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Yatogami and his Yukine ♡♡ 
I wanted to draw some meaningful/Japanesey things for the backgrounds aha. I hope it is fun figuring out what they mean ^^

 Watercolours on 200gsm

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jiminah! what's your opinion of kookie's new bag?

jimin: i guess……

somewhere out there, namjoon:

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Vaione walks to Pyarrr's woodland shrine, physically walks. He sets down his bag with a thump and murmurs a blessing over the dishes of honey and funeral cakes as he offers them to Pyarrr's idol. Gently he lifts the clumps of flowers and blossomed shrubs from his bag, settling their roots and bulbs in the soil around the shrine. "Wild Pyarrr, accept my offering to perfume your shrine and feed your beasts."

(Pyarrr instantly manifests.) You honor me with your offering. 

Forgive my informal speech, but your display has truly touched my heart. You will find that others have missed you even more than I; the Generous One would see your return with open arms.


As Baby Schoolbag eagerly prepares to show Baby blossom whats he is carrying in his bag today, Blossom contemplates how there are worse fates than being named after your mother.

Just something I made to acquaint myself with my new watercolors back in… 2015? Used some “student” paper I got as a gift. (bleh) I had put this aside planning to do more with it but I honestly can’t remember what that was or how I mixed the colors so.. I’m calling it done now. :P (I based Baby Blossom off her Mexican variant.)