People are not toys, made to satisfy the whims of another. Hearts have no wind-up key for the heartless ones to stop and start as they please, amusing themselves only. I will not be just another doll in a haphazard toy box or even encased in glass as a piece in a prized collection. I will be valued yes, but most of all, loved.
—  If you want to play games, play with yourself

I only hope that in the end I make your life a little better.


I’ve made peace with the shadows inside.

What once clawed at my soul has liberated me, told me

that my darkness doesn’t have to claim or to consume 

that it is there to remind me that I am human, that I err,

that I, too, carry light.

I am an eclipse.


1333. Darkness and Light

Maybe the person you like smiles at you every time you aren’t looking,

Maybe your smile is cute enough to brighten someone’s day,

Maybe everything that you worry about isn’t going to matter in a few years,

Maybe if you think you look good in that outfit you actually do,

Maybe when you think that someone genuinely cares for you, you are right,

Maybe when you think that someone thinks about you, you are right,

Maybe when you think that you are second guessing yourself too much, and you need to stop worrying you are right,

And maybe when someone says you look good they genuinely mean it,

Not everyone in your life will try to bring you down, or try to prove you wrong,

All that matters is what you think about yourself,

How much you love yourself,

Never ever stop loving or caring for yourself just because someone said that you look ugly or you aren’t as smart as them,

Everyone has a power of their own, that only they can harness,

Maybe your power is still in the process of being found,

You are growing into this amazing human being who is so full of life,

Don’t let a bunch of ungrateful people dull your shine,

You are bright enough to grow in your own light,

And trust me the ones who want you to grow will help you, nurture you, without telling you to change,

And that’s what matters the most.

But you don’t know
the taste of avalanches,
snowflake burns
like smoke
upon tastebuds,
faintly flavored
like regret.
—  V.I.P.P.
Staying Over

Allow me
This day to exist
Without fear
Of death
Drawing near

For the time
Which keeps me
Our life
Is a borrowed dream

When I wake
To caress your cheeks
These sheets
So tender

Every shadow
Of that morning
Is me

Lines which curve
Your dimples

Fingers gently
Near the mouth
You keep
At rest

To pretend
We just won’t know
That love
Is always

From the heat
Our bodies
Like a furnace
Burning chance  

Of the thread
Which ties
Our hearts
Bonding flesh
That’s waited

Each breath sacred
As the one
Which could be

While never
Knowing fate
If the feeling
Too frequent

Where nerves
And passing answers
Give us solace
Through their

We have danced
And perhaps
Have even
Said this

How words
Lose reservations
On nights
We choose
To share.

- J. Pigno

game of love

There’s nothing left for me here

But anger and fear

And pain

I can’t keep

Standing in the rain

Wishing, waiting

While you’re inside debating

Whether I’m worth your time

How do you do it?

Turn your love on a dime

You’re evil, woman

But you know what they say

The game of love

Is the hardest to play

So, how

How did you get so good?

How many hearts have you broken

On the spot where I stood?

If only you saw me

The way you see him

Then maybe

We both could win

—innate ramblings

It’s okay if you hate me. If it feels impossible to look at my face without imagining to push it away, if it feels tiring and dreading to be with me. It’s okay if you left me on the other side of the door when I’ve been nothing but unbearable to you. I would understand. I’m difficult to love sometimes. I would do the same if you’ve been silent for days no end and exploded at me one day. I would cry after we shouted at each other’s faces, and I’d refuse to talk to you for a few days. All that I’m asking is you’d always come back to my embrace with forgiveness or an apology. All I want is we’d never let it destroy us, these fights and fallback. It’s okay if you hate me now, if you promise to be there, waiting, until you can love me again.
—  Promise me you’d never fall out of love.
Pure:Body:Poetry Series #21

She is smoke in the lungs
She is Ecstasy under the tongue
She is a wet dream
Waking with a dry mouth
She is blood pooling beneath bruised knees
She is numb fingers drenched and clench between soft thighs
She is every crush, buried in shallow backyard graves
Every unwritten valentines letter
Every unfulfilled summer romance
She is murky waters and the denizens that reside there
She is smoke in the lungs
She is a trip
*cough cough


Today, I’ve been

crying until my

eyes shrink and

smoke like

stressors so I

put on some

music, scream/sing to

someone else’s pain

for a change.

Lyrics deconstruct and

march inside my

veins as

riffs and

beats cleanse me of

a choking day.

It’s no cure but

it keeps me

grounded in

unsuicide for now and


that’s all

you need.