I never realized it but Chris Pratt has a really dirty sense of humor.


Watch the first outtake from Sherlock!!

In addition, we have updated news on a UK release for the new Sherlock S1-3 boxset and specifics on the commentary coming on the new DVD and Blu Ray releases here:


Found some old art and decided to re-draw it on a whim. I don’t remember what year I drew them, I think it was… I wanna say 2010 or 2011 but I really don’t remember. It’s SO hard for me to look at those old drawings, holy crap haha *vomits into lap*

Oh well, two of my troll ladies! Blooper on the left, Palpi on the right. I don’t draw Palpi a lot but dang she got an overhaul   :I

Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja : Blooper #3 - Shloomp Blooper 

(New Blooper)

“Someone’s having some trouble hitting his marks.”

So yeah I wanna upload this for people who can’t go on Disney XD Facebook because of region blocks

Here’s a link to the original video, go watch and like if you’re in US!


CGI Blooper GIFs From These 5 Animated Films Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Despite what you may have learned from Source Filmmaker shorts on the internet, making a 3D animated movie is really hard work. Between the different layers, renderings, and simulations, it’s easy for an entertaining romp to become a cthuloid nightmare thanks to a single glitch. Here’s what happens when things go terribly, TERRIBLY wrong. To see more –> click here!