Let’s have a house party with Sonny & Brownie. 



(Pronunciation: BLOTZ

A Schwäbisch light dinner that I helped my Tante Irene make.  

Blooz has structure similar to a pizza.  It is made from rolling out a thin yeast dough before it rises.  Tante Irene has this super cool mixing machine that measures, weighs, warms, mixes, pulverizes, kneads, and blends all in one.  Why don’t we have one of those in the US? Then, the toppings are added: a mixture of cream and plain yogurt as the sauce, lots and lots of thinly sliced shreds of garlic (we used an entire leek on one 13x9” pan) then garnished with finely chopped bacon, some bacon drippings for a little extra flavor and fresh from the garden chives. We put it into the oven at some degree Celsius which is totally irrelevant to me because I only understand Fahrenheit, and enjoyed it about 20 minutes later with our Neuer Wein that picked up earlier in the day. 

Friday October 5, 2012

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Jeff Beck with Eric Clapton live at Ronnie Scott’s (by Garibaldi1991)


day 236: charley patton - high water everywhere pt 1


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