“I’m the next Haruhi! Bring it on ladies. I can take all three.” XD

lotus063 asked:

Even cooler, imagine during the credits, they show the bloopers of life is strange with the characters. Imagine Nathan forgetting his lines or slipping in the bathroom, Kate using the cords to jump off the dorms but I believe I can fly plays as Kate "flies", Warren accidentally kissing Nathan when he headbutts him, Max responding to Victoria when she says go fuck you're selfie and says "how about this, you fuck me."



Robert Carlyle is a genius. We were all doing a scene in the cabin, and Eion Bailey was tight up, and we had the Queens of Darkness in the cabin. The scene was in two parts but we filmed it so we had like a reset time. Which is we are all in the cabin and I would walk out and come back in. And we would just continue the scene. (x)