blouse with buttons

Rosa, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Portrait is from the waist up. Rosa is wearing a black leather jacket over a button blouse. She has her hands in her pockets, and her black curly hair hangs loose around her shoulders. The background is a vivid pink gradient with ‘ROSA’ spelled in overlaid faded letters behind her head.]


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 5.30.17

evergreen button-back blouse by ginnyandjude

this button-back blouse is a summery green hue and is made from an airy viscose crepe that would flutter in the breeze. love the cute peter pan collar, too.

I’m Sorry (I Fell In Love Tonight)

( PROMPT: We’re making out on the couch when a member of your family - who doesn’t know we’re friends with benefits - walks in and what do you mean I have to be your pretend girlfriend? )

A/N: Ahahahaha, guess who’s back? The sin is not so strong in this chapter, but I’ll try to sin more in chapter 3. Things are really starting to heat up with the reader and fuckboi Peter!! If anyone has more prompts for me to do (fuckboi Peter or no), drop me an ask, and I’ll try to post it! Comments and reblogs are appreciated!

WARNINGS: Sin. But slight sin this time. 

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Lovers’ Lane

Summary: Trying to make the most of their precious time together during the war years, [Y/N] and James drive up to a lovers’ lane where he makes sure he (tr)eats her right.

Pairing: James Buchanan Barnes x Reader

Words: 3077

Warnings: beware this is definitely 18+ smut, obviously there’s swearing, and all kinds of good stuff.

A/N: Hope you like it! Please let me know. This story is part 1 of “The Rise And Fall” (a Bucky Barnes x Reader) series. See the masterlist for more context and a (future) link to the other stories related to this series. 

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Darkness fell quickly around this time of the year, [Y/N] observed after she rolled down the window of James’ car, with a bit of an effort. A cold evening breeze immediately gusted into the car, and she shivered a little. She hugged herself for a moment, brushing her hands up and down her arms, before she peeked her head out of the window. James was standing at the edge of the grassy banks of the East River and threw a flat stone into the water. It bounced off the water eight times before she lost sight of it, but James’ face was directed up at the sky. It did not seem like he paid it any heed. It also did not seem like he was taking a leak like he said he would. She smiled to herself when her eyes glided down his body, and focused on his buttocks. His were really great. Firm. And he always let her touch it, if she wanted to. Slowly she forgot about that cold evening breeze. James picked up another stone from the ground and twirled it in his hand. He was wasting their time a bit. He had been busy a lot these last couple of weeks, preparing to enlist for the war with his friend. She was not happy about it, but he said he needed to do the right thing, and she wanted to support him with that. She always wanted to support him. He was a good and gentle man, and he took care of her when they were together. Oh, and he was such a swell dancer. All her girlfriends were jealous.

“Are you done taking a leak, James? Looked like you were playing with pebbles.” [Y/N] grinned.

He turned his head towards her and chuckled. With a smirk resting on his face, he began to walk back, “I oughta do something about the vulgarity that always seems to come outta that little mouth of yours.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you write a little blurb about how Y/N is shy about Harry going down there? Thank you Susie...

Running into the house after a hard day’s work had become much more enjoyable now that I had something to come home to.  I quickly deposited my coat and shoes on the front mat before bounding up the stairs to our newly minted bedroom.  I couldn’t wait to finish off our first full day living together as a real life couple.

He looked up from his spot on the edge of the bed where he had already changed into some sweats and a t-shirt before sitting down to tap away on his phone.  The moment he heard my footsteps though he looked up with a huge, welcoming, happy smile on his face.  He promptly set his phone down,

“Was wondering when you were going to make it home.”

I didn’t hesitate a bit as I walked towards him.  I slotted myself between his legs and set my hands on his shoulders,

“Traffic was a bitch.”

He gripped my sides, his head tipped up to look at me,

“LA traffic is always a bitch.”

I stared down into the face of my love for a bit before lifting my hand into his hair.  A content smile formed on my lips without my direction,

“I missed you.”

He nodded,

“And I missed you.”  He twisted me back and forth in his hands, “Want to me to make you some dinner?  Or we could get something delivered?  I could get take ou-”

“I have all I need…right here.”  I whispered softly.

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Office Job (M)

CEO!Jimin x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, oral, rough, anal?

Word Count: 3,853

Summary: You just started a new job as the assistant to the CEO of a big company. Turns out the CEO is your high school crush…

A/N: This is my fic, I’m just re-posting it on my sideblog.

This is it, you thought as you walked up to the impressive building of your new company. It’s your first day on the job working at the company of your dreams. You look up, slightly intimidated by the sheer size of it all, and the expectations of your role. You take a deep breath and continue walking in, shiny new employee pass around your neck. You step into the crowded elevator and wait impatiently for it to take you up to the 20th floor. You step out into the reception area, and walk up to the desk.

“Hi, I’m y/n; it’s my first day here and I’m supposed to meet up with Mr. Kim?” you say, unsure if your information is correct.

“Hi y/n, I’m Ava. Welcome to Park Enterprises. Have a seat, Mr. Kim will be here shortly.” she says with a smile. You return her smile and take a seat, and wait. Two minutes later, a tall, lean, handsome man walks through the door.

“Y/n?” You stand up and walk to him, offering your hand. “Hi, I’m Namjoon. I’ll show you around and get you settled.” He shakes your hand firmly, offering you a warm, adorable dimpled smile. “Follow me.”

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