Amycus smirked to himself as he traveled down the lonely corridor towards the dungeons. The two days that he had been back had gone by in a flash and he spent them both in his, and Bella’s, bed. Only a handful of people even knew he was back yet which was both a pain (having to explain where he had been) and a blessing (seeing as no one was looking for him). Save for Alecto who knew full good and well where he’s been.

He stepped up to the Dungeons and whispered the password, a satisfied look on his face as the door melted away. He walked to short hallway leading to the common room with his hands in his pockets. It was unnaturally quiet tonight, meaning most people were out prowling. Amycus crossed the room into the shadows of the green-tinted window that looked directly into the Black Lake at exactly the moment a familiar-looking brunette tiptoed across the common room. He grinned evilly, grabbed a crisp red apple from the bowl on the table beside him and tossed it up and down in his hand.

“You always were terrible at being sneaky.” He said slowly in his drawl, “We are out late, aren’t we?” He took a bite of the apple, a sinister hint of mischief appear in his dangerous blue eyes, and sunk down into the armchair behind him as Marlene stiffened, her back facing him.