Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!

This year I’ve met some of the most amazing people on Tumblr! I follow 97 blogs so it was hard for me to choose out of them. But these 15 people have the some of the best blogs I’ve seen. Not only that but I’ve had the privilege of talking to them and getting to know them. So if you have time please check out their blogs, follow and be sure to chat with them!

Following the pictures left to right:

  • anchovyb2uty: The first person I’ve ever followed on tumblr. Has a beautiful blog and loves Hyuk. She’s the reason why I got to love Hyuk so much!
  • vita-mings: Makes the best gifs! I’m surprised she doesn’t get tired of me reblogging her so much! My Cali buddy!
  • blossomsandgreentea: This is Mi Nam! My sister. She loves Jung Yunho, Kim Heechul, and her brat of a sister (me) the most in life :D 
  • sejinislove: Loves Seyong and Chaejin of MyName. I know, you’d never be able to tell right? 
  • wonhamnida: My love, my love, my love! Hehehe, I have mad love for this girl. She listens to me vent all the time, I’m surprised she isn’t tired of me yet. Follow her and you’ll not only be following a wonderful person, but be seeing flawless pictures of Kim Bum on your dash!
  • yoshimiyuki: Flawless blog, just flawless. The most wonderful pictures come from this girlie!
  • foshoklinky: Must. Refrain. From. Writing. Novel…. My Unnie! My love, my Unnie! This is my Unnie everyone! One of the first few people I’ve ever followed. Puts up with all my crap, and loves the hip hap Zico!
  • -whitewishes: My twitter buddie! I just started following her but I enjoy it every time I see her on my dash! Another Hyuk lover!
  • pikajoon: PIKAJOONIE! Loves Woohyun, but claims to be Myungsoo biased (face the truth pikajoonie u___u) One of the funniest people I’ve talked to on Tumblr. Has the most flawless blog, and is pretty much always a tumblr crush of mine. 
  • taebait: Is one of the few people aware of my inner pervert. LOL. But I’m sure everyone knows that by now. Loves Joonie (even she’s clinging on to Seungho… give it up -__-’) 
  • newblood-abo: For my daily dose of Donghae. Which everyone needs.
  • ificouldflyyyy: Another frequent member of my Tumblr Crushes.
  • hanasa-nai-de: For all that is Shisus.
  • inheavenwithmax: My youtube buddie! We spazzed about SJ’s comeback… before it came out but missed the spazzing when it actually came out. Loves DBSK and Super Junior.
  • ramyunlover: My ultimate source for Yesung. Because I need some Yesung lovin’ too~

Tumblr Crushes:

Eff…. 14%…. 

The rest of them… Are amazing blogs… Follow them! 

Ah… A couple of people are missing though… I don’t know how they aren’t a tumblr crush but… I’ll make them one!

  • pikajoon(ie… Uses the best gifs EVER!)
  • vita-mings (my Cali buddy!)
  • kboybands (Unnie <3) 
  • ifyoucomeintomyheart (one of the admids and I have wayyy to much in common, which I love)
  • muoiohoh (my YT buddy!)
  • anchovyb2uty (One of the first blogs I’ve followed, and haven’t ever regretted following) 
  • crazyfunnyhappy (My lifesaver who helped me make gifs)
  • ymiloveskpop (Posts some of the funniest things I’ve seen! But also a lot of kpop)
  • youmakemepissedoff (super funny and honest)
  • taebait (Shit Tasha! I just spent 10 minutes looking for “Intoxication-x!” Anyway.. Has an amazing blog and is amazing to fangirl with!)
  • love-theshine (I just started following… But I reblog almost everything!) 

That’s a lot of people… But I they all have amazing blogs!!!