bloopers s2

Karamel Appreciation Week | Day 7 | Free Choice | Part I

Since I love them both on-screen and off-screen, I’m going with moments I feel are possibly Melissa/Chris breaking character during their scenes. 

When Chris ad-libs (?) the ‘Good to see you Dana’ & Melissa’s trying to hold in her laugh

laughing at his Hank’s disapproving smile comment

“That’s your door. You should open it”

high fiving after awkward talk

Being extra with her cape and hitting (?) him with it


After a week of Skam ending, we’re all still processing it. Suddenly there’s an update on the Skam website.

It’s a Blooper episode, it’s around 30 minutes and it’s bloopers from season 1. And every week/days after that is a Blooper episode for each season…

Or it could be an episode of all the extra scenes that could have been in Skam but wasn’t (??)