It’s practically nonexistent now. He rubs his hands on his throat which suddenly feels soar. Beverly notices how lost he looks and bends her knees down to meet him at eye level.

“Is everything alright?” She rests a hand on Eddie’s shoulder.

Is everything alright? Eddie wonders. Because he could have sworn some psycho just buried sharp teeth into his neck and sucked away at his blood. But he gave Beverly his best artificial smile he always does when something is actually wrong and says, “I’m fine. I’m just tired.”

Beverly shrugs.

“What time is it?” Eddie asks.

“Time to get you home’o clock.” Beverly giggles.

That is code for: “it’s late and I know how your mom gets.”

Eddie shook his head. “I told her I was sleeping over.”

“And she said yes?” Beverly raised a brow.

“It’s not like it’s a school night.” Eddie shrugs and Beverly smiles.

“Moving up in the world, huh Kaspbrak?”

“I guess so.” Eddie rolls his eyes.

“So who was that boy you were with?” asks Beverly. Eddie’s skin goes cold.

“What?” Eddie asks.

There you go again with those whats again…” Eddie remembers the deep laughter of the boy. Richie, he thinks his name was.

“The boy—tall, dark, and handsome. You were talking to him. Do you know him?” asks Beverly.

“I…no…I don’t.” Eddie coughs. “Why do you ask?”

“He looked familiar, is all. I think I’ve seen him around school…well…around school grounds. He hangs out after school to smoke with his friends. That’s really the only time I’ve ever seen him.” Beverly sits beside Eddie and sticks a cigarette into her mouth, igniting it.

“His name is Richie.” Eddie mindlessly blurts out. Beverly’s eyes widen.

“Tell me more!” Beverly lets smoke escape from her nostrils. “What’s he like?”

Eddie sits there, dumbfounded. His eyes wandering across the room. It isn’t until he meets the twisted gaze from across the room that springs Eddie back to life. Richie stands with a group of other boys who are also clad in black. He whispers into a boy with bouncy copper-curls managed by a sports headband. They both grin, eyes glimmering through the shadows. Funny how no one else sees this.

Discomfort brews in Eddie’s stomach, and before Beverly could say anything else, Eddie turns to his side and pukes into the corner.


A ROSE WITHOUT THORNS - model: Cate Blanchett - photographer: Tim Walker - fashion editor: Jacob K - hair: Julien D’ys - make-up: Val Garland - W Magazine December 2015

  • Emporio Armani top - Patricia Underwood hat - Yohji Yamamoto Femme gloves.
  • Louis Vuitton blouse & skirt.
  • Gucci coat, shirt & pants - Vetements boots
  • Stella McCartney dress, cage slot (underneath), earrings & rings - Yohji
  • Yamamoto Femme gloves - Marc Jacobs boots.
  • Chanel blouse & boots - Vetements boots.
  • Dior coat - Stella McCartney earrings - Graziano brooches - Gucci rings.
  • Alberta Ferretti cape, blouse & bloomers - Alexander Wang top - Gareth Pugh collar - LaCrasia Gloves gloves - Atsuko Kudo stockings - Balenciaga brooches.
  • Comme des Garçons dress, shoulder pads & shoes - Falke socks.
  • Versace archival dress, 1989 - Marc Jacobs boots.
  • Prada pajamas.
    • (Angels Costumes - National Theatre Costume Hire, London)
    • Inspiration: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince
Spring to Summer Outfits

For days when it’s spring in the morning, summer in the afternoon and spring by the evening again, try these layering outfits. I know especially living in Canada, that May and June can be a confusing time when it comes to the weather. 

Layer with cardigans, kimono capes and blouses.

Crop top/Tube top with jeans 

Jean and leather jackets with crop tops

Maxi Skirts layered with a jacket or a light long sleeve top

Long sleeve off the shoulder tops 

Disclaimer: All images credited to WeHeartit

ENG: Inks for a commission for the always lovely @heavenisalongroadhome, of her amazing character Aria. I’m having a blast working on them! 

You can commission me too! 

(And help me pay a new pair of glasses ‘cause my sight is deteriorating fast as fuck right now.)

[Description: An inked drawing of @marisketch‘s Aria. They are seen from the bust up, with their arms up, one close to their chest, one close to their head. They are wearing their usual box braids, as well as a blouse and a cape, and lots of jewellery]

. ESP: titnas para una comisión para la divina @heavenisalongroadhome, de su genial personaje Aria. ¡La estoy pasando genial dibujándole!

¡Vos también podés comisionarme!

(Y de paso ayudar a pagarme un par nuevo de lentes porque mi vista se está deteriorando muchísimo)

[Descripción: un dibujo en titna digital de Aria, une personaje de @marisketch. Se le ve del pecho para arriba, con sus brazos en alto, un ocerca de su cara, otro de su pecho. Está usando sus típicas trenzas, una blusa y una capa, y mucha bijoux.] 

Supergirl, take your shirt off...

Pairing: Cat/Kara

Rating: teen +

Category: F/F


Supergirl, take your shirt off…


Kara was about to leave, totally done with her work and eager to get home to a long night and a premiere to a new season of Homeland, and Alex. Her sister and Netflix. Kara was happy with that. It was normal, and with Kara accustomed to being Supergirl, and wearing her suit underneath her day to day outfits, it was nice to have at least one day a week where Kara could be… herself. Where Kara could be Supergirl without the heroics.

Kara loved being Supergirl, it was an amazing thing, but she loved being Supergirl when she didn’t have to hide it, and that was rare. So Kara looked forward to Double Cheese Pizza and Cookie Dough ice cream and Homeland, and being Supergirl. At ease. Happy.

Kara was about to grab her bag off her desk and leave when Cat called her into her office.

“Yes, Ms. Grant?” Kara asked, finding Cat out on her balcony, sipping at her bourbon. As usual.

“Join me, Keira. It’s so beautiful out here.”

“Uh… was there something you needed, Ms. Grant?”

“Mmm, yes, actually.”

Kara glanced around her for a second and then walked out onto the white tile balcony, up to Cat at the railing. Kara gave Cat a friendly smile, and took in the city buzzing below them. It was beautiful. This city never slept, and from here, surrounded by amazing lights and colors, Kara felt on top of the world, quite literally, with Catco being one of the highest buildings in National City.

“What was it you needed, Ms. Grant?”  Kara asked sweetly, leaning against the railing casually, her gaze on Cat, focusing on those gorgeous green brown eyes.

“I just really needed to confirm something. See… you and I are something different. You might be my assistant, yes, but you are more than that. You are something above all that.”

“Ms. Grant?” Kara asked, confusion written over her features.

“Oh please, we’re out of the office, Keira. Work hours are passed, and since you always stay late, they’re over for me, though I never truly stop working. When we’re out of office, you may call me Cat.”

“Um… I don’t… it’s not very…”

“Cat. That’s a rule. When we’re out of office, you call me Cat.”


“That’s so much better. Isn’t it?” Cat said, then stalked closer to her assistant, her hands coming to Kara’s shoulders.

Kara had a moment of fear, fear of Cat feeling her suit beneath her blouse, the bunched up cape, and fear of Cat doing something so unexpected. Would Cat really want to… with her?

And Cat did. Cat leaned in, slowly and with her purpose as always, and reached up to place her lips over Kara’s.

The connection of Cat’s lips on hers made Kara blush and still completely, breath held tight while Cat’s fingers snuck behind her neck to hold her close. Kara was almost so surprised she couldn’t move, frozen stock still as her boss finally kissed her the way Kara had dreamed about for so long.

Cat’s lips moved over hers, keeping her close by the nape of her neck, and Kara could only respond. All she wanted to do was respond. So she did. Who the hell cared now? Kara kissed back, a little whimper escaping her when Cat pulled her head closer so she could reach her better.

Kara barely registered Cat’s hand over her back as she kissed her boss back, all her attention on the kiss she’d never dreamed would actually happen. But it was happening. And it was fucking amazing.

Kara downright moaned when Cat softly bit her lip, teasing her, and didn’t feel Cat’s fingers as they came to her blouse and the buttons at her chest.

“Cat?” Kara asked, breaking the kiss hastily when Cat began undoing the buttons and tried to stop her. “Cat… don’t…”

Cat ignored her and slipped open the pale blue buttons, knowing full well Kara wouldn’t hurt her. She cared too much. Just like Cat knew Kara cared about her secrets, Cat knew Kara similarly cared for her. Really, Kara was a very bad liar, and so, after a few well versed questions, Cat all too easily knew Kara’s hidden feelings. Safe to say Cat was pleased. Just like she was now, discovering a very beautiful suit beneath a very plain baby blue blouse.

Cat let her gaze comb over Kara’s face as she slipped open the buttons, revealing little by little, that stunning S gracing her chest. Crest of El. House of El. Damn. Supergirl. Super, indeed.

“I just needed the confirmation. That’s all.” Cat said as she let her gaze roam from Kara’s face and those beautiful blue eyes and down to the bright red S on her chest. “Does it really mean Super?”

“Cat… I…”

“It’s all right. I won’t out you.”

“You… you won’t?”

“I love you.”

“You do?”

“Supergirl. Let’s go home.”


“All for the single words, hmm? I swear baby, I’m make sure that all you’ll be doing tonight is moaning.”

“Oh…” Kara said with a grin, unable to keep a slight smile as Cat took her fingers and made Kara follow her.

“That’s right.”

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