blotch art

Every Flower I Could Find

Artist: Stella Im Hultberg - I’m Yours, You’re Mine (II)

I picked you

the prettiest flowers

I could find

in the small shrinking garden

of my mind –

turns out

flowers don’t like 


imagine that 


even if the sun

is too heavy for the sky

I will search

these shadowed fields

and pluck for you

every bloom of beauty

I can find.

What was originally gonna be a story arc comic became fanart of @caramoccii/ @ask-seokjinnie’s 1920’s au (pls click for better quality)

Drawing Jin took me hella long lemme tell you but it’s the best part of this 

Otherwise this is awful forgive me I am not worthy

Melancholy’s Melody

Artwork Source: @jerzee55z

sadness sings me to sleep

a sweet lullaby

of dripping violins

played in the key

of apathy

I find solace

in this tired melody

aching of melancholy

drifting to sleep

as the cello moans

echoing notes

of trial 

and tragedy.

Scanned in, tho did a pretty bad job…I can’t seem to figure out how to scan colored stuff well…anyways, my Vipera dragon species, with markings based on the yellow-blotched palm pitviper.  There’s a big ol’ write up here for those who feel like wiggling thru it.  It’s not everything, just what I can currently remember without my notes lol.

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It’s a Surreal Life

Artist: Deger Bakir

I want to know
who drew 
this chalk line
down my spine
I want to know
why my soul feels
only black pavement
and tainted light
I want to know
who built 
this town
and left me here
stuck between 
these buildings
stranded on 
grey sidewalks
that lead
to nowhere 
every time –
tell me 
and I promise
I’ll stop asking
about the Big Hand
that sketches
the sky.

aut2imagineart  asked:

Can you draw princess Allura as a genie?


This is a drawing of my Space Corruption AU.

The whole base of my AU is where people are sent to another planet since the earth is dying out. But the ones who are sent get stuck in an experiment gone wrong, getting reformed and torn apart, along with getting corrupted.

Our lifesource is what holds us together, traits of what we are passionate about appearing onto our “skin”.

Some get damaged worse than others, getting stuck with no vision or missing parts that we actually need. Some, get holes in their body, this one having his in the shape of a star.

The blotches on the “skin” is the infection that resulted in the corruption. Some get things coming out if the infection. Like this one, he gets deadly start dust floating out. Not many get anything that comes out of the blotches.



this is a really simple tutorial I decided to make dont know if it helps but let’s go!

1) lineart
2) color a thin layer of base color
3) and then I just add a few blotches of color on where I wanna shade darker
4) and then just blotch blotch and mix in the color! but have to do it when it’s semi dry so that the paper doesnt tear
5) continue blotching after new layer is dry and BLOTCH BLOTCH different colors :D
6) and taddaaaaaa watercolor done ^7^