More old art, this time from Prague Race. Leona used to have these.. .circles.. .things. Uh, Yeah!

I especially like the bottom pic, I had so much trouble drawing people so everything else is really detailed but Leona is an awkward white blob in the middle aaahhahhhhhh


Miley is trolling us with racism — and it worked 

Cyrus has spent the better part of her life in show business. With adulthood, the Disney star recalibrated her image. She shaved her head, stuck out her tongue and twerked on Robin Thicke. She is a walking, talking ratings machine who succeeds because we’re all willing to watch her fail every time. Her racially tinged actions prosper because we give them a platform. We tune in to watch a train wreck, and then shake our heads at the damage that’s left behind. But for Cyrus this is business — and her moment with Nicki Minaj shows it.


Paintings by Giuseppe Velardo

@Giuseppe Velardo born in Mariano Comense, Italy in 1983 is a self taught painter currently living in Como, Italy.

Above all I wanted to see if I was able to convey emotions, feelings on canvas. The only constant has always been the subject of my work, the human figure, which is the only thing that interested me until now, and my colour palette has always been limited by choice and taste. At first I tried to paint subjects as closeas possible to reality, then I started to disfigure, to deform, to follow my instincts more. 

I realized hat the more you try to escape the harsh and cruel reality the more you fall. I try to express loneliness, frustration, restlessness, a constant search for something.

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I really enjoyed drawing these and I’ll draw more another day uwu. As always thank you for your ideas, you guys are the best! Hope you all like it ;)

Btw, if you want to “adopt” one of them, just tell me and it’s yours (give them a name and a story… all of that <3)

My favourite is the vulcan/klingon hybrid. I bet she’s super strong and disciplined (not all klingons are uncontrolled and violent for no reason) but very passionate and… kind of romantic.

I also have a problem with the cardassian/aenar one because aenars need cool weather, but cardassians need hot weather so ????


I can’t decide whether he did this on purpose

two days ago I went with my father to our friend late at night where I was supposed to fix a psx, and the guy asked me if I want some coffee. Before that I’ve already drank two cups but I was like… yey caffeine!! And I got the coffee and then I couldn’t sleep till 8am and my hands were shaking af but luckily i didn’t have to mess around with the psx anymore because i didn’t have some parts for it anyways lol
The same thing happened today but this time it was my sister who asked if I want some coffee and i was like YES even tho ive already had like two cups earlier