I don’t see why willdip cannot be sweet and affectionate. People tend to exaggerate things for this au, but I think it’s pretty simple: enemies in canon, lovers in fanon


Love under the Sun by icemanphotos

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Cheryl Bloosom #45

                     “You’re the only person in the entire world I am not sick of.” 

                     aka, Cheryl meets her match and doesn’t know how to handle it


Cheryl Blossom was inevitably the most frustrating person to grace the halls the Riverdale high school. Once upon a time she would have argued she was the most frustrating in all of Riverdale but as the years went on she realized differently. Having Jason by her side meant she was never alone, never subjected to the abuse of her parents without someone there to catch her fall. Yet there came a time with Jason finally left her and Cheryl realized that no one, not a single soul, could touch the cruelty of her blasted mother. 

Though even with that thought in mind, she still strived to be the absolute most adored and feared student within the school walls. With paws of silken white, [shade colour being white smoke to be exact], everything she touched became marked by her presence. Everyone knew her name and no one was about to forget it. 

Cheryl was convinced that Veronica Lodge was going to be trouble the moment she pranced through the halls like she owned the place. But an abundance of collected fear and adoration put her on the brink of insanity the moment she heard of the arrival of a new student. 

Could it be that her authority would be finally threatened by a worthy opponent? 

Cheryl’s eyes were bordering on black but the moment she laid on eyes on you they were painted red. Red with jealousy, red with… she didn’t know. Her heart was pounding, an inconsistent beat to be felt over the soft skin of her breast. It was an unholy reminder that she had a heart at all. 

She would never admit but somewhere within her she knew that peeking around corners and dwindling by the mirrors in the washroom was slightly pathetic. She was kitten touching snow for the first time, her paws no longer lethal and instead curious and humming with anticipation. She waited to catch glimpses of you because for once in her life she was finally intimidated but starving for an introduction. 

It took three weeks for her to properly introduce herself to you. While reapplying lipstick in the north hall washroom, you had sauntered in and complimented the colour. She had fumbled with the cosmetic tube and accentuated the subtle curve of her cupids bow in a crooked manner. 

Cheryl was in luck though, as you took a curious attachment to the mermaid haired girl quicker than you had to anyone. Whether or not it was the way she carried herself through the halls or the impressive strength of her thighs during pep rallies, you couldn’t tell. 

Nevertheless, you were captivated by Cheryl’s ever move since the moment you noticed her infatuation with you. Never in your life had someone so complicated as Cheryl noticed someone of the likes of you. 

The first sleepover Cheryl invited you on deserved artistic camera angles and passionate narrator. It was akin to a movie scene, second act, when the two romantic leads accidentally brush fingers and hold back a reaction from the spark. There was a spark, so peculiar and unfamiliar to you both, somehow rather infuriating to Cheryl Blossom. 

This was not supposed to happen, not to young women like her. She was supposed to be in command, to have a gripping yet measured power held over her chosen lover. Yet she found herself grasping for something tangible to hold onto, feeling chosen rather than having chosen… She was not under control. 

No, she was falling in love. 

Without Jason to turn to, Cheryl had no one to talk things through with. The only person she really wished to speak to anymore was you. How could she have wound up in such a state of mind? Her thoughts were a disarray and her palms experienced the foreign, damp feeling of nervousness. This was not apart of her plan. 

“Can I ask you something rather personal?” 

Cheryl didn’t quite know what the expect, your innocent question was undermined by the haunted tone of your voice. Again, there was a nervous touch of dew to her palms and she had no idea to calm her quickened breath. 

“Of course, Y/N.” 

“Were you ever close with someone other than your brother?” 

The idea of snapping back and closing herself off to you was daunting to Cheryl. It would be easy to shut the doors of your blossoming connection and use Jason as her cover. But when the thought crossed her mind Cheryl felt suddenly more cheap than she ever had in her life. And associating you with that feeling felt more cruel than anything she had ever done. 

Becoming her mother was not something she ever dared to consider. 

“It’s hard to ever put someone in the same light as him. When you have someone supporting and loving you through everything, how could you ever compare them to someone else?”

She had noticed the way your nose twitched slightly, a sign you were holding back the gratified response that you thought needed to be said. Instead, she watched you formulate an honest thought that she was unused to being given. People either feared her or wanted to impress her, always giving her the answers she wanted to hear. 

But maybe the honest answer was something she had been desiring for a long time. 

“I respect that, Cheryl. I also expect that; he was your other half and I wouldn’t think ill of any bond like that. But I also know that how I feel with you is the most progressive and unusual form of attraction that I have ever experienced. I just want to make sure you want this.” 

Cheryl was reminded of how easy the familiar beat of her heart could transition into an erratic dance that she did not know the steps to. Funny enough, Cheryl was slowly becoming accustomed to feeling out of control. She was no longer just fascinated by it, she loved it. 

“I don’t know how to explain what I feel for you right now. It makes me furious and completely lost all at the same time.” She watched your face fall–no–crumble, she felt the sudden overwhelming wave of guilt wash over her. She was never the queen of words, only insults. And when it came down to the honest emotion that she was learning to accept, she didn’t know how to say anything right. 

“It’s just that,” she paused to take a breath she didn’t know she had even needed. “you’re the only person in the entire world I am not sick of.”

Cheryl Blossom was not a woman of kind and loving words, but if anything, she a woman who found herself being kissed with every ounce of passion she had never experienced. And no matter the pain of losing her twin or the pressure of having a mother, queen of wrath, Cheryl was utterly happy.

You were many of firsts for the stunning, Ariel-esque Queen of Riverdale High. First love, first meaningful kiss, and first presence to bring out a side in her that she never knew existed. But knowing you were the first person to make her feel like she truly had someone on her side would always, forever be enough to make you happy as well.