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Partisans of Vilna: Zog Nit Keyn'mol
Lyrics - Hirsh Glick (1922 Vilna, Lithuania – 1944 Estonia)
Partisans of Vilna: Zog Nit Keyn'mol

World War II Jewish Resistance Song (1986)

English Translation:

Never say that this is the end, the final road.
Wherever a drop of our blood fell, there our courage will
grow anew.
This song, written in blood, was sung by a people fighting
for life and freedom.
Our triumph will come and our resounding footsteps will
proclaim “We are here!”

From land of palm-trees to the far-off lands of snow.
We shall be coming with our torment and our woe;
And everywhere our blood has sunk into the earth
Shall our bravery, our vigor blossom forth.

We’ll have the morning sun to set our days aglow;
And all our yesterdays shall vanish with the foe.
But if the time is long before the sun appears,
Then let this song go like a signal through the years.

This song was written with our blood, and not with lead;
It’s not a song that summer birds sing overhead;
It was a people, amidst the toppling barricades,
That sang this song of ours with pistols and grenades.

So never say you now go on your last way,
Through darkened skies may now conceal the blue of day,
Because the hour for which we’ve hungered for is near,
Beneath our feet the earth shall tremble, “We are here!”

Day 13: The Familiar Spirit Cometh.


The familiar spirit is within as well as without. Some say it begins from the without, and draws to your very heart as you walk down the paths, and become whole within yourself.

Some say the spirit blossoms forth from within you, out of your union of your most innermost self, the root of your spirit, with the otherworld. 

For some it could be one, for others it could be the other, and for many it could be a bit of both. 

In my practice, the Familiar Spirit becomes my supernatural assistant and Holy Guardian Angel when practicing Evocation and Grimoire Magic, showing that sometimes one spirit can encompass various roles. The Familiar Spirit is my ultimate guide, teacher, and companion on my crooked path.

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New R18 work in progress for NaNoRenO 2017 - Molestation Story ~Chapter: July~.

This is a title screen, subject to heavy changes (due to the fact that I am not good at graphic/UI design).

More details beneath the cut…

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Book Description; She seemed ethereal, intangible even, as many knew her mostly through her blog, but she was real. This girl with kaleidoscope eyes and hair cut close to her head. Admired widely for soaring bird like melodies, dark, magnificent lines and avant-garde assortments of notes, all of which blossomed forth from her fingers and lungs as they underwent a magical metamorphosis through her flute. And through her otherworldly aura, she was always welcoming. Her name was Robin

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Cabinet Meeting - Thomas Jefferson X reader

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“Imagine what gonna happen when you try to tax our whiskey”

 You watched in amazement at the handsome man’s words. Your brother, Alexander, had practically begged you to come to his cabinet meeting, and you were glad you came because the whole evening you had your eyes set on one man.

Thomas Jefferson

To say you had fallen in love with your brother’s rival was idiotic and reckless is an understatement. You couldn’t help it, though, not with the looks he gave you when he passed by, the sweet smile he would flash you, and not to mention his way with words! He had caught your eye, and it seems you caught his.

 A month ago, you had slipped him your address and the letter exchanges began, each one enchanting you more than the last. That's when he asked to court you.

So, here you were. Watching as the two men you loved the most fought over politics and the blossoming nation. Back and forth they went, sharing their opinions and stabbing at one another. It slightly sickened you how Alexander would shout such vulgar words at your courter, making you squirm in your seat.

“Turn around, bend over, I’ll show you where my shoe fits!” 

At this point, you were practically shaking in fury. Alexander took note of this as the president called a recess. He walked over to you and took you outside to allow you to speak.

“Alexander, that was unnecessary!” You scolded him. He cocked an eyebrow and gave you a look.

“Why do you care, it’s Jefferson we are talking abo-” 

“Y/N, my love, there you are!” 

Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear, you thought as you heard Thomas’ voice come from behind. You turned to see him running towards you but suddenly stopping once his eyes land on Alexander.

“……My love?” Alexander asked, looking back and forth between you, his eyes growing wide at the realization.

“Shit, he knows.” You whispered to Thomas

“All those letters, the flowers, the gifts, they were you!” You saw rage start forming in your brother’s eyes, his fists clenching as his gaze held strong on Thomas. Speaking of Thomas, he wasn’t helping the situation as his arms came up and snaked around your waist.

“No duh, Hamilton. Face the music, your sister loves me and guess what? I love her.” He said, shooting Alexander a glare of warning. 

“Y/N. We’re. Leaving” He suddenly grabbed your wrist and pulled you from Thomas, leaving his warm arms and being dragged closer to the carriage you had ridden in before.

“Wait, Alexander, please!” You cried to your brother, but to no avail. He opened the door and gently pushed you into the carriage, careful not to hurt you as tears streamed down your cheeks.

“Hamilton! Wait, please, I love her so much! Don’t take the one I need the most from me, please I am begging you!” Suddenly your brother froze and turned back to Thomas

“Never speak to her again, Jefferson” He spat his name and closed the door, the carriage began driving you away from your pleading and desperate love. You watched from the window as he fell on his knees, matching tears in his eyes.

When you arrived home, you spent no time even acknowleging your brother as you ran up to your room and slammed the door. You collapsed in sobs, pulling your knees close to your heaving chest. There was a soft knock at the door.

“Leave me be, Alexander. I want nothing to do with you…”

“Alexander is downstairs, Y/N. Please, we need to be quick.” Your head shot up as you heard Thomas’ voice. You stood and swung open the door, feeling his arms wrap around you and hold you tight against him

“Did you really think I would let you get away?” He whispered in your ear before pulling you into a sweet and tender kiss.

“H-how did you……what are we going to do?” You desperately asked him. He took your hands and walked to your closet, opening the door and pulling out your suitcase. You took a moment to look to him and back to the suitcase, unsure about the decision. 

Suddenly, you heard footsteps drawing near to your room and you ran to slam the door. Thomas quickly changed positions with you and barricaded the door as you packed. 

Once all was packed you handed him your suitcase and leaned against the door, hoping that Alexander could hear you.

“I love you. Don’t you ever forget that, my dear brother.”

“Y/N…?” You heard your brother’s muffled voice before swinging the door open and dashing past him, Thomas in tow with your belongings in his hands. Alexander had no time to react as you climbed into Thomas’ carriage. Soon, you were on your way with him to start a new life. 

“Y/N, love, please don’t cry…” You were so caught up in what had just happened, you hadn’t realized you were crying, You quickly wiped the tears away and gave him a smile.

“You’re right. How could I cry when everything I ever wanted was right in front of me?”

The month of May was come, when every lusty heart beginneth to blossom, and to bring forth fruit; for like as herbs and trees bring forth fruit and flourish in May, in likewise every lusty heart that is in any manner a lover, springeth and flourisheth in lusty deeds.  For it giveth unto all lovers courage, that lusty month of May.
—  Sir Thomas Malory -  Le Morte d'Arthur

If our lips were to meet
there would be symphonies
and dancing and decadence

If your hands held mine
they’d surely learn
how to paint masterpieces

If your arms embraced me
the heavens would surround us
and we’d be one with the stardust

If you sang me to sleep
my dreams would remember your lullaby
long after I’d wake

If your soul learned to love me
Spring would send forth her blossoms
and Winter’s heart would melt

And if any of this were to happen
we’d never be the same

—  If

A small prayer to Hera, to celebrate and thank her for the decision that was made today: 

Hera Teleia, Our Matron Goddess, 
Divine Protector of the Wedded,
Guardian of Marriage,
I recognize your hand in what has transpired today.
I thank you for your guidance and protection.
Your righteous spirit guides us.
O Queen of the Gods,
bless the marriages that
blossom forth hence.
Protect and guide them,
nourish their bond in love.