bloomington punk

Turn the lights out on the porch.
Slam closed the front door.
Say whatever and I’m convinced.
Tell me i’m a hypocrite.
I don’t care.
I’m used to it.
I’m not very good at following through.
And usually things come out bad and it’s hard to take them back
and I’m not good at sharing but i think i could get good at that.

Say Anything // Nice Try

So, despite slowing down (not quitting) on releasing physical music. Plan-it-x will be releasing one LP comp each year (at least). This comp will be filled to the edges with cool bands (see below) that I really like and hopefully that you have never heard of (and probably a few ‘cool’ bands to help it get out there). 

Each comp (the working title is IT CAME FROM PLAN-IT-X) will be really nice and come in a nice gatefold jacket. I’m gonna get different cool artist to do the covers and insert work (this one, the first one will be done by Emily Buckwheat) There will be a 'zine that goes along with the LP too. Bands on the comp will each do one page, and there should be some other stuff in there too. The comps will come with some trading cards and a new designed vinyl sticker (probably a comp sticker)

They will come with download codes of course, and the download code will include a ton of bonus material (including the runners up that didn’t make the comp). 

YOUR HEART BREAKS (animated queer indy pop from WA)
FREE CAKE FOR EVERY CREATURE (magical pop from Philly/NY)
GHOST MICE (folk punk)
LOOMING (pop punk with looming undertones)
GARRETT WALTERS (queer folk from bloomington)
EMPEROR X (experimental electronic traditional folk music)
SUPER FAMICOM (only H.P. Lovecraft could explain this band)
SPOONBOY (political folk from DC)
MARTHA (pop punk’s playing pop from the UK)
SPOOK SCHOOL (jangly indy pop from the UK)
COTTONTAIL (NC poppy folk members of Ramshackle Glory)
ROMAN CANDLES (solo peace core punk from CA)
BOOGDISH (sharp-comedy-to-true-punk from Bloomington)
DOGBREATH (pop music made by punks from AZ)

+6 more TBA!

Get in on the kickstarter if you want to help out! or just wait!