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Rampion Kids Part Two


  • Their oldest child is Dmitri, a street kid orphaned by the revolution who stows away aboard the Rampion at one of their shipping route stops because he was being chased by the local police for pickpocketing one of the officers.
    • He’s approximately five years old when they meet him, but tough as nails, a blossoming criminal mastermind, and so very, very hungry for love.
    • When they find him tucked behind some crates in the cargo bay, he scowls at them as fiercely as he can with a cute little five year-old face and the only information they can get out of him is his name. Cress, of course, is floored because that particular name means a lot to her, and she’s also concerned because the kid clearly isn’t being taken care of—he’s practically skin and bones and constantly sniffling, as if he’s got a permanent cold—and Thorne’s angry because the poor kid is trying to hide how badly his hands are shaking by balling them into fists, and the idea of a child being so badly treated that his first response to adults is fear really riles him up.
      • Eventually, they coax him out and sit him down for a good meal and his fierce defenses begin to lower over the trip back to the city he came from.
        • He warms up to Cress first, of course, because to him, who’s never experienced much in the way of love, she’s this beautiful lady with the pretty voice when she reads to him and the kind eyes when she hands him a third cookie and the gentle hands when she tucks him into the guest bunk.
    • They head back to the city where they picked him up, with the original plan being to get him to child services, but…it’s three days back to that city. And a lot can happen in three days. They fall in love with that fierce, frightened little boy, and the first thing they do once they reach the city is to start adoption proceedings because neither of them can bear the thought of handing over the child they’ve been caring for over to someone else.
    • Once the rest of the gang meets him, their first response is, “Are you sure he’s not actually related to Thorne?” Because father and son really are a lot alike for not being biologically related. 
      • They bond over their mutual ex-criminal status (they may or may not have lock-picking contests when Cress isn’t looking).
      • Dmitri’s a charmer, too, just like Thorne, flashing a brilliant smile to get what he wants. 
      • Also like Thorne, he adores Cress with every fiber of his being. 
  • Next are the twins. Fast-forward a few years, and Dmitri is pestering his parents for a younger sibling. They oblige, but lo and behold, they discover that Cress is pregnant with twins.
    • Cressida Selene Thorne is born twenty-four minutes before her sister and enters the world screeching at the top of her lungs…and that loud personality really never fades. She inherits her father’s sense of mischief and then some, which—when paired with her mother’s innocent, angelic looks—is a dangerous combination.
      • In many respects, she’s her father all over again, from the striking blue of her eyes to the dashing smile she flashes as she dives headfirst into one scheme after the next to the ongoing argument she has with Dmitri about who’s going to captain the Rampion when they grow up.
      • She grows up to be the primary idea person for the young Rampion kids (”Hey, we should go to Artemisia for spring break!” “Oooh, we should totally buy that hover and go roadtripping.”)
      • She’s been Ari Kesley’s best friend since birth, despite their entirely opposite personalities. He claims that she’s going to be the death of him some day with all the messes she gets him into, but she says they balance each other out.
    • Cassiopeia Cinder Thorne may be the last, but she is certainly not the least. She takes after her mom with her long blonde hair and elfin features and the brilliant, brilliant mind that lets her keep up with her more confident siblings.
      • She was the smaller of the twins and she remains the smallest, much to her chagrine when Dmitri uses her as an armrest and Cressida wins their wrestling matches without breaking a sweat.
        • She retaliates by hacking their portscreens on a regular basis.
      • Of the three Thorne kids, she’s the only one who inherited her mom’s thirst for knowledge and she inhales information like most kids inhale candy.
      • She’s the quietest of the three and the shyest, but that doesn’t stop her from being the best businessperson in her family, period. According to her, clever beats charisma any day.