Ever wonder how many times it takes use to make our videos? We’ve compiled almost all of the bloopers we have from making our videos to celebrate our 1K subscribers!!! 

Thanks you everyone for your love and support, @boredpoetsociety and I just want to make you smile, so hopefully we do that!

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omg I didn't know Ali is in one of con's videos which is privated now, but there is a bloopers video : youtube*com*watch?v=Bfrc4afXEwA


Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I had completely forgotten about it and this video (and baby connor) really brought me back!

Video Here


Did someone say bloopers?


A bit of my workout today with @nicole.diez at @punchboxingmiami … Boxers train way different than body builders lol . Shit was not easy . Bloopers video coming now lol .. #vanyvicious #vanyvideo (at Punch Boxing for Fitness Miami)

The bloopers on the Ouran Blu-Ray/DVD set are enjoyable–such as hearing J. Michael Tatum practically using Giriko’s voice to scream “WE’LL SEE YOU THEN!” 

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"We shot a scene that didn’t make the final cut in which Klaus “trains” Cami, Karate Kid-style, by throwing things at her (her goal being to use her newly acquired “vamp speed” to catch them). What we learned is that A) Leah doesn’t love having things thrown at her head, go figure (although she was a great sport), and B) Joe has quite the arm… but his aim could use a little work; he almost hit us writers during rehearsal. Although in retrospect, maybe that wasn’t an accident?" -Julie Plec Oh

bum! Would’ve been cool to watch that scene on screen!!!

I would love to see it too! I hope it makes it to the DVD, and there must have been some fun bloopers with Joseph throwing things at Leah’s head.