Okay let’s talk about this painting. It’s called “Signing of the Constitution” by Howard Chandler Christy.

Let’s start with good old George Washington.

He’s staring dramatically into the distance with this heavenly glow thing going on.

William Blount is just looking longingly at Washington, like he’s desperate to confess his love.

Then Gunning Bedford, Jr. is down here on the floor like a weirdo.

George Read looks like he shit his pants and doesn’t know what to do.

Gouverneur Morris looks pissed. Also, it’s important that you know that Gouverneur was his first name, not his title.

William Jackson is obviously just asking for another drink. He can’t be bothered to pay attention to this historic event.

Roger Sherman is giving William Samuel Johnson some serious side-eye. Throwing some shade ‘bout some shit.

And my personal favorite: Ben Franklin looking directly at the camera like he’s Jim from The Office.

Probably because fucking Alexander Hamilton is all up in his personal space.

Redaction: In one of his final acts in office, Gov. Bob McDonnell commuted to 40 years the sentence of Travion Blount, the Norfolk man convicted as a teen of armed robbery and originally sentenced to more than six life terms in prison.

If Blount serves the minimum sentence, he will be about 50 when he is released. His parents would be in their 70s.

But family and advocates reacted to the news with shock, sadness and anger.

“Forty years. Wow. I mean, why?” his mother, Angela Blount, said.


Even if he had me, who is to say he would keep me ? […] They say that all his liaisons are soon over.

                                                                                      SIMPLY HENRY - (I x 02)


I’m sure there are things we can do better. Gotta watch the film, but it was a great team win. We have a group of guys that come in here each and every day, bring the hard hat and lunch pail and work our tails off. A lot of people don’t understand the kind of work that we put in. We’re here in this building a lot. We take pride in our preparation. It’s been showing these past three weeks. We have to continue to try to do that. - Julian Edelman


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