Supergirl Season 1 Gag Reel


Stephen was a little punch-drunk after wrapping up four nights of live RNC shows. Here are all the outtakes from the wee hours of Friday morning.

#petition to release all existing bloopers please and thank you

This is part 2 of Youtuber’s aren’t funny, again for @jasparing :)

For once it‘s not Joe who appears half-naked (or naked, that is) in your thumbnail, well done, Caspar

One second in and already this is happening, alright

Can we just appreciate Joe’s face

Caspar: Aawww, buddy, I don’t like seeing you like this

Let’s all shed a tear at this

Look at these two babies <3

Caspar: I don’t like seeing you in pain


But now let’s get to the appropiately named Raucous Bloopers where things get really interesting:

Joe: Can we get through a whole video without you touching me?

I don’t think so, Joe

Joe: You have no idea what is going on underneath the camera

I think I might have a vague idea, but do explain yourself, Joseph

Caspar: Josh is here as well

Joe: Just leave! What are you doing here?!

Um Josh, I think Joe would like to be alone with Caspar…

Josh: You’re so cute when you’re angry

Yes, I think Caspar also finds it very cute

Joe: Piss off

Of course you have to hug Joe now, Caspar, and what a broish bro-hug that is, aye

Uhm excuse me Caspar, but what exactly is your hand doing

Also you just kept petting Joe’s chest for solid 10 seconds



Also how have I never seen before that he had his tongue out, what the actual fuck

Bloody heart eyes

I cannot

I just cannot

Just stahp

Also, of course you have to hold his hand, Joe, because he was hit on the cheek, that makes perfect sense

And now, Ladies and Gents, we have half a minute of Joe piggy-back riding Caspar while Caspar is pretending to be a raptor

Without any kind of context

I’ll just leave this here, uncommented

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One Piece Interview Contest - Matsuricon 2016

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My friend has a theory about Marina Joyce

My friend has watched Marina Joyce for a very long time, she’s followed her on all her social media too. We were talking about Marina on Google+, then she said:

“I’m not sure if I’m right, but Marina’s probably dead, all her most recent videos look very pre-recorded and fake. Date outfits: She posted pictures of these date clothes a while back ago.The makeup tutorial: 2 different rooms, 3 different outfits, Last scene her hair has pink, Thumbnail different to video. Look book haul 2016: She posted picture on Instagram on those outfits 8 months ago. Maybe it’s her family or boyfriend trying to cover up her death using bloopers or un-uploaded videos and mashing them together, and that’s why she’s acting so weird. Some of her recent videos, you can see paper, like it’s a script, keep coming in the shots, in one of her videos, she has pills and a gun in the background. She also has many bruises on her arms.“

Bobby snoring while Em was trying to speak to him (while Rumple was in the coma) is the best thing ever.....”Thanks for the support, dude!”

THIS is what I’ve been dying to hear….I’ve MISSED seeing them so much; I love their friendship and this just makes me so happy, lol……..

PLEASE let this be on the blooper reel!