Romantic love, I think, requires a degree of physical attraction, but devotion is needed to maintain it as an actual relationship. Physical attraction is a feeling you don’t really have control over, but devotion is something that has to be chosen. So, ideally… I suppose it’s passion combined with the commitment to value someone else completely above oneself.
—  Angela N. Blount, Once Upon a Road Trip

Okay let’s talk about this painting. It’s called “Signing of the Constitution” by Howard Chandler Christy.

Let’s start with good old George Washington.

He’s staring dramatically into the distance with this heavenly glow thing going on.

William Blount is just looking longingly at Washington, like he’s desperate to confess his love.

Then Gunning Bedford, Jr. is down here on the floor like a weirdo.

George Read looks like he shit his pants and doesn’t know what to do.

Gouverneur Morris looks pissed. Also, it’s important that you know that Gouverneur was his first name, not his title.

William Jackson is obviously just asking for another drink. He can’t be bothered to pay attention to this historic event.

Roger Sherman is giving William Samuel Johnson some serious side-eye. Throwing some shade ‘bout some shit.

And my personal favorite: Ben Franklin looking directly at the camera like he’s Jim from The Office.

Probably because fucking Alexander Hamilton is all up in his personal space.

Guía de libros ideales para distintas situaciones basado en mi (poca) experiencia leyendo

- Si quieres leer un libro donde te enamorarás del personaje principal:
1. Un beso en París, Stephanie Perkins
2. Maravilloso Desastre, Jamie McGuire
3. Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell
4. Some Boys, Patty Blount (sólo disponible en inglés)
5. Orgullo y prejuicio, Jane Austen
6. El lado explosivo de Jude, Nicole Williams
7. Everything, Everything, Nicola Yoon

- Si quieres leer un libro con temas importantes así como la tolerancia a los grupos LGBT, el abuso, feminismo, maltrato animal, entre otros:
1. Aristóteles y Dante descubren los secretos del Universo, Benjamin Alire Sáenz (LGBT)
2. Some Boys, Patty Blount (Feminismo, abuso)
3. El único e incomparable Iván, Katherine Applegate (Maltrato animal)
4. Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur (Poesías sobre el feminismo, abuso, entre otros. Solo disponible en Inglés)
5. La lección de August, RJ Palacio (Bullying)
6. La canción de Aquiles (LGBT)

- Si quieres leer un libro que te ayude a sanar tu corazón:
1. Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur

- Si quieres leer libros donde puedas aprender más sobre distintos temas:
1. Saga Percy Jackson y los dioses del Olimpo, Rick Riordan (Mitología griega)
2. Trilogía Magnus Chase y los dioses de Asgard, Rick Riordan (Mitología nórdica, solo disponible en inglés por el momento)
3. Saga Los Héroes del Olimpo, Rick Riordan (Mitología griega y romana, se recomienda leer después de acabar Percy Jackson)
4. El teorema de Katherines, John Green (El personaje principal es un niño prodigio, por lo que continuamente hace referencias a datos científicos que se pueden encontrar interesantes)
5. La canción de Aquiles, Madeline Miller (Está centrado en la Guerra de Troya y se basa en La Iliada)

- Si quieres libros con los que llorar: 
1. Leal, Veronica Roth (Divergente #3)
2. Sinsajo, Suzanne Collins (Los juegos del hambre #3) 
3. La cura mortal, James Dashner (Correr o morir #3)
4. Un paseo para recordar, Nicholas Sparks
5. El cuaderno de Noah, Nicholas Sparks
6. Sangre de Corazón, Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez
7. Si decido quedarme, Gayle Forman
8. La canción de Aquiles, Madeline Miller

- Si quieres leer nuevas sagas y/o trilogías:
1. Saga Hush Hush, Becca Fitzpatrick (Ángeles caídos)
2. Trilogía El fin de los tiempos, Susan Ee (Ángeles caídos)
3. Saga Las Crónicas Lunares, Marissa Meyer (Futurista)
4. Saga Cazadores de Sombras, Cassandra Clare 
5. Saga Harry Potter, JK Rowling
6. Trilogía Divergente (+ Cuatro), Veronica Roth 
7. Saga Correr o Morir, James Dashner
8. Saga Percy Jackson y los dioses del Olimpo, Rick Riordan
9. Trilogía Firelight, Sophie Jordan (Personajes basados en dragones)
10. Trilogía Magnus Chase y los dioses de Asgard, Rick Riordan
11. Saga Los Héroes del Olimpo, Rick Riordan
12. Trilogía Los Juegos del Hambre, Suzanne Collins
13. Trilogía Crash, Nicole Williams
14. Saga Maravilloso Desastre, Jamie McGuire

Este texto se irá actualizando cada que acabe un libro y decida ponerlo en una nueva lista.

anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts on King Aerys's Kingsguard? Do you think they were honorable knights are toadies who didn't uphold their vows?

Oof, that’s a loaded question. Bear with me because I have thoughts.

The Kingsguard are vital to GRRM’s interrogation of knighthood and his definition of a true knight; we’re meant to see how hard it is to live up to the ideals of knighthood in a world that allows for conflicting vows, how good knights in service to a bad cause handle it, how many of them dare to question the system itself, and how that reflects on their view of themselves and of the institution as a whole. Living up to the chivalric code is freaking hard which is precisely why it is the mark of a true knight.

So we have the kingsguard as a model of how crooked the current system is - this is an institution that is universally viewed as the embodiment of the chivalric code but its fundamental flaw - the fact the their vows to the king are taken to supersede their original vows to “be just [..] protect the young and the innocent [..] defend all women” even though the knighthood oath is the foundation on which the Kingsguard oath is built upon - effectively compromises that same code, exposing its oath to be hollow and presenting a conflict of morality that so many of the revered knights in Westeros fall to.

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ok idiot, I guess you’ve just said that 29 or more men on the Patriots don’t exist.

I guess LeGarrette Blount doesn’t exist

Or Martellus Bennett doesn’t either

Or Dion Lewis

Or Malcolm Butler

Or Jacoby Brissett

Or Malcolm Mitchell

Or Cyrus Jones

Or Dont’a Hightower

Or Trey Flowers

Or Eric Rowe

Or Malcom Brown

Or Matthew Slater (who is the Patriots captain)

Or Devin McCourty 

Or Elandon Roberts

Or Barkevious Mingo

Or Patrick Chung

Or Alan Branch (who could easily kill Dickhead Spencer)

Or Logan Ryan

Or Jabaal Sheard

Or Jonathan Jones

Or Marcus Cannon (who could also easily kill Dickhead Spencer)

Or Vincent Valentine

or Brandon Bolden

Or Jordan Richards

Or Tre’ Jackson

Or Duron Harmon

Or Justin Coleman

And ESPECIALLY James White

after this stupid fucking remark from Mr. Nazi himself


(and yes, I’ve included inactive players. they are still on the roster so they count)


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