blossom deary

Wait 'Till You See Him
Blossom Dearie
Wait 'Till You See Him

Wait ‘till you see him, see how he looks
Wait ‘till you hear him laugh
Painters of paintings, writers of books
Never could tell the half…

Wait ‘till you feel the warmth of his glance
Pensive and sweet and wise
All of it lovely, all of it thrilling
I’ll never be willing to free him

When you see him
You won’t believe your eyes


Again with this, iHeart Radio!?

Happened yesterday, and for anyone curious it was the Blossom Dearie version. To my knowledge Ray Wise never recorded a full one. *To my knowledge.*

(So excited for more tomorrow, holy shit you guys!)

The Beautiful Librarians by Sean O’Brien

The Beautiful Librarians
The beautiful librarians are dead,
The fairly recent graduates who sat
Like Françoise Hardy’s shampooed sisters
With cardigans across their shoulders
On quiet evenings at the issue desk,
Stamping books and never looking up
At where I stood in adoration.

Once I glimpsed the staffroom
Where they smoked and (if the novels
Were correct) would speak of men.
I still see the blue Minis they would drive
Back to their flats around the park,
To Blossom Dearie and red wine
Left over from a party I would never

Be a member of. Their rooms looked down
On dimming avenues of lime.
I shared the geography but not the world
It seemed they were establishing
With such unfussy self-possession, nor
The novels they were writing secretly
That somehow turned to ‘Mum’s old stuff’.

Never to even brush in passing
Yet nonetheless keep faith with them,
The ice queens in their realms of gold –
It passes time that passes anyway.
Book after book I kept my word
Elsewhere, long after they were gone
And all the brilliant stock was sold.

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Blossom Dearie,  I wish you love + Impro blues 


1. Diana Krall - I’ve Got You Under My Skin 00:00
2. Silje Nergaard - Every Time We Say Goodbye 06:08
3. Ruth Cameron - Something Cool 11:27
4. Dee Dee Bridgewater - Angel Eyes 16:51
5. Abbey Lincoln - Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? 22:42
6. Cassandra Wilson - I’ve Grown Accustomed To His Face 29:28
7. Diana Krall - Why Should I Care 34:42
8. Shirley Horn - I Got Lost In His Arms 38:28
9. Ruth Cameron - One For My Baby 42:44
10. Silje Nergaard - Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered 47:55
11. Laura Fygi - What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life 53:19
12. Diane Schuur - The Man I Love 57:05
13. Helen Merrill - Baby Ain’t I Good To You 01:01:48

1. Sarah Vaughan - Misty 01:04:37
2. Ella Fitzgerald - Someone To Watch Over Me 01:07:38
3. Dinah Washington - Mad About the Boy 01:12:11
4. Billie Holiday - Stormy Weather 01:14:59
5. Nina Simone - Don’t Explain 01:18:38
6. Carmen McRae - Dream Of Life 01:22:58
7. Teri Thornton - Where Are You Running? 01:26:59
8. Ella Fitzgerald - September Song 01:29:50
9. Sarah Vaughan - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 01:33:31
10. Billie Holiday - Come Rain Or Come Shine 01:37:30
11. Dinah Washington - Cry Me a River 01:41:51
12. Peggy Lee - They Can’t Take That Away From Me 01:44:20
13. Dorothy Dandridge - That Old Feeling 01:47:18
14. Anita O'Day - Tenderly 01:50:24
15. Blossom Dearie - Once Upon a Summertime 01:53:04
16. Patti Page - I Didn’t Know About You 01:55:49