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Guitar Shopping this week at the big Long & McQuade store on Bloor Street in Toronto, Canada:

  1. Various Gretsches, Godins and even a Taylor electric in there too!
  2. Gibson Custom Trini Lopez ES-335 Reissue.
  3. New finish on this SG.  The tag said “Trans Black” but it sure looks brown to me!
  4. I was ever to spend over 4000 dollars on a new guitar, which I would never do, but anyhoo:  if I was ever to spend more than $4k on a new guitar, it might just be one of these - Gibson Custom Shop ‘54 Les Paul Gold Top, VOS.

“I remind myself that not everything is a sign, that some things simply are what they appear to be and should not be analyzed, deconstructed, or forced to bear the burden of metaphor, symbol, omen, or portent.” – Diane Schoemperlen

Signs of civilization on Bloor Street East in Toronto, Canada.

© Kevin Charles Ward


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Now or Never: Soulmate!Michael au

Soulmate au: Michael A/N: Soulmate au in which when you turn 18 you get a piece of paper in the mail with your soulmates name on it. For @malumsnudes Pairing: Michael and y/n Word Count: 787


The hands on the clock seemed to tease me. Each second they documented seeming to become louder than the last. 11:30 it said, half and hour. They said it would happen at midnight, on your 18th birthday, The moment the clock struck midnight, a letter would arrive at your door, containing the name of your soulmate. To be quite honest, I hating living like this, my life was dictated by pieces of paper, that seemed to ruin everything. Months earlier, those atrocious pieces of paper broke up the man who I thought was my soulmate, and I. We’d been dating for nearly three years, then one day, he got a piece of paper with Zoe McCuaig scrawled on it. He called me within the hour.


“fuck". My heart began to race. 60 seconds until I got their name. tiptoeing down the stairs, I didn’t know if I wanted to read my letter. What if it held a name of someone I despised? What if it held the name of my ex-boyfriend? Maybe he was my soulmate, but I wasn’t his. I’d heard of situations like that in story books. I exhaled as I head the mail slot click and a small envelope fell through.


The small white envelope had cherry red ink neatly written across the front, and was sealed with a small wax seal. My hands were shaking as a ran my fingertips over the ink. Now or never, I thought, now or never. I tore at the paper and fumbled to pull a small paper out of the letters packaging.

“Michael Clifford” the letter read “What the hell kind of name is that?” I whispered to myself. Michael was one of the most common names I could think of, and Clifford? Was my soulmate a freaking red dog? I huffed and shoved the paper into the pocket of my pajama pants and flocked to my laptop, and headed to the facebook search bar.

“Michael Clifford” 200 results found

“Age group: 18-26” 1 result found. His profile displayed that he had a love for music, games and well most of the things I enjoyed. Not to mention he was pretty easy on the eyes. He was 20, and worked in the expensive record shop on Bloor Street. I knew where I was headed tomorrow. Slipping the letter back into the envelope, and placing it on my bedside table; I shut my laptop and drifted to sleep.

“The next station is Bloor, Bloor station. Doors will open on the right” The loud speaker on the subway declared. The record shop was a bit of a walk from the station, my mind was frantic. What if it wasn’t him? What if my Michael was someone else, someone of a different age or who lived in another continent?

The window of the shop was nicely decorated with the newest vinyls on the market, and a large sign quoting an old song I couldn’t remember. Pushing the large glass door, I stepped into the shop, the letter stowed in my pocket. A tall, colourful haired man stood at the cash sorting through a box of CDs. He glanced up at me, gave a head nod and went back to what he as doing. It was him. Clenching my fists, I tried to muster up the courage to tell him. I should have thought this through more.

“I’ll be with you in a second, I need to find something. Have a look around”

“No” I stated

He looked up, mouth parted in shock. “um alright how can I help you.”

“Are you Michael Clifford?” I asked, keeping my distance by the door of the shop.

“yes…do I know you?”

My hand reached into my pocket as I approached him, and placed the letter on the counter. His vibrant green eyes started at me in awe. “is that your….” He trailed off.

I nodded.

“Y/N, Y/L/N” he whispered

“Hi” I exhaled

“How’d you.., when did you…” he stutterd

“well today’s my 18th, and I looked you up on facebook” I laughed

“You stalked me?” he chuckled, running his hands over his plump pink lips.

“Well one of us had to” I smiled

“listen Y/N, I get off in an hour, how ‘bout we catch up over lunch; we’ve got a whole lot of getting to know each other to do” He laced his hand with the one I had lay on the counter.

“After all” he began “its now or never”

a/n:sorry if there are any errors i didnt feel like editing!

                                     Club Monaco: Outdoor Market

There are times when an opportunity to hear about new brands and businesses arise that you can not really say no. Like you want to know what can they offer, and what can they do, luckily, our pals from Club Monaco hosted an outdoor market in Toronto at their flagship store in the famous Bloor St area. They carefully curated some of the best food, flowers and coffee in the city. Hearing this I was so excited as I truly love anything that has to do with the Club Monaco Brand and the lifestyle it portrays. The outdoor Farmers Market will Run from this month (August) to mid-fall.

Club Monaco Collaborated with:

Parts & Labour’s famed executive chef, Matty Matheson, will create a custom fresh white fish and quinoa salad

Boxcar Social will serve freshly brewed artisanal coffees

Bake Shoppe will boast a selection of homemade sweet treats

Philips Ice Pops will feature a refreshing selection of gourmet ice pops made with fresh fruits and herbs

and Local flower shop Sweet Woodruff will be home to custom Club Monaco inspired bouquets, created with fresh summer florals.

to create a custom assortment of their favorite items which will be available for a limited time at the Bloor Street market.


Guitar shopping at Long & McQuade, Toronto:

  1. Lovely gold DG-335
  2. Hey!  It’s a blue Casino!
  3. Epiphone?  Or PRS?  You be the judge!
  4. Cherry burst American Deluxe Tele.
  5. Random customer playing the above.
  6. “Sandblasted” American Standard Stratocaster.
  7. Um…I think it’s a Rickenbacker 340?  I have such trouble with Ric model names.  :\